Carrie Fisher Returns as Leia In Star Wars Episode IX

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If you're like me, you've probably been wondering what will happen to Leia in Episode IX since Carrie Fisher passed away. Would they just write Leia out and then give an explanation as to what happened to her, recast her, or CG her? Well, now we have our answer thanks to this article on J.J. Abrams, the director of The Force Awakens and Episode IX, has annouced that they will be using unseen footage that Carrie Fisher shot for The Force Awakens so Carrie Fisher can once again play Leia. I don't know about all of you but I'm thrilled to hear that. I can't wait to see how everthing turns out. :D


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I saw that article too and I was really excited to hear the news. Carrie Fisher's passing was devastating for so many reasons, one of which was her iconic portrayal of Princess Leia, so I'm glad that they will get to extend her legacy a bit more by having her involved in this movie. I'm sure this will also get a lot more people hyped up for the ninth movie-after Solo and Star Wars 8 the fandom could really use it. (Personally, I didn't think that these movies were too bad, and Solo definatley did not deserve all the hate that it got, but that is just my opinion.)


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Yay! Someone who is as excited about this news as me!


 I liked Solo and The Last Jedi too. I have yet to see a Star Wars movie that I didn't like. I admit, however, I wasn't a huge fan of the fact that they wrote that Luke tried to kill Kylo Ren because he sensed darkness in him. I thought that was a little out of line with Luke's character. I mean, he believed that Darth Vader still had good in him and he had killed countless numbers of people. Kylo Ren hadn't even turned to the dark side yet. I guess they were trying to show that Luke still had his rash decision making personality but I just can't see him trying to kill his nephew when he was so sure that Darth Vader had good in him after all the things he had done. Don't get me wrong though. I did really like the movie. I thought the movie overall was awesome. It was just that one part that I wasn't a huge fan of. Like I said, I have yet to see a Star Wars movie that I don't like.


I agree Solo shouldn't have gotten so much hate. I thought it was really good. I thought the actor playing Han(can't remember his name at the moment) did a really good job as Han and Donald Glover did a really good job as Lando.

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That part felt off to me too. Though Luke is not my favorite charecter, I still like him a lot and I didn't think how he acted in TLJ was representative of how George Lucas orignially potrayed him, even if so much time had gone by. I thought he was going to be more of an Obi-Wan or a Yoda, wary to train her or excited to train her because she is the only hope left. And yeah, you make a good point, if he could see good in Anakin/Darth Vader then he sure as heck should be able to see good in Ben. Like what would even be going through your mind to kill your nephew, your only nephew, after your sister is trusting you to take care of him. Could he not have just re-focused his efforts, or consulted one of the force ghosts if he really didn't know what to do, on working on fully turning Ben Solo to the light side so he had no chance of turing to the dark side? And, however unlikley, it is possible that just like Palpatine, Snoke put those thoughts/vision in the force so he would have Ben Solo as his apprentice. After all, it makes sense; we know Snoke is really powerful, more so than we have yet seen. And even when Luke did change his mind (but ben woke up so it was a little late for that) could he have tried a little bit harder to reason with Ben and explain what all he was doing. 

Another thing that I didn't care for in the Last Jedi was that they never said anything about who Snoke was. It was set up pretty heavily, and then to just kill him off before he could get more than a few sentances in edgewise just felt aggravating. I was pretty sure that he was Darth Plaugis, and even if he wasn't anyone previously important I wish they would have just given us some sort of answer. Maybe in episode nine. 


And yeah, Alden Edirech and Donald Glover both did really good jobs. I liked Qi'ra (Emilia Clarke) too, and the part with Darth Maul (even though it had already been spoiled for me when I looked up 'star wars' without thinking the morning it came out) sealed the deal for me and I really hope that the backlash against it doesn't stop them from making another Solo movie because you can't really end it right there there's a lot of unresolved parts to that. 


Also, am I the only one who feels like Padme is super under-represented in pretty much everything? Like even most of the forces of destiny epsiodes she's in, she's just fighting with Ahsoka or Anakin, never by herself. And do you think that Kylo Ren was lying to Rey or not? (about her parents)

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Speaking of Force ghosts, I wish we'd get an explanation as to where Anakin and Obi-Wan have been. We've seen Yoda and now I'd like to see Anakin and Obi-Wan. I'd especially like an explanation as to why Anakin hasn't appeared to Kylo Ren to try to stop him. Anakin knows how devestating his mistakes turned out to be and he knows that Kylo Ren wants to finish what Darth Vader started so why hasn't he appeared to him and tried to reason with him? I'm really hoping we get to see all the Force ghosts in Episode IX.


My sister has come up with a similar theory about Snoke putting thoughts/visions in the Force. Her theory is that he partially took over Luke's mind and sort of forced him to try to kill Ben because he knew that would be enough to push Ben over the edge and turn to the dark side. According to her theory, the reason Luke stopped himself was because his love for Ben helped him overcome Snoke's power plus Snoke really didn't want Ben dead because he wanted him as an apprentice. He wanted Ben to catch Luke about to kill him. I honestly really like this idea and wish they'd use it in Episode IX. I'd be much more ok with the whole "Luke tried to kill Ben" thing if this was the explanation for it.


I'm wondering if the whole reason that we didn't get to find out who Snoke was was because they switched writers and directors for The Last Jedi. Maybe J.J. Abrams had an idea of who he wanted him to be but because J.J. Abrams didn't work on The Last Jedi things sort of went a different direction than was intially intended. That or they killed him off for a purpose that will be revealed in Episode IX.


You're not the only one who thinks that. Padme is one of my favorite female Star Wars characters and it's hard to find her in anything. I really wish that she was better represented.


Someone else who's seen Forces of Destiny! I hadn't seen anyone from the forum talking about it so I assumed no one besides me had seen it.


I'm pretty sure that Kylo Ren was lying to Rey. In Rey's vision in The Force Awakens we see a ship leaving Jakku and Rey is screaming for whoever's on it to come back. In The Last Jedi, Kylo Ren says that her parents are in a grave on Jakku. How could they be dead on Jakku if someone who was obviously important to Rey since she was screaming for them to come back, so most likely her parents, left Jakku in a ship? I think that she's Kylo Ren's sister because she's just as powerful as him which is confirmed by both Luke and Snoke. I think that she was left on Jakku for her protection. Also if you put her picture next to Padme's and Leia's she looks just like them.