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How do I cancel it? I got membership so that I could pay as needed, but it renews, and right now, I'm tight on money, so I need it to stop renewing.




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Seems to be a glitch

Hello Brijet!

Well, that sounds strange. Usually they don't renew automatic, it would turn up a box that say, do you want to renew your membership, or something. Then you just click on the red bottom and the membership will end itself.
I would recommend you to PM Brynjolf, cause there is something thats not right.
Good luck!



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You'll have to e-mail Support! I don't think there's a way to cancel a membershp otherwise.



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Cancelling membership

Hello Brijet! Memberships are set to automatically renewe, however if you wish to cancel your membership you can access your manage account tab and cancel from here. If you are uanble to cancel through here, please contact our support team at with your username and viking name and they will be able to help you. Thank you!