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So I am trying to get access

to my account that I made about like five years ago. It has a CRAP TON of accomplishments on it and I am trying to put my username and email in to “forget password” and I know I have the right username and email but it just freezes when I try to press “request new password”

I am super ticked about this because I had sooooo much stuff on it and I would LOVE if someone could help!!!


(: My Signature :)




Viking Name:


(for short, Car)



Friend Code:

PM me



Clan Name:

The Deadly Kitties


Clan Position:




Second account:)





Friend Code:

PM me


Clan name:

WynterFyre Diamonds


Clan Position:





Car's Dragons:  (More photos comin)







Wings of Fire: Deadly Nadder


Swift Smoke: Smothering Smokebreath


Thunder Sapphire: Sand Wraith


Candy Apple: Deadly Nadder


JumperJoy: Stormcutter


NightGhostRider: Monstrous Nightmare


Peter Pan: Thunderdum


RipTide: Scauldron


TheEvilWhisper: Whispering Death


ArcticStorm: Groncicle


Vortexus: RazorWhip


Outcast: Changewing


Dude Bruuhhhh: Gronckle


CutiePye: Whispering Death


StarWolf: RazorWhip


WetzelBitz: Whispering Death


Wizard: Thunderdrum


ShearForce: RazorWhip 


Strear: Death Song​


Phantom: Boneknapper


Hook: Deadly Nadder


Snap, Trap, Clap, Slap: Snaptrapper


NightFather: Woolly Howl


XUTER: Monstrous Nightmare


XxWings of ArmorxX: Rumblehorn


Xuter: Changewing



HTTYD Gal's Dragons:


TBC...  :)


















My OC's (or whatever you call 'em XD)



Name:  Savage AfterShock

Breed: Skrill

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Personality: Despite what he looks like he is very kind, very loyal and loving




Name: IvoryKnight

Breed: Stormcutter

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Personality: He adores his mate Harmony and his kids, loves to have father-son time with his son NightWatch.




Name: Harmony

Breed: Stormcutter

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Personality: Sweet yet very protective of her owner and baby, would die 

her baby and IvoryKnight.


(Next two dragons shown are IvoryKnight and Harmony's offspring)




Name: NightWatch

Breed: Stormcutter

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Personality: Has a very playful personality, not one for obeying too many rules




Name: Dreamscape

Breed: Stormcutter

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Personality: Loves to be with Mom almost all the time, she is very lady-dragon likeXD

and is annoyed easily by her bro NightWatch.




Siggy under construction :)



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I feel like you need a reply

I have a simerler problem as you, I just forgot which email I used for it! at least the one I have now is really far now... Maybe try re-uploding it?





      Hello all! how are you guys? People who play the game will know me as Maz, IDK why 



   Leader and friend of At Last You See The Light, a good clan for anyone who enjoy's doing battle's and don't care  about Trophies to much!



                                                           Things about me: 

                                                   Age(ish): teen 

                                            Gender: female 

                                    I like to: read, dance, hang out with friends and musical theatre!

                            School: Home, in other words, I'm homeschooled

                     Family: I have many sisters and a brother

           Religion: Christan

  Friend Code: PM me to find out, I have it ready and waiting for you.


                                                  Become friends with my other accounts too

                                                                          F12DTA = Oashnokia



                           Sorry I have no pic's, they don't like me.





                              I have so many dragons it'll take awhile to write it all down!

                                        See how many fandoms we both read or watch!


1: Marya, the green sand wraith, She

2: Sky, sky blue Deadly Nadder, She

3: Will treaty, grean wispering death, He

4: Pendragon Gona (or Morgona, they wouldn't let me name her that though) Purple wispering death, she

5: Jennny, pink purple groncicle, she

6: Arther Pendragon, red wispering death, He

7: Uther Pendragon, grey wispering death, He

8: Phill Colson, blue eruptadon

9: Bomburst (from chitty chitty Bang Bang, I did that play before) red Groncle, He

