Changing locations, dragon shooting, material dragons

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Joined: 01/21/2017

I have 3 important suggestions:

1. When changing locations instead of loading screen would be an animation. During the animation the location would normally load. For example when we go from the school to wilderness is animation of running throught the tunnel and on the end we see wilderness. Diffrent example:  when we go from the dragon's edge to hobblegrunt island we see animation of flying on our dragon above the ocean and on the horizon appears the island etc. I thing it's very good alternative of boring loading screen. 

2. When dragon shoots fire, we never know, where shot will hit. I thing that there should be an extra button on the screen which turns on a viewfinder like in fireball frienzy or eal roast. Then we can shot anywhere in the area.

3. Why all dragons in game are not material? We can literally go inside our dragon, we can't jump on it or shoot to other dragons. Also we can go throught other dragons without any interaction. When we go close the wall or...anything dragon can deep into it xD I thing the game will be more realistic and better when dragons (and vikings!) will be material. 

I'm sure many people will agree with me. Please, admins read it.