Can Someone Help Me? (New to Dragon Cave)

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So I've decided to finally get Dragon Cave... But... Problem is, now I don't know what to do. I think I've linked the eggs correctly in my sig, but now what do I do?

How do I get more eggs?

What if an egg gets too little clicks?


Can someone just explain the basics for me? Like getting more eggs? Breeding? Clicks?


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First off, welcome to Dragon

First off, welcome to Dragon Cave! :D

Now for the questions:

Getting Eggs: 4 eggs is the max you can have at a time, but once they hatch, you can get more. You can get them in biomes (On the main page) or in the abandon cave (Also on main page)


Without enough clicks/views: It dies. It's sad, but you can easily prevent it from happening by putting on a hatching site. I use Eggs Around the World, but there are much more you can use. Having too many views can make it sick, though, so only put your eggs on a few sites (or only one) at a time.


Breeding: You need two adult (Opposite gender, of course) dragons. You click on one of them, go to actions, then select breed. Sometimes they produce an egg, other times it just says 'They don't show much interest in each other' and either way, you can't breed those two dragons for a week.

Hope this helps :D




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Thank you for your help. Now,

Thank you for your help. Now, people clicking my egg. Do they just click the egg? Does that give them clicks or do they have to do something else?

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Dragon Cave

They just click the egg, I believe. Once you have linked to the site, people can go on the page of the egg and click it for the egg to recieve clicks. There are also views and unique views: Views are from someone visiting the page, and unique views from someone who is seeing the page for the first time.

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Don't just put eggs in your

Don't just put eggs in your signature; put them on click sites to ensure that they will hatch. The Allure of Neglected Dragons site is a good click site;


You can start off with four eggs; you won't be able to get more until they hatch. 


When you look at the page with all your eggs, hatchling and dragons you'll see a bronze dragon trophy there or no trophy dragon. No trophies mean you can have up to four eggs but up to 12 hatchlings. The bronze trophy means you can only get five eggs, but have up to 15 hatchlings (with or without four eggs) on your scroll/account. Silver trophy means you can get 6 eggs and have up to 18 hatchlings. Gold means you can have 7 eggs and have up to 21 hatchlings. For bronze, you need 50 dragons. For silver, you need 200. For gold you need 500.


Clicks and views are what make the eggs hatch; which is what click sites are for. The one I linked above is the one I've used, and all my eggs and hatchlings have grown up with it. 


To breed them, the dragons must be 1) adults, 2) the opposite gender. Species doesn't matter.. Click on the dragons image, then click on actions and then the breed action. There should be a list of all your opposite gender dragons there; it won't always work though. Rarer dragons tend to be harder to breed while commons seem to be easier to breed. If you have the max amount of eggs you can have, the egg you bred will be forcibly abandoned.


Pink dragons can influence an egg to be the gender that they are; useful for making an egg be the gender you want it to be. Purple dragons increase fertility; useful for breeding an egg you want. Red dragons can take off a day from the countdown to hatching from an egg; makes it hatch faster. 


You can get more eggs for the Abandoned Page or the biomes; alpine, coast, desert, forest, jungle, volcano. Different eggs appear in different biomes; i.e Golden Wyverns appear in the alpine only while Magmas appear in the volcano only.


To see the different descripitions of eggs, rarity and adult/hatchling/egg appearances, look here: You'll need to click on the eggs shown to see the information about them.



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I just started a week or two ago also... xD

  • When you start out you can have 4 eggs at a time, and a max of 12 growing dragons/eggs.
  • Clicks don't matter too much- you can have none but your dragon can still grow, as long as it has enough views.
  • Be sure that your dragons aren't sick.
  • Here is some info about breeding.
  • This is list of eggs, their descriptions, and rarity.
  • The wiki is here.
  • And last but not least, here is the help page!

And you have the eggs linked correctly. :D


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People have been so helpful :D and welcome to DC! I just started a month or so ago when people in my clan got me hooked, you'll love it too.


Like people already mentioned, click sites are a must, there;s Silvi's liar, Valley Sherwood Hatchery, Allure of NDs, PetHatchery, DragHatach, Hatching club, and Eggs around the world for a few (sorry no links atm).


Now word the the wise, grab some of the few remaining Halloween eggs that float around in the Abandoned Pile. You can see the abandon pile at the home page. Halloween eggs include: A white one with pale swirls, a dull purple egg with orange speckles, a shiny Gray egg with flecks, a shiny black egg with a jagged red mark in the center, and a plain goldish egg. Oh and a glittery orange, white, and black one that looks like it's grinning. Look for these, they appear from time to time if your not full already. I suggest them since they won't be back till next year and you have a chance to start strong :D


I would appreciate if someone could link her pics of them, since I can't atm. Soory! I wish you the best!


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Please click egg

I just started Dragon Cave & this Is my first egg



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Dude, this is a 3-year-old

Dude, this is a 3-year-old topic. It's dead, so don't reply to it!


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