Can't finish two quests

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I've been reporting this for weeks.. but I can't finish the quest "Heart of Darkness" because the game will NOT load the island, which isn't on the map so that makes it much worse. I'mstuck where it wants you to grab onto the Armorwing to escape the island. Here's the problem: THE ARMORWING WASN'T THERE so I decided to restart the app (mobile) thinking that would spawn it. Something spawned, just not what I was expecting. I've been stuck in this for at least three weeks.

I also can't finish the quest "In the Belly of the Beast" because HARALD isn't there. The group also isn't at Dragon Island because SoD has an odd code that moves characters around for quests. 


Please do something about this. Either refund my gems or actually fix this. PC and Mobile both do this, and I have two other quests like Fill the World with Flowers which is notorious for being uncompletable, and Highs and Lows where I can't even find the highest placed thermometer.


I've also spent 500 gems on my Woolly Howl, Rushu, because the hatchling glitch was happening and I figured using gems would help, but it didn't, and neither did a free ageup ticket. I also want those back too, since they've been practically wasted.


I use both PC (windows 7, and Android 5.1 "lollipop"). Restarting, resetting and reinstalling doesn't work. 


Does anything work?!


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Bleh too lazy for a subject

I am currently stuck on the quest Heart of Darkness as well. Do you have the Dragon Hunter disguise on when you jump onto Harald's ship? I'm stuck on the same part of the qust as well, find the Armorwing. WHERE IS THE ARMORWING??!! worst part is the quest arrow won't point me to the right direction, so I literally have no idea where it could be or if it's not where IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE. The quest arrow shows when I'm on a different island/map, like hobblegrunt, but that just leads me to Harald's ship. Apparently the quest arrow is too scared to show itself in the Dragon Hunter's camp. :/




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This gets better.

It functions, but the map won't load. It pleased me to see that the game recognized me without the disguise but when I put it on? Oh, it just infinitely loaded. But wait! There's more! If you switch to the In the Belly of the Beast quest, and tap on Harald, it will recognize that you tapped/clicked on him and if you leave, it'll say "Quest failed!..," and yeah.

I'm really hoping they'll fix this soon, because I would love to receive an Armorwing, assuming it's one of the quest rewards.

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They fixed it

They fixed the Armor wing quest, BUT I can't complete the quest "In the Belly of the Beast". I got my Armorwing, though. But I know I can receive an Eruptodonn upon the completion of it.

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I reported the belly of the

I reported the belly of the beast one 42 weeks ago. Still not fixed. I’m extremely frustrated. This is what I see and I can’t talk to hiccup to answer those two things. Harold’s not there either.