Cannot buy gems through paypal

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Ever since the Snoggletog update came out I have been trying to buy every bit of Snoggletog gear I can get but I ran out of gems so I tried to use PayPal to buy more. Unfortunately, no matter what I do, the purchases are never successful despite my mother telling me the money has gone through. I know the admins are busy but I am really hoping this problem is fixed soon. Other players have said this problem is common whenever there has been a big update so I just thought I should tell everyone in case they are having difficulties too. I am very eager to get all of the Snoggletog saddles and sweaters for my dragons as well as a new farm so I can put all of the stuff I cannot fit in my other farms in it. I hope the next expansion pack comes out soon because I am looking forward to it. Merry Christmas, everyone.

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Same here!

I tried purchasing some gems and the same thing happened to me. I actually tried three times because I thought the transactions weren't going through...checked my paypal and turns out all three of them did! (Whoops!)


I emailed support about it and they confirmed that the transactions were there, however they are having issues with payment and unfortunately can't do much about it now.

They should fix the issue soon, hopefully, and give us the right amount of gems or a refund.

Good luck with your issue!



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