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I know comments like mine have been posted on the forum several times, but it is really getting out of hand.


I just got chat banned AGAIN! for saying a word that wasn't even a bad word! and before you tell me to go fix it, i can't. I created my SoD account on the downloaded version of the game, NOT the website, so now i have to wait another day for it to go away, and i was in a conversation with my friends! Please fix this, Admins!









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Could use a list

I agree, the ban is way out of wack.  I got banned for using the word Paint.  Just that one individual word to respond to a question about what I got out of the chest.


Lets face it the weird things that have been banned make it difficult to hold an innocent conversation, but more than once I’ve seen graphic conversations while tending my farm.


It would be much more effective to stop auto-banning.  Just *** out offensive words (so we know what was flagged), and put them in review for a moderator to issue bans.  If the words blanked out are found to be innocent, then it will let you fine tune the program for our needs in the game.  For instance game character names shouldn’t be banned.


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Just post in the designated admin sticky regarding the issue...

No need to make new threads that say exactly the same thing every day, folks.


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