Chameishida's Customize fan dragons photobucketed fixes! (Come and reclaim your dragons)

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So you might have notice that most of the picture I posted on this forum, especially the customize fan dragons I made for people got photobucket'ed. That' a problem


I've leant my lesson


so after one painfully long reupload on other place I hope would be a solution, I figure I will put all the fixes here so people can reclaim them so if they've put them in their signature they would no longer be that ugly photobucket'ed error


here are the rules

1.PLEASE be respectful and take the dragon that are yours, don't take other people's dragon, don't steal the dragons

2.DO NOT REPLY TO THE DRAGONS' POST, the post will content both dragons' information and the customized that I've already made and I will take it out from the post once they have reclaimed their dragons, so please don't reply 


that's it, that's the rule

oh and this will also double as new fan dragons' profile since by this forum function, you can't edit your first post therefore every previous customize threat I made, I can't fix those photobucket'ed photo. So I will linked those previous dragon to this thread instead so people can see the picture when they read their info


it will take a while before the other post pop up so don't reply yet! until the dragons post are made!



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     Class: Strike

Stats icon attack Attack: 10

 Speed: 18

Stats icon armor  Armor: 5

Stats icon fire Firepower: 12

Stats icon shot Shot Limit: 3

Stats icon venom Venom: 0

Stats icon jaw Jaw Strength:2

Stats icon stealth Stealth: 17 


A Swallow bird-like dragon that can shot an explodable saliva

Gluespit  can fly for a really long time and fast. Its hammer like head is really hard but can also flop it back to gain speed when flying. Like its name, It shots a sticky saliva that immediately solidify when contact and explodes when the gluepit makes a vibrate noise which made its attack deadly.


Personality: Agressive and Territorial

Fire Type: A sticky glue-like saliva that can explode with vibration

Hidden Abilities: Gluespit also uses its Saliva to create a web like nest, however, that is also prevent the dragon to use its vibrate noise around it, it legs are also too weak that it can't fly once it lands on the ground but it's claws can help it climbs up a really high place and regain its ability in flight



Reclaim your dragons

do not reply to this post


belongs to MajoraTheHylian


belongs to themasterplan47


belongs to Candyblast

Dust devil

belongs to Fleetwing


belongs to Eira day


belongs to Natalia Romanova


Belongs to -DragonBlitz-


belongs to Darkshadows


belongs to Krazykira24


belongs to magee


belongs to Cloudyskies


belongs to cuttongue


belongs to thunderdrake devastascia

Deadly Hollow

belongs to Lucy Shadow


Belongs to JadeEyedJasmine

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       Class: Tracker   

Stats icon attack Attack: 18

 Speed: 7

Stats icon armor  Armor: 23

Stats icon fire Firepower: 15

Stats icon shot Shot Limit: 5

Stats icon venom Venom: 0

Stats icon jaw Jaw Strength:5

Stats icon stealth Stealth: 6


Covered from head to tail with scale like spike, This beast is known to be an angry walking tank and in no way should you cross it!

Hufflebuck rather wanders alone in the wide open area such as hills and valleys, it process an ability similar to Thunderdrum except it is not sound base; it swells up the air in its massive lungs and can let out all the compressed oxygen at once to create a powerful blast which can both be let out with the loud thunderdrum like yell or just a silent angry huff. it is considered a very powerful dragon like Thunderdrum as well

Personality: a lone wolf and Calm when not triggered but also have bad attitude and anger issue, made it can change from just moody to down right ruthless revengeful

Fire Type: powerful oxygen blast

Hidden Abilities:Like Rumblehorn, Hufflebuck can track scent very well, and use that to track down preys.


Reclaim your dragons

do not reply to this post


belongs to themasterplan47


belongs to The Ecliptic Eight


belongs to Candyblast


belongs to black saphir


belongs to Stiger23


belongs to CloudySkies


belongs to Skyler Smile


belongs to Natalia Romanova


belongs to blackpanther0211



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Screeching Hunchback

Screeching Hunchback



     Class: Sharp   

Stats icon attack Attack: 19

 Speed: 16

Stats icon armor  Armor: 15

Stats icon fire Firepower: 0

Stats icon shot Shot Limit: 0

Stats icon venom Venom: 0

Stats icon jaw Jaw Strength:6

Stats icon stealth Stealth: 8


With their large sharp claws, a pair of strong am, their massive wingspans and their monsterous speed, the screeching hunchbacks can cut through every hardest rock in their path!

