Cat Bases [Part 1/2]

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These are the Domestic Shorthair species. If you are going to ask if you can use these, the answer is "Yes" and you do not need a form. Instructions are simple, save these pictures, and open an art program (like Microsoft Paint) and color/customize and do whatever you want with them. But Do not remove Watermark!

These bases are so easy to color, you can even do it on a Windows XP paint program.









Munchkin Cat


Exotic Shorthair



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Cat Bases

[Part 1]

[Part 2]


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Animal Bases + a Wooly Howl base




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These are actually super cute

These are actually super cute and I want to color them like my Warriors OC ;3; I haven't drawn her in so long! I also have another one that needs more art, but he's just a cat.


I'll post the results here later :D Thank you for these!





There we go :D Done with these! I couldn't use the original base for reasons, so I had to redraw the ENTIRE thing XD I left your watermark on them.


This is my Warriors OC, Willowpaw. She's more stylized in this, but I love it. And then there's Spider at the bottom.



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CuttingEdge the Razor Whip

SnowNoir the Groncicle

DeathMetal the Armorwing

PrismBeam the Singetail

LavaPlume the Eruptodon

LeechTooth the Whispering Death

FrozenToe the Snow Wraith

RockArmor the Gronckle

SnoutNose the Devilish Dervish

SeaStack the Snaptrapper 

TidePool the Scauldron

MossRoll the Hotburple

SniffleFoot the Snafflefang

WildBurst the Windwalker

SuperNova the Typhoomerang

Lock & Key the Hideous Zippleback

BurstBand the Flame Whipper


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Oh, looks like I had missed a few. (This is not all, but I'll post additional bases here)



Devon Rex


Cornish Rex


German Rex






Savannah cat




American Curl




Cat Facts:

The Sphinx, Donskoy, Ukranian Levkoy, Bambino, Kohana cat, Peterbald, and some minskins are all hairless cats.


The American Curl is the smallest breed of cat, originated from well... America (Lakewood California to be exact). Munchkins are just the shortest.


Cats are not naturally afraid of water. They hate water because they hadn't gotten used to the feeling of water as a kitten. Some cats such as the Turkish Van relatively enjoys water.


The munchkin was originated in Louisiana when someone found a pregnant cat with very short legs under his tractor. The munchkin is a mutation breed of a domestic shorthair.


The Ocicat looks a striking resemblance to the Ocelot. However, the Ocicat is the most domesticated breed of all cats with absolutely 0 of the wild gene in their blood.


Cat allergies are very common, but it's not always their fur that causes it. It can be also the oil on their skin or the substances in it's saliva that also triggers allergic reactions. Allergies do vary by breed.


The Siamese is the most common and one of the oldest cat species in the world. A large portion of all cat species originated from the siamese breed.


Lykoy kittens are born with fur all over their bodies. They lose their fur as they age, making them semi-hairless.

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These are awesome!! I hope

These are awesome!! I hope you soon make dog bases and I found another breed of cat i pray is added someday! The Savannah F-1 is my absoloute favorite in the world!! Harper was going to be one in Rp but one wasn't here, they're so awesome and I hope i adopt a Savannah F-1 one day! ^_^


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Ah a Savanna cat. The toyger is my personal favorite. Hense my number 1 OC, Tatus.

(Not the white cat: Tebone. He's a burmilla)

I can work on the color coordination though after I do the hairless species. Then as soon as I get those done I can move on to the dogs. (Lots of cats in that RP. Gosh I'm almost tempted to bring in Tatus)

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If you make any more Cornish

If you make any more Cornish rex bases let me know, because that's what Rusty is 


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