10: Thanos, Baby purple Groncle, He

11: Jemima (also from Chitty) pink nightmare, She

12: Jeremy Potts (Chitty) blue titan Nightmare, He

13: the Flash, red speed stinger, He

14: Garmadon, Purple Changewing, He

15: Kili and Fili, pink Zippleback, He

16: Zuko, Bronze red Razerwip, He

17: Azula, Grey red pink Razerwip, She

18: TheBalrogOfMorgoth, Red and black Snafflefang, He

19: Regina Mills, purple Deathsong, She

20: Ananis, Purple thunderdrum, He

21: Saphira, Gold (or yellow, whatever you want to call it) Thunderdrum, She

22: Bealfire,blue and gold armurwing, He

23: LunaLovegood, yellow wholly howl, She

24: Shuri, purple deathgripper, She


                            More, Coming Soon


this is a toothless I drew on the computer with paint, it aint very good.




      I will praise you, Lord my God, with all my heart; I will glorify your name forever.

                                                                      -Psalms 86:12





Sorry for the bad writing and spelling, I have slight Dysgraphia and  thus my thoughts arn't very easly understood (Plus I talk in an Accent sometimes and it bleeds into my writing) :D 



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This is where it freezes

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question did you misspell?


did you misspell? and is the data corrupted?






its empty so far 


hi im a bored person that loves drawing so you will expect me in art forums sometimes


request for balloon dragons pls




      /) o . o /)

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I did not misspell. What do

I did not misspell. What do you mean by data corrupted? Like as if my account was deleted??? 

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~My coat wont keep me warm anymore~

Im not sure if the admins could give you a new password manually. But better try it out. Send an E Mail to . Tell them about the freeze problem and try to request a new password from them. Include your username + the E Mail u used to register in SoD.










Pls leave a little treat for this allways hungry stormcutter

Hello world

Stay calm and drink tea


Clan : KING OF EMPIRES                             


Trophys : 16 k


Favorite Dragon : Stormcutter


Drawings :





Dragon Characters :         

(Own creations or fan creations

 based on other games or movies)

My main dragon Valfaris :

Her five stages







This is Kara

Her Story :

Kara is a dragonandriod who was build to do the work for her owner/master. He mistreated her alomst every day. Of course then to most ppl she is just a machine. A machine who does everything and cant say no. Bcs this is her program. They think a machine cant feel anyway. But Kara was much more then just a machine. And one day she opened her eyes. She dont want to listen to her owner/master anymore. She wants to make her own decisions and want to be free. Kara escaped from the place where she once used to be. Now she gets hunted, they want to catch her and reset her memory. They think it is just a error in her progarm that needs a fix. She is allways escaping and searching for the paradise, where she can be free. Her world is full with andriods who are slaves to the living folks. She is one of a few, who opened their eyes and escaped from this censored. These Andriods also get hated by a lot ppl. But the true monsters are not the andriods.

(This is a mix between how to train your dragon and Detriot : Become Human, in my story then Detriot : Become Dragon. The story isnt completly maked from my own. It is more a fan story based on a character in Detriot. I know its weird but I love it xD. I just became a big fan of this emotional game)






(hand drawn)



~About Me~    (If anybody cares)


Im a shy, young adult Woman (I guess? Dont feel so different as adult.) who just loves dragons.

Im not really open to ppl in real live. Im also bit much silent in game.

I need nice, friendly ppl arround me, who wants to talk a lot to get me out of my shell.

My favorite thing is doing drawings. (Right now only dragons, I used to draw animals when I was younger.)

Favorite color is blue of course. But I almost love all colors so long they are bright and strong.

Also Im an anime lover. One of my favorite is Tokyo Ghoul (I did even draw a Ken Kaneki Stormcutter.)

                                                      (Dont ask me why xD)                                                                                                         

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Yeah I will thanks!!!

Yeah I will thanks!!!

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Zombie Accounts

OG accounts (made in 2013 or 2014) have the most problems when it comes to access after a lengthy dormancy, especially ones that were originally created through Facebook or another "3rd party host". SOD underwent several security software upgrades and account creation changes in 2014, and some of that data was corrupt or lost in the process. Hopefully tech support will be able to reset your credentials. Good luck


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Yeah I hope so too, but I

Yeah I hope so too, but I made my account later in 2014 so idk would it affect it still? And I didn’t use third party I just got it on pc when I started

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I got it fixed!!!!!!