This dragon usually fly really high up in the atmosphere and rarely go back down. When dive at full speed, Hunchback can use it claws to tear throught anything without slow it down like a driller of the sky. They process and unbelievable speed for the dragon this large. They also have very good eyesight and hearing, if it spots their riders or even hear the faintest call, one swoop down and they will be right there protecting their master with evey ounce of their being.


Personality: Isolated but also fiece, very protective and loyal and strangely empathic toward their riders

Fire Type: none

Hidden Abilities: Like their name, the Screeching Hunchback can let out a loud screeching noise that can statle or even momentary stun other dragons, similar to that of the screaming death!


Reclaim your dragons

do not reply to this post


belongs to Natalia Romanova


belongs to typhoonmerangmaster338


belongs to themasterplan47


belongs to Candyblast


beongs to Cuttongue


belongs to Amberleaf


belongs to Eira day


belongs to Aladrea


belongs to Thunderdrake Devastascia

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Idk if you done with the

Idk if you done with the hunchback but i dónt see mine. Its Brown/greyish with white wings

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I will continue with

I will continue with Boomballon, Starstruck, Silentwing, Trickster and Jabberjaw tomorrow, please wait! :)

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tracking maybe request one later


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Another SkullScreamer

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My Nightfury egg surpize thing from the thread nightfury eggs by livy SoD and grunpy cat lover

Name: Origin

Credit: credit to grumpy cat lover and thx for Livy SoD for making the threda for the eggs they both poast teggs you get a suprize thx for that



I know you guys think im a hacker but the hacking what just happend was my brother he not on my account no more i did hack that was ages ago when i hacked but i stopped my brother did this to make me loose your trust again sorry about my brother

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Tracking. Currently on mobile

Tracking. Currently on mobile and can't save pics.



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Credits (Top to Bottom; Left to Right)

Skylo by Krazykira24

Dragon Moon by DuskDaybreak

Alpha Starlight by puppyllover

Pixelated Shadowstriker by Twistedclaw

Twilight and Starlight by Pixel

Hylari by Chameishida

ZipZap by toothlesnightfury

Dragon Moon by Kimbenoso

Violetta by WolfLight

Pikachu Edits by nightfuryatom4

Epic Shadowstriker Edit by WolfLight (THANKS SO MUCH!!! OwO)

Shadowstriker by puppyllover

Melorita by mesaprncss & Xbox-DS-Gameboy

Lullaby by Stiger23

Sonata & Rhapsody by NightmareRebuff

Malderra by Inthetardis

Echo by goldenfury360


A HUGE thanks to everyone that I have received edits, adoptables, etc. from! You are all amazing!!!!

(If I didn't include something you gave me, let me know. I have a lot of topics to go through to get these.)


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Thank you for this! I noticed poor Uther missing from my signature! I have a picture of him saved on my computer and was going to upload him, but then I see you do this :) Thank you again! :D This is also me tracking this post so I can add him when I have time :)


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  5. -

  6. -

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  8. -

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  10. -

  11. -

  12. -

  13. -Thou shalt call the color blue by thy true name of ble, for the Master sayeth it is so. One who refuses shalt be a fool.

  14. -

  15. -

  16. -

  17. -

  18. -

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  25. -

  26. -

  27. -

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  29. -

  30. -

  31. -

  32. -

  33. -

  34. -

  35. -

  36. -

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  45. -

  46. -

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(made by me)               (made by Victoriae350)               (made by me)

Art and Adoptables Made by themasterplan47!

Chrome, Mushu, and Darwin

Adoptables Made by MidnightMare!

Lycaon Pictus (origional creation) my adopted African Wild Dog Fury

P. T Leo, Alex, Rarity, and Terra

Art and Adoptables Made by DuskDaybreak!

Kilgherrah, Hugo, Angela and Araneae!

Sapphire, Twilight, Sunset, and Sapling

Art Made by TosiLohi!

Art and Adopts Made by Kimbenoso!

