Can't find Quests and Inventory

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I haven't been on the game since the new update until yesterday, and I can't find my quests or my inventory. When I go to an Island that has a certain quest on it, it switches to that quests, then goes back to the most recent quest I was on. I don't have the little book with my qeust log in it, and I don't have my inventory. Like today I got a box of fish, and I don't know where it is so I can open it.

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If you are on the app, tap

If you are on the app, tap yourself, and you should find your journal and inventory.

And if you tap on your dragon, you should be able to get to choose your dragon.

If you are on PC, then you can click on you and your dragon, or use these handy hotkeys, which can be found in the Options menu.

Hope this helps!


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