Capitan America: Civil War and Batman vs Superman

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 Okay, so first thing do you vote cap team or iron team? Batman or Superman? And did you enjoy these movies? (both or only one) 

 I vote for Cap, why? Well...because I like him and his team, but I agree with ironman. And I really really liked the movie it was full of action.

Between Batman and Superman I stay with Superman, but there aren't any reasons well only that is more cool than Batman (my opinion). I don't understood much the movie but I liked it.

Sorry if my english isn't correct but I'm Italian. :)



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    All dragons are beautiful and cool.



but I like an anime too called: Fairy Tail

    Igneel the king of fire dragons



Happy (cat), Lucy and Natsu


 I really love dragons * -*  XD



how many pokemon there are?!  0.0



 They are awesome!!  XD



    I really liked the books and Gooo PEETA!!!!!!!!


  Bye, have a nice day  ^__^