Caimen, Legolas, Swift, Gormogon

Other Art and Adoptables!


Cobblestone (made by Defy), Uther, and Kiwi (both made by chameishida)

This is Milky Way, Asteria, and Cosmos (all Galaxyfurys created by bubbles5498)

Timber (made by blockEdragon) Tony Stark and Black Widow (Both made by AniuRavenwolf)

Lycaon(made by Twistedclaw),Tauriel(made by Mariella), Sable(made by kelcyk123), Arya+Gormogon (made by snowflake12298)


Swift (made by TildenWolfGirl)  Sandies (made by Witcherforever)


Petrichor (made by Bavelly)

Toothless (first 2 made by NightmareRebuffLycaon and Swift! (second 2 made by carmine)


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 Vihar, my Luminous Depthstrike, concept by me, art by NightmareRebuff!


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Gaara, my Sand Wraith by SatsuAyaka!


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Thanks for doing this :D


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My main OC Behemoth the Timberjack :) Finally together in-game!

Top by Tyrannosaur66, bottom drawn by me, Timberjack bouncies are by Scoubidous.


Another of Behemoth, this time drawn by the talented Kimbenoso

Gif and edit of Behemoth by Candyblast :)

And here's a lovely edit done by Peymae! Headshot by me!

Card by Zero the Ruthless


Hand drawn Behemoth by RedWind the Blue! Holida Behemoth by 1flower, Bouncies same as above.


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Flightburn Pixel by BlueCrisis, Dragon bouncies and gifs by DuskDaybreak! Pokemon Sprites by Blackwolfen! Clan Crest by Carmine and Cyrus and his dragon Thorpe by Maijic!

This is The Dark Horse (male), the beautiful Sidereal Sentinel made my the extremely talented Varku! Thank You!


NightmareRebuff Art and Adoptables! Thank you!

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This is Scatter, a Kigurumi or plush thing brought to life

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Art and Adoptables by Stiger23! Thank you!

Names: Duskheart, Ophelia, Cherry Ghost, and Cedar Waxwing


Art and Adoptables by Chameishida! Thank You!

Names: Nightripper, Lapalco, Tinderwing, Arrowhead, Eileen, Summernoon, Blodfang, Redwing, and Lazaretto.


Art and Adoptables by Kimbenosos! Thank you!

Names: Wyldlyfe, Kidsmoke, Ahonui, Amos, and Frostfire


Art and Adoptables by Gigimon! *Currently Not Shown*


Names: Theologian, Wildeclaw (Sightless Snatcher), Amos, and Samhain


Other Art and Adoptables! Thank you!

Autumn Shade by Amberleaf, and Eve by Maijic, Dustdevil by Wuted Bonfire, Glimmer by Tyrannosaur66 and Ricochet my skrill by Natalie Stormweaver!

Luna Bean and Black Moon by Geekdomalways, Tear and Vinne by Cerebellum!

Cosmo by KrazyKira24 and Fae by Muselyn!


My Art and Adoptables!


Hall of my Viking: (pic total 3)


Channey (top) by the talented DuskDaybreak (left) by the talented Pixel, (right) by the talented MistyNight! Thank You!


The End!

Pic by Stiger23! Crest Gifs by Nyet!


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     Class: Tidal   

Stats icon attack Attack: 10

 Speed: 4

Stats icon armor  Armor: 18

Stats icon fire Firepower: 14

Stats icon shot Shot Limit: 5

Stats icon venom Venom: 0

Stats icon jaw Jaw Strength:4

Stats icon stealth Stealth: 6


The Whale like Dragons that travel in herds, while they are docile creature they can be protective and fierce if anyone getting near their younglings, it is best not to approch them from behind since their tail is strong enough to easily crush any dragons' skull

The Boombaloons spend most of their time in the water with the herd, they share close affection to their family members and even express strong emotion if their love ones die. They can be found both in the ocean or its preferable lake if it's big enough where they would be safer from the other tidal predators. They are capible of flying and walking on land too, though not preferable, their stomaches store propane and Oxygen which can be heat up like hot air ballon and  help lifting its heavy body along with the wings to make it easier in flight or they can compressed and let it go as the powerful blast attack

Personality: Peaceful and calm, share close loving bond towards their riders and family

Fire Type: heated Propane/Oxygen blast

Hidden Abilities:  Their horns can illuminate in the dark at will to help them see better in the deeper darker places.


