Can't Load to go Anywhere

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So..I haven't played SoD in a couple of years, so I reinstalled it (Yes, I tried steam, microsoft store, download from website, you name it) and I literally cannot load in or go anywhere except for the training grounds and my farm. I'm currently playing the Windows 10 microsoft store download version of the game, if that helps.


I've -never- had this much of an issue in any game before, I rebooted my router several times, and can only conclude this is an account/game issue on the game's end. Is it possible to look into or do something about? 


Places I've tried/need to get to: Zippleback Island, Stables, Impossble Island, Berk
Viking: Kai Mistfang


Is there anymore info you guys need or can you like....program your game right so I can actually do stuff or admin teleport my viking around? It's getting ridiculous. My loading bars for each zone either do not complete, and I hear noise and can never load into the new area, or they complete and I hear game noises and still do not properly load in to play the area.

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Uh oh

Hi Tysere!

Whenever there's issues like this, it's actually better if you Pm Brynjolf or Siren about it. The first admin is the most active out of the two thou, so I highly suggest you send a private message about what's happening to your game.

As for the areas, there's been some that not all of us can access (even if we're members). For example, my in-game character can't enter Hobblegrunt Island because of a glitched out quest from the Return To Dragon Island expansion back when I was a member. 

But as I said, you can easily report this via PM, and I highly suggest you do it now. Also, don't send out mails directed to the support group of School of Dragons, since I've sent out a mail to them and they take a long time to answer it (unless the admins ask you to, of course).


Hope your game gets fixed up mate :)




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