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Trader Johann has added a new bundle to the shelves of the Trading Post! This new bundle will help Vikings keep their dragons happy and content while having a full belly!  



The latest bundle to hit the Trading Post is perfect for the viking on the go! Vikings can prepare themselves for a long trip with this bundle and not be caught unaware when their dragon is suddenly hungry. If you’re not much of a traveler you can still spoil your dragons with some enticing dragon nip, chicken eggs, and fish. 


Dragons will be happier than ever with a belly full of delicious treats! Will you be treating your dragon to this savory bundle?

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Nice! I've already bought

Nice! I've already bought two, thanks for releasing this!




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It seems a little expensive doesnt it?


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content of the package

You should somewhere tell how much of what is in that package. Without we can't even judge if it's worth buying or not. Well I wouldn't spent gems on it anyway. There are so many other things I'd rather have I need my gems for :)