Reclaim your dragons

do not reply to this post


belongs to Murrish


belongs to Amberleaf


belongs to Natalia Romanova


belongs to JadeEyedJasmine


belongs to Stiger23


belongs to geekdomalways


belongs to Candyblast


belongs to HTTYDforthewin


belongs to carmine

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Ballistic Silentwing

Ballistic Silentwing

Class: Stoker 

Stats icon attack Attack: 18

 Speed: 9

Stats icon armor  Armor: 16

Stats icon fire Firepower: 18

Stats icon shot Shot Limit: 8

Stats icon venom Venom: 10

Stats icon jaw Jaw Strength:10

Stats icon stealth Stealth: 20


Colorful and eye-catching, this nocturnal dragon actually process the multi-layer wings which allow the almost-absolute silent flight, and was known to be one of the sneakiest hunter!

Like its closest relative; the hobblegrunt, Silentwing comes in two color which can change upon usage and mood, the darker one to support its stealthy flight and the overwhelming colorful that expressed its emotion, one can say it is the dragon's biggest downfall that it doesn't know how to hold back when it comes to showing how angry it is, be it through color or the cobra-like hood, still that only slightly lessen the element of surprise as the dragon can still silently creep up on you despite how expose it is!

Personality:  over-dramatic relentless ball of rage, Silentwing has an unforgiving nature so don't make them mad!

Fire type: Cyclonic methane

Hidden Abilities:  Like how Starstruck and Monsterous nightmare cloth themselves in flame, Silentwings havs the similar ability but as an offensive single powerful burst of flame which will damage its threats within radius like a shockwave


Reclaim your dragons

do not reply to this post


belongs to themasterplan47


belongs to Colress


belongs to Candyblast


belongs to MajoraTheHylian


belongs to geekdomolways


belongs to Amberleaf

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Class: Strike

Stats icon attack Attack: 16

 Speed: 17

Stats icon armor  Armor: 19

Stats icon fire Firepower: 14

Stats icon shot Shot Limit: 6

Stats icon venom Venom: 0

Stats icon jaw Jaw Strength:6

Stats icon stealth Stealth: 13


Like a Hotburple to Gronckle, Starstruck is a close relative to Night fury.

Its biggest difference other than the pure white color are its noticeable larger size, its longer neck and its long beautiful horn. With that, Starstuck tend to be slower than its relative, however it have something to make up for that. Its unique wings are made of hard bones which they can be use both defensively and offensively. It also share the ability of the monstrous nightmare; it can coat itself in the blue flame.

Personality: Intelligent and Proud, also very loyal

Fire Type:  blast of blue flame

Hidden abilities: If the Starstruck lights itself while dive at the fullspeed and clap its wings, it will create a small explosion, hence the name starstruck


Reclaim your dragons

do not reply to this post


belongs to themasterplan47


belongs to geekdomolways


belongs to HTTYDforthewin

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I will be back to add the

I will be back to add the last two tomorrow! :)

Edit: haha sorry for not actually post again 'tomorrow'. Things just kinda get in my way. but hey now I'm actually going to upload them now, thanks for your patience

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Insert random subject here xP

tracking :D


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That's all of them for now! Next is some pictures, quotes, adoptables, and Dragon Cave dragons for you to click! :D 


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Here is a link to my whole entire Dragon Cave scroll

Swift Champions Banner made by Izzy Sparrow



Gwastad my female GlueSpit (Customizable fan dragon base and Gluespit made by Chameishida) Bio: Gwastad is very over protective of things that she owns/collects and gets too attached to them which cause some trouble since she likes to collect things that remind her of herself like arrow heads, flat cooking pans, and hammers. Since this gets not only her, but I as well into trouble, I have to moniter how much she collects and where she finds them. When she is attached to something it is hard to get it away from her and she can be very agressive about it. She's not as attached to me as my other dragons so that does help or else I probably wouldn't be able to ride my other dragons! When she isn't being over protective and collecting/hoarding things she likes to join races with me and help fix things with her super sticky glue saliva to rebuild houses/buildings.

