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I know I discussed on another forum I made, but I need some help with the forum signatures. I can't post a picture because once I click save it delete's the pic. I would like to create a cool signature but unfortuntetly, I can't. I've tried everything. I cleared my cookies/cache on my comp, reset my browser (had to do that anyway) and nothing. Now I can post pictures on forums perfectly fine but I can't on the signature. It sucks because I see all of these cool signatures everywhere and I can't even make my own :/


Any suggestions?




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Step One: Right-click on the

Step One: Right-click on the picture/gif you want

Step Two: Click on Copy Image Location

Step Three: Go to your Forum Edit page

Step Four: Click on the Image icon (the little house)

Step Five: CTRL+V to paste in URL (your picture should show up where the red X is below)