Can't Wait for This to End

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Am I the only one who's tired of racing in the same map over and over again? Or the fact that you can't get any gems through battle? I don't know about you but I would prefer to buy the dragon with hard earned gems then to do the same thing over and over again for a chance to get the dragonovo.




If you think I'm just whining I'm not. Just wondering if anyone else feel the same way

(Especially those who have gotten the dragon)




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I also say the same 


These last weeks (before October)
I was gathering many gems (4000)
To buy halloween accessories, I did not expect the candy challenge and spend all October gathering candy


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I agree

I agree wholeheartedly.


This Dreadfall event was a bad idea to begin with, only made to make us spend real money.

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Decisions, decisions, all of them wrong

I hear that.



This whole ‘candy corn catastrophe’ is driving me mad. It would just so happen to be in my most busiest week too.


All in favour of renaming dredfall to dreading-itfall say I.



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I'm ready for it to be over as well. I raced yesterday, going through my level 45 dragon's energy once, and then spent the rest of my time on the game farming, gathering chicken eggs, and fishing because I got bored racing on the same 2 tracks. I mean I get they probably did that to be fair to everyone since those tracks give candy but I still think they should've just put those tracks in the rotation of tracks to race on. The way they've done it leaves racing, one of my favorite SoD activities, very boring. I also miss being able to earn gems. It's super unfair that they've taken away all the good ways to earn gems. This game is supposed to be free to play and right now it's not. If you want something that costs gems you either have to wait until this event is over so you can earn gems again or just buy the gems so you can get whatever it is that you want. This event wasn't thought through very well at all and if they do an event like this again I hope they listen to the players' feedback on this event and they make some changes to how it's set up.


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I just had a thought and it's

I just had a thought and it's awful. Will they do the same thing for christmas?(I forgot what it's called)

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Snoggletog?   Hmmm, the bugs



Hmmm, the bugs are a definite yes but since the entitre forum is in uproar about the cost, hopefully the devs would have learned their lesson not to squeeze every last penny out of us (if that was intentional)

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    I want this over too. Its been 3 or more days and I STILL don't have the update. I hope they don't do this to Snoggletog, it would ruin it.




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Honestly I'm farming candy

Honestly I'm farming candy via sheeps and I'm slowly losing my mind.

I just want this to end. 

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Same here, I'm losing my mind. It isn't fun, it's time consuming, and it costed $10, so it's a lot more work than any other dragon. If this is how it'll go for the other events I definitely won't even try and definitely won't be spending money. 


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Honestly I'm farming candy

Honestly I'm farming candy via sheeps and I'm slowly losing my mind.

I just want this to end. 

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I actually enjoy this

I actually enjoy this Dreadfall's concept more than the previous ones (except for all the bugs and lack of decoration) but I do agree it was executed with WAAY MORE monetary interests above player's interest.


 I don't mind most of it. Well, I feel like one of the few that thinks that 15000 candies for the new dragons is almost reasonable, and I'm not thaat desperate since I only care about the new paintings, swords and I found a way to get the +15000 before the deadline only spending 550 gems in total. (coughs, I bought 25 dreadfall sheep and I am harvesting each 3 times per hour, 10 hours a day. I'm lucky to have that much time to waste).


But you CAN'T tell me that the new "dreadfall chest" at the store is NOT a LOOT BOX. It is gambling, although you could argue that all it gives are cosmetics... Although SoD is pretty much all about pointless digital cosmetics for children. Now, I wouldn't care Thaaat much about the fact that ALL DREADFALL DECORATION AND DRAGON PAINTINGS, THAT WERE ONCE AVAILABLE ON THE STORE IS NOW A COMPLETELY RANDOMIZED MESS YOU PAY 80/100 GEMS EACH TIME) If they didn't take pretty much ALL OF THE WAYS for people to get gems more easily.




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I really enjoy the concept of

I really enjoy the concept of it all. It was a good idea and I always have fun seeing the decorations and whatnot. But I really kind of think it could have been executed much better and maybe some slack given to those who are having so many glitches that they can't really enjoy it much. And I know the new dragon is supposed to be hard to get, but if only the prize amounts were lower or the candy earned was higher. I'm not saying make it easy by any means, I'm just saying more realistic for those of us who don't have hours to spend on the game every day and/or a lot of gems to spend on getting there. I'm honestly purposely making myself not want the new dragon because I know for sure I won't be able to get it with the limited time and gems I have, and it being impossible for some people because of cost feels a little bit unfair to me. I'm still going to try to earn SOMETHING, but I probably won't even get close to the prizes I want. (I secretly do want the dragon, but not so bad that I'm willing to neglect everything and let my daily life go into chaos, even if temporary. it's not worth the stress to me.)


So yeah, my opinion is - Good ideas, poor mechanics.


To the admins:

Thank you admins, I know it's a first time event and that you're busy too, but please address and learn from the problems, we all have to do so when things go haywire.

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Granamyr don't burn my... *shoots fire* ...subject

I agree 100 percent. I liked Dreadfall just fine with the limited edition farm items and decorations, and all the islands being decorated for Dreadfall. I don't care if there is a special event or not for it, Dreadfall is my favorite season in SoD (It says so in my signature XD).






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I agree that the concept is a cool idea and I am very aware that with anything new there will always be some sort of bug or issue. Just like us the devs are human and mistakes/unexpected things happen. The idea of getting candy fits in with halloween and honestly it's refreshing to have something new.


I also respect that they are trying to right their wrongs and compensating those who missed out due to some of these issues.




I can't wait for this event to be done. I can't race. The tracks are very laggy then speed up so my dragon is uncontrollable, then slow down again. I'm not the only one with this issue and honestly racing is one of the main reasons I play this game now. 


SoD Devs, we love you and the fact you're trying new immersive things but please, please, fix these glitches as soon as you can.


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