Reuskuzek or Reus for short is my male Hufflebuck (he's the one on the right and is also a fan dragon made by Chameishida) Bio: He is a big dragon and does have anger issues when he gets upset or is being bothered by other dragons. Although, ever since I befriended him, he's been getting better at not getting angry at every little thing like he used to do. He and I love to go on long flights and since he's bigger than other dragons I have, he covers longer distances quicker so our flights are extra far than normal. Reuskuzek is protective (maybe to overly protective) of me and when there is trouble with other dragons he'll sometimes go out there by himself and won't let me help, which gets frustrating since him trying to help can cause the problem to get worse, but I know he means well and is just trying to do what's right.

My Rocket Racoon Fury by DuskyDaybreak

Emerald ( Adopted from Natalia Romanova)  Bio: Emerald is quite a silly dragon. She always follows me around even if I have one of my other dragons with me! I guess that's good for her though because then I don't have to worry about making sure she gets the right amount of flying time every day. Emerald is very helpful and that may be the reason why she follows me around is to see what help I may need but sometimes she doesn't understand when she needs to go back to her stable. Overall she is a nice, helpful, and huggable Flightmare and even though she gets on my nerves when she doesn't listen, she means well and is a great dragon friend and nightlight too! xP


Mudslide (Adopted from Natalia Romanova) Bio: Mudslide is a persistent, messy, loyal, and playfull Terrible Terror that loves rolling around in the mud and making mud pies. When I first met him he kept trying to attack and take down my Deadly Nadder and followed me home trying to attack my dragon and prove he can take down a big dragon. Because of that he wouldn't go back to the forest so I decided to train him. Ever since he joined my dragon family he has been having a fun time playing with my other dragons and most of the time they treat him like he is a big dragon too so he wouldn't feel picked on or left out. Whenever we go places Mudslide likes to sit on my head or shoulder and also likes to sit on the heads of my other dragons if they're with me.

Glow and Fins (adopted from Natalia Romanova) Bio: Glow and Fins are a female seashocker who ate some of that Flightmare glowy fish and it made their markings and eyes glow permanantly! And swimming in the river with the glowy fish didn't help much ether :/. Even though some dragons with two heads or more don't always get along these too do. Glow (the head near the front) is goofy and fun and thinks random silly thoughts that make no sense sometimes and Fins (the head behind Glow) is a more logical thinker but is still able to goof around and have fun too. :D

Fizzle the Coke Fury (adopted from MidnightMare) Personality: Fizzle is curious, has a bad temper, and is a bit sarcastic at times. This Coke Fury also loves to prank vikings and their dragons while I'm not watching him. He mainly likes to hang around Hideous Zipplebacks.

Terran the StormFury (adopted from Defy. The age, name, and personality came with her too) Age-18, Personality: Very intelligent dragon with a gentle nature. She's a very touching and tender. Terran does not like when people raise  voice at her and might be offended. Affection is the only approach.

"Proud Owner Of..." pics made by Ligra

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Wicked Trickster

 Wicked Trickster 

















Class: Mystery

Stats icon attack Attack: 13

 Speed: 15

Stats icon armor  Armor: 13

Stats icon fire Firepower: 16

Stats icon shot Shot Limit: 2 (20 fake shots)

Stats icon venom Venom: 10

Stats icon jaw Jaw Strength:7

Stats icon stealth Stealth: 14


Tricksters can be found hidden in the deep dark cave and are known from their trickstery

If Thuderdrums get their powers from Thor, then Tricksters obviously get theirs from Loki. back then, Vikings believed that these beasts has magiacal power, however it later proved to be just a trick. One of the extraordinary aspect of these dragons are that they use their surrounding to their aventage. By rarely get out of their caves. The tricksters will plant their venermous jel around the area which will cause a hallucination upon inhaling them. With this, who ever step in their caves will often see or hear scary thing, or something like seeing a trickster fire up to 20 shot while in fact it only has two shot limits and those fake shots are just light play


Personality: Extremly cautious around others, serious trust issue, agreesive and territorial but also witty and mischievious

Fire type: Jet green flame

Hidden ability: Other than producing a venermous jel, Tricksters' (real) firepower is very powerful it rival those in stroker class. They also have large set of wings that help them flies faster, if only they willingly step out of their cave of course


