Cant interract with the Dreadfall quest board

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Hello, it's been a while since I've made a post in the forums. I've recently returned to the game and have been having fun.. that is until today when I was on a battle event and my game froze. I closed it and opened it again just to find that now I can't interact with the Dreadfall quest board. I decided to try it out on my phone but I can't iterract with it there either. I tried interracting with other npcs and I can talk with them the issue seems to be only with the quest board.


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Did you complete day 5 before

Did you complete day 5 before that? Usually there is a one day cooldown after that before the quest board resets to day 1 again.


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Same problem here! It's been

Same problem here! It's been three or four days and I still can't open the quest board. I tried switching devices but neither android nor ios work. The problem seems to only be there for one out of my three vikings I think. Various quests keep breaking and not working well as well..

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I have the same issue, since

I have the same issue, since Friday I can't access the board plus I have a broken quest with Dagur where I need to find the night lights, when I click on any night light the game just stops and you have to switch it off...hopefully it will get fixed soon, it seems like everytime there is a new event things go wrong for 2 weeks and only then it gets sorted, too bad we are loosing precious candy because of it









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Same issue here. It's not the day 0/6 thing for me either, since I was at day 4 or so.


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I haven't been able to interact with the quest board for the past two events now. From the last week of last year's dreadfall event, to be precise, but only my main account seems to be affected by this bug.

I'm sorry this has been happening to other users too lately, but I'm also kinda glad I'm not the only one experiencing this anymore.


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I logged in today and everythnig seems working now! Game was also running much quicker than usual :) thanks mods!

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It works again for me as well, but my progress has been reset to day one.

I doubt it's been fixed, it must have been the rollover.

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Kinda solved?

Hello, sorry it took me a while to update. I didn't knew there was a one day cooldown on the quest board, thanks!

Anyway I'm still stuck with the quests as I'm literally only able to complete one of the three daily quests as the other two I've got are bugged! (the Dagur quest and Patrolling the archipelago) and don't seem to want to reset...

So I pretty much gave up on the idea of getting the cool Bonestormer ;n;