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Dear Admins, I would like to change my School of Dragons Account and my Forum Account to be linked to my new email, not the email that they are currently linked to. However, I haven't seen anything that would allow me to do that. Please help


Important Note: I will be on a cruise from the 18th to the 29th of this month and will most likely not have access to internet at this time, so if I'm not online for a while, know that I am not dead :D


'Ello, it's FlyingFury here! My dragons and I hope you'll enjoy your stay in our humble Signature. 



About Me:


I am a girl

I am a Libra

I am sleepy

My favorite color is blue

My favorite animal is a dragon (big surprise)

I enjoy reading, writing, drawing, listening to music, and singing

My favorite music types are soundtrack music, Disney songs, and pop songs

I like Harry Potter, The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, Transformers #1-3 though #4 is alright, Transformers Prinw, Disney, the first Pirates of the Caribbean, some anime, and more

I love flying, going fast, and rollercoasters

My Current (but often changing) Obsession Is: Crosshairs from Transformers: Age of Extinction ;)

I have a wonderful German Shepherd/Labrador mix named Bailey, and I love her to death :3

I play many other different games as well, such as Skyrim, Legacy of Discord, War Dragons, a couple Wii U games and much more. Feel free to hit me up in my message box if you play any of these games as well, I'd love to talk about them! :D

I have several characters from/for a book I'm writing, but I use Rynn most of all



About My Viking:


My Viking's Name is Chaoze

Chaoze has mid-back length brown hair usually in a braid, dark brown eyes, and typically wears white war paint on her face. She arrived at the School when she was about 10 years old. She'll fight with anything she can get her hands on (mostly because she isn't good at fighting in the first place), but prefers to use short swords or daggers

My main dragon is my white and blue Sand Wraith named Opal, unoriginally based off of my birthstone

[Character Backstories Currently Under Work]

I have many other dragons that I'm too lazy to list :P

I am a proud member of The Darkness of Midnight Dragons

I currently have 1 1/2 Platinum Stars



Some Art:


^Opal, drawn by the talented Arrowalker! Thank you!^



Some Screenshots:

^Flying above the School with Opal. The caldera is beautiful •u•^

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You can change your e-mail address for your forum account under my account and then the edit tab.

I'm not sure about your SoD account though!







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'Tis the season to be- oh. Wrong season

Oh ok, I'll do that.

Thank you for clearing that up :)