Reclaim your dragons

do not reply to this post


belongs to Amberleaf


belongs to Maijic


belongs to Ty the dragon trainer


belongs to Cerebellum


belongs to toothlessnightfury


belongs to puppyllover


belongs to JadeEyedJasmine


belongs to Lucy Shadow


belongs to OutsiderBlack


belongs to Thunderdrake Devastascia

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Wocky Jabberjaw

 Wocky Jabberjaw 























Class: Sharp

Stats icon attack Attack: 13

 Speed: 10

Stats icon armor  Armor: 16

Stats icon fire Firepower: 9

Stats icon shot Shot Limit: 6

Stats icon venom Venom: 16

Stats icon jaw Jaw Strength:7

Stats icon stealth Stealth: 5


The Dragons that earns their name from its rampant nature, Wild Jabbejaws knows to be one of the most agressive dragon in the world

Jabberjaws are coated with sharp spines that can be release and project them to the enemies or preys, the spines contain venom that while couldn't kill, it is very painful and can be stung just by touching it, adding it up to the 'Charge and bite at everything' nature of these dragons, it is best to runaway from these dragons before they crashes into you with those painful spiky spines

Personality: As rampant as rabid bulldogs as the name suggest but their personality can varient to excited at everything like bulldog pups once tamed too

Fire Type: Weak Acetylene/Oxygen sharp charge (similar to Toothless' but way weaker and less destructive)

Hidden Abilities: Jabberjaw can only see movement and practically blind when it targets stayed still (which explain why it's so agressive at everything moving) but even without their visions it was covered up by its amazing sensing skill with its spine, a sight shift of air can be sense by its spines from miles away and not only that the spines can vibrate a silent sonar that help it sees the sorrounding all the time. It's impossible to sneak up on this dragon!


Reclaim your dragons

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belongs to NightmareRebuff


belongs to RipleyAVP


belongs to Amberleaf


belongs to Lucy Shadow


belongs to Ice Glacier


belongs to Phoenix Pyre


belongs to carmine


belongs to themasterplan47


belongs to Cheshire


belongs to goldenfury360


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That's all of them, you can

That's all of them, you can tell me if you already got your dragon here or via PM so I can put it down from the lists

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Ahadi :'D

Thank you for posting this :)  I noticed that Ahadi was missing from the thread I keep my adoptables on.

I've saved him to my computer, so I don't lose him again XD


Happy Dreadfall, from Mirage and I! 

(Awesome Halloween picture by TosiLohi!)


Viking license by AllyNadderRider!                                                                      Trophy by Silence!


Sig last updated:  6th November, 2016

Clan banner by Stiger23 * Clan crests by Maijic








Mirage and Sparky's licenses by AllyNadderRider




Mirage gif by Nessie.  Panther and Sparky sprites by Blackwolfen.




Wonderful drawing of Panther, Mirage and Sparky, by Hiccup Haddock.

Check out her website, >Draw4Life<   You won't be disappointed!


Lord Voldemort on a Screaming Death, by the talented Varku.

(Above banner by Silence)

(Above banner by zero the ruthless)


(Picture by victoriae350)                                                                  (Gif by Pedz)

(Banner by Stiger23)

(Banner by httyyd)


                                    (Asheous Mare Banners by Stiger23  *Swift Champion slogan by victoriae350)   

(Banner by Stiger23)

Derpy picture by -Pyrelyth-



Lyric banners by AllyNadderRider



Panther by MistyNight

Poem by WolfLight
Mirage picture above by Kimbenoso


The awesome Mirage bouncie was a gift from Spy. Thank you!

The whole team, by NadderForever



Panther's sword (Cobalt), and her sheild. Both by DragonLover43


(from "Another day" onwards are the words to a Pokemon theme song. Just so you know XD )



Panther and Firestorm, by DuskDaybreak.



Banner by Owlsbane


Banner by Owlsbane, and Shadow





Mirage by Colress












Member of the Sisterhood of Clams!

Want to join our forum clan? PM our leader, Sky and Ocean. Or one of the elders, Icee Glacier and myself.

There's an in-game version of the Clams too, if you're interested!

