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Could you guys please help with this? I’ve tried resetting my password many times and it never works. I’ve payed for a membership and I’d like to enjoy it please. When I click ‘forgot password’ and get the reset email, I can log into the site by clicking the link it sends in the email, however I can not get into my settings because the new ‘password’ you guys give me does NOT work! I can not reset my password and I can not get into my game account! It’s absolutely ridiculous how you guys deal with these problems, your customer services leave a lot to be desired. Please fix this! It’s your job! It’s really not asking for much!!


I've sent more than one email asking for help but I am continusly ignored. The customer service on this site is extreamly disapointing.


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Welcome to the club :/ I have

Welcome to the club :/

I have been waiting for 2yrs now. It won't even send me the email anymore.