Can't enter Ice Caves in Icestorm Island anymore?

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I've been inside the ice caves before for other quests, so I know that my viking has to wear the warm clothes. But ever since the latest update, a window pops up saying that I need to wear warmer clothes to enter the Ice Caves. I haven't changed my viking's clothes since the last time I went in. I thought that maybe the problem was that I was playing through Steam so I tried playing through my browser and the same issue still happens. I know that I'm not the only one that has this problem because I see other vikings not being able to get in either. Has anyone else been able to get inside? please help! 



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This was a little glitch brought on by the newest expansion update, I think. Any quest that requires certain clothing- this one and the one where you have to put on a disguise to infiltrate the dragon hunters from Harald's boat- isn't currently working :c


I'm unsure if anyone has had any luck with it working.




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