*You must be female to join*


~Elder/leader banner of Birdy, Zuski and I~



~Banner of (most of) the clan members~


    This is our mascot, Clament the Pan Puffle!


All banners, and Clament, by Sky and Ocean!


My Total Dragon Count


Adopted from others: 45      In-game only: 16      My other OCs: 32


Total: 93


*Okay, so the numbers above do include a couple of non-dragon creatures (like Sparky, for example). But the vast majority of them are still actually dragons! XD


Want to take a look at my dragon OCs?

Click  >here<

Or click on any of my dragons below :)

(I have a ton of other dragons, too. This is only a handful of them!)

Credits: Myst and Mayhem, drawn by Ender. Evergreen chibi made by NightmareRebuff. Sunvaar Kulaan drawn by themasterplan47. Stoker bouncie made by Twistedclaw. Firestorm drawn by Ender.



Want to see all the dragons I've adopted?

Click  >here<

Or click on any of my adopted dragons below :)


(Again, I have adopted a ton of others too. This is only a few!)

Credits: Baymax the Stream Slider, a birthday gift from Catsrock (lineart by Spy). Lyra the Amitous Harvestdrake, a Divergent dragon by NightmareRebuff (Faction: Amity). Stormclaw the Thundereaver, another gift from Catsrock (lineart by Spy). Flarefang the Frilled Acidspitter, by Spy. Shaman the Barbados (Witch Doctor) Fury, by NightmareRebuff.


This section is for all of my beautiful Aquas! Credit goes to Spy and Kcrockett for these guys ^_^




Seastar, my first Aqua.  Blazing River, son of Seastar and Spy's Bright Flame.  Sprite, daughter of Spy's Pastel and Orangeade.


Midnight Abyss, Jetstorm's mate.  Atlanta and Moonlit Pearl, daughters of Midnight Abyss and Jetstorm.


Jetstorm, son of KC's Zyock and Naiya.  Kylo, son of Jetstorm and KC's Crescent.  Gold Coast, a.k.a Cheese Puff.


Marshall, brother of Melody.   Melody, sister of Marshall.

Tsunami, brought to me by the Easter Dragon.  Dewdrop, daughter of Tsunami and KC's Askor.  Asgard, brother of Kcrockett's Odin.


Mud Splash, received from a contest, along with Cheese Puff.  Optimus, a fearless leader.

Crasher and Rumblerock, my Spike Rollers. Spike Rollers are my own fan-species. Thank you to NightmareRebuff for the awesome revamp!


One of my Night Furies, Blue Ivy, by the talented Nessie!        Awesome picture of Sunvaar Kulaan by TosiLohi!


The Furjointed Jowlprance, an epic Mystery Class dragon by goldenfury360.  And my beautiful Dwarf Talonstrike, Autumn Breeze, adopted from Spy.





Skybolt the Asheous Mare, by Stiger23

Asheous Mares are the clan dragons of Swift Champions. This is my dragon, Skybolt. He loves to play, and make new friends. And he's incredibly cute, too!



Battle Bond Pokemon, by shataikislayer. The first is what Sparky's Battle Bond form would look like if he had one. The second is Gallade's. The third one is my Infernape, Blaze's.



*All stamps were found at various places around DeviantArt. Click on any stamp to visit the page I got it from, and see who made it. If any of these belong to you, and you want me to remove it from my signature, just shoot me a PM telling me so and I'll be sure to take it out.

   Peace out   (Thanks for looking at my sig!)

((Sparky gif by NarixuZen!!))

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Can I have one Starstruck,

Can I have one Starstruck, please?

Age: baby

Colors: White whith light blue eyes 

thank you,Caterina17            




My name is Caterina and I'm Italian,

but you can call me Silver ^^


--------ABOUT ME--------


I love art,YT,video games,

technology,HTTYD and



My favourite colour is BLUE

and my favourite animals are parrots 

and dragons (wait.. dragons are animals)

Birthday on the 4 of June ^^


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~ Discord server ~








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I'm sorry, this thread is not

I'm sorry, this thread is not for dragon adoptation. It's for reclaiming the picture that got taken down by the site for those who already has my dragons. The starstruck dragon is no longer available, sorry.

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Oh,ok sorry

Oh,ok sorry