cannot even play

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ive been patient dealing w this issue for a while but now im just getting frustrated 


since last weekish i havent been able to play. i can get on the game but when i try to change dragons; mount my dragon, etc. it crashes. the game said it was due to graphics but ive been able to play w top graphics for months now


i feel bad for letting my clan down but i cant do anything,,, ive logged out n logged in, fixed graphics, nothing worked



guacchips | harbingerz |

level 35 | since 2017 |

code: e4jl7s | open |

dragon count: 13

main dragon: chari | level 25 |

chari is a silver phantom. elegant, sophisticated, and aristocratic, she often times acts high and mighty. chari loves to show off and act like the best. she hates the spotlight though and would rather blend in than stand out. however, silver phantoms are rather rare around campus, so she stands out. chari is a phenomenal racer and kindhearted dragon but hates battling.

fidi | level 23 |

fidi is a young and curious grapple grounder. she is imaginative, fearless, and short tempered. she loves to teach and hang out with dragonets. fidi is a fearless fighter and loves to battle. racing isnt really her thing but she still loves it. she is igneous' best friend and the two are insperable. she's taught him a lot about boulder class behavior and how dragons at the school should act.

first dragon: laf | level 33 |

laf is a flightmare. rescued from trappers at a young age, he grew to trust me easily. laf is one of the kindest, loyalest, hardworking dragons in the school. he is constantly helping out valka or hiccup, even sometimes assisting teenage dragons with gliding. as flightmares are one of the fastest in game dragons, he is my main racer and will beg me to race with him. 

first hatchery dragon: flare | level 31|

flare, being a monstrous nightmare, is a very laid back dragon. he loves flying and will stay in the sky for forever. he hates wearing saddles and gets nervous if random vikings approach him. he can be a bit hotheaded, but it's only because it's in his nature. flare despises racing, though, and would rather char a ship completely. he can be seen assisting in battles and raids.

my lizard | level 15 |

my lizard is flare's daughter. based off of my bearded dragon, she is a curious and skittish dragon. she hates being in the cold and will get aggressive colds in them. my lizard doesnt get along with her father and the two butt heads constantly. i don't use her all that often as she is more a solitary dragon than social. she is best friends with my baby whispering death, terre.

chompers | level 18 |

chompers is a male gronkle. he is a very calm, friendly, and social dragon. he loves flying with vikings and will take the viking children on flights from time to time. he is a big fan of racing and battling, so i constantly use him. he loves to be around other dragons and can often be found in the school, flying around. he doesnt like to be alone though, so he is a bit clingy.

cloudist | level 14 |

cloudist is very lazy. she hates flying and racing and battling. she is semi-aggressive and has given me scars. however, she can be a great dragon. cloudist is a sucker for food and will do just about anything for some- including being a sweetheart. cloudist is a very territorial dragon and doesnt really like other dragons, including the others in the stables.

spitha & fos | level 21 |

spitha and fos is a reckless, stupid, and wild zippleback. he acts just like he's wild even though i can ride and battle with him. he loves causing chaos and being an overall jerk. despite this, he can be really sweet and affectionate. he gets along with other dragons and is a great babysitter.

luto | level 14 |

luto is a very crazy dragon. she is loud, rambunctious, and indecisive. she doesnt like to be told what to do and can be very disobedient; however. luto is still a good dragon. she just enjoys nice long flights and taking down ships. the sound of the battle horns sends her out of the stables and off to the training grounds. she is social and can be extremely annoying.
psythiros | level 15 |

psythiros is a whispering death with an attitude. he is snotty and snobbish and refuses to listen to me. he is hard to control in flight but shares my love of battle- so we get along there. he is a sneaky, cunning dragon and for a boulder class dragon is very fast. he hates tunnels and rocks after being exposed to the air for many many months. he is also very protective of terre.

terre | level 4 | 

terre's egg was found smashed by flare. due to this, terre has stunted growth and is permanently stuck like a baby. however, she has the maturity of an adult and acts like it too. she loves to play with my lizard and psythiros. she often times will try to follow me on quests and be stopped by her monstrous nightmare friend. she is loyal, playful, and fearless.

