CAPTCHA not working really...

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Anyone else having problems with the spam thingy? Whenever i put in the numbers, it says incorrect sometimes. And its the right numbers. It allows me in after awhile, but a hassle.


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Ya, I have that problem too,

Ya, I have that problem too, I just reset the CAPTCHA and it does it correctly quick.





it seems jumpstart likes doing this to my accounts



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I've never had to fill out a

I've never had to fill out a captcha here before...

Does everyone else have to do that??


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I get the captcha's wrong 50% of the time, even if I'm completely sure that I'm correct.

I do skip the text ones usually because they're illegible, but even the number ones tend to be wrong for me.

My eyes are either worse than I thought or Google needs to hire some new people in that department.


Still, are these captchas even necessary? Just add a post limit of like, one per minute or something.



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