Can't even use my new acc T.T

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I recently spent 250 gems on a new acc and now I'm at 0 that wouldn't be an issue except. I can't even play on my new acc when it trys to load mulchs beginner quest it says u guessed It FAILED TO SYNC SEVER PLEASE TRY AGAIN. and I relogged and even started my kindle but nope it's still doing it. I Could've used those gems for candy T.T. I'm even more.mad cause to get those gems I SPENT FIVE BUCKS. I put money in this game like they want AND I GET BACK NOTHING. 


stuff about me in-game

Current activity in-game: honestly idk anymore, but lately when I have been playing mmo has been off

Dragons: Sixty+

Trophies: 8000+

In-game name: xXANICIOIXx

Main Dragons (I have a few main ones): Tyde Titan deathgripper male, Umbra Dreadstrider female, Tiny titan buffalord male

Friend code: you can pm me for it

In-game gender: Female

With and without mmo these are the locations I mostly hang out at: Vanaheim, old hw, the school, and titan island

I started my first ever acc waaay back in late 2015 but my current acc was created in March 2019


some things about IRL me


Gender. Female

Franchisees im into: Marvel, Ninjago, portal, httyd, ace attorney, and yokai watch

Hobbies: drawing (not that much tho), writing, playing video games, and swimming (I'm on swim team)

Religion: Christian

Favorite foods: cheeseburgers, spaghetti, and asparagus

Favorite beverages: rootbeer, cocacola, Gatorade, and chocolate milk

Dominate hand: I'm a leftie :3


Other stuffs

Harry potter house: Okay this is going off of quizzes Hufflepuff or Slytheren

Favorite swim stroke (since I'm on swim team) butterfly defiantly butterfly

Favorite Ninjago characters (I thought I should add this in here since I LOVE ninjago): Kai, Jay, And Skyler

These are my pet cats names that my family is currently fostering: Shady he's sweet he likes curling up on our laps and licking our hands, NightLight she's energetic and playful she's the cutest out of the three, Chonky hence the name is fat and lazy but loves being picked up and perching everywhere he can



This is currently a work in progress it's not quite finished yet





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Joined: 07/05/2019
Tyde my deathgripper wanted me to say hi

Okay whew! it's finally working after hours of attempts!