galileo | level 50 | battler

one of my newest dragons, galileo's very calm and collected. of the hobblegrunt specie, he is odd. he has an obsession with space and the stars, wondering how it all happened. galileo is carefree and tempermental, sometimes more aggressive than he wants. he is sort of ditrustful of most vikings. rescued from a hunters' ship, he was only an egg but seems to recall it.

igneous | level 12 |

igneous is a baby eruptodon. he is loud, energetic, and a bundle of joy. as a baby, he has no worries and doesnt listen to anyone. he can be a handful from time to time and loves to be the center of attention. igneous is best friends with fidi and the two are an insperable duo.

toothless | level 1 |

borrowed occassionally from hiccup.

light fury | level 4 |

prickle | level 11 |

prickle is a deathly loyal, hardworking, and ferocious nadder. she has a hard time understanding all dragons act different and not all of them can tolerate her. she loves arguing and is very reluctant to fly. she is a terrible flier and crashes, trying to throw vikings off constantly. however, she is hardworking when it comes to battling and fireball frenzy and would do anything to protect her rider or others she likes.

cap | level 12 |

cap is a thunderdrum, rescued from death song amber. he is a very quiet, paranoid dragon. unlike most thunderdrums, he hates roaring and water. he can be very snappy and aggressive so he's really difficult to deal with sometimes. despite this, chari and galileo are helping to shape him into a formidable dragon. he's still really young though and has some time.

grub | level 10 |

grub is a smothering smokebreath. he is a mischevious, playful dragon who loves hitchiking on rides with people. unlike most dragons of his specie, he hates armorwings and doesnt like stealing from them. he is a child at heart, and always will be, despite being a fully grown dragon. grub has been with me since he hatched and practically trusts me with his life. he loves racing and doesnt mind me riding him.

brie | level 15|

like most skrills, she loves storms. shes a very fast, hyper active dragon. brie is a trusting yet cautious dragon who loves racing. she is competetive yet slightly fearful of battling. if needbe, she will defend her friends and riders. shes a sociable dragon who is loud, but hates a lot of attention. brie loves saddles and accessories, and is a goofball.

junkrat | level 6 |

junkrat is an armorwing. he is a very cautious dragon and not too trusting of strangers. he was captured by dragon hunters at one point in his life, developing his fear. he loves quakens and skrills, and gets along beautifully with brie. junkrat is an explorer and often times is gone for days on end visiting various islands. he is watchful though, and safe.

subzero | level 7 |

subzero is a woolly howl i rescued. she is playful, adventurous, boisterous, and loyal. like most strike class species, she is a great racer and accurate attacker. she always is up for a race. rescued from a trap, she is fiercely loyal to me and would do anything for my dragons. subzero loves to play in the snow and enjoys decorating for snoggletogg. 

hippie | level 12 |

hippie is a hotburple. like all of his specie, he is lazy, sleepy, and loud. despite this, if needed he'll snap awake ready to help. he packs a punch and is a fierce attacker. hippie always seems relaxed and his favortie snacks include dragon nip and small rocks.

striker | level  10|

 striker is a shivertooth. she is wild, crazy, and snappy. she likes attention and loves growling. she is noisy and not the best dragon to use in a stealth mission. she even is pushy with those she trusts. she hates the cold, preferring the warm beaches of the training grounds.

happy | level 10 |

happy is a quiet and shy rumblehorn. she is a censored, often times falling for those of others species. on the other hand, she is tough and hard headed. she loves fighting for whats right and would destroy a whole ship for you. happy is nervous around other females a lot.

crash | level 6 |

crash is a sand wraith. still young, she is crazy and wild. she loves to glide and jump off cliffs. crash loves water and whatnot, and is very friendly

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Have you tried PM-ing Brynjolf yet? He normally responds back around 1-3 days, but he's the most active Admin on the forums. 




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I can't play either

I haven't been able to play this game on my laptop for over a week now. It allows me to log in, but it's always on the loading screen after that. It never gets to the screen that allows me to choose my avatar. The 'the server call timed out' or 'you have been logged out' messages always pop up. I admit that there has been a bit of an internet problem recently where my laptop is, but it looks like it's better enough to where I should be able to play it again. I managed to get into the game on a different device somewhere else, but I play this on my laptop the most. The is getting frustrating.