Can I get ya'll input on this fan fiction thingie?

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Several years ago, I came up with a seven story series focusing on a OC journeying through the HTTYD Universe. Each story focused on a specific part of the franchise (How to Train Your Dragon, Riders of Berk, Defenders of Berk, etc.) My favourite was the story that didn't centre around the stories, but branched off to a story of its own. I'd really like to spend a few months writing this story. BUT (yup there's a but) there are a few issues.


First, I'm not a fan of Hiccup x Astrid. At all. I ended up pairing him with my OC. The relationship they had slowly developed over the seven stories, and went through some crazy hitches in the story i'm thinking of writing. So writing the seventh story with all this stuff suddenly happening with no context would be...odd. And it wouldn't make sense.


Second, the story involved a discovery of dragons that would, in an ordinary situation, be considered ridiculously out of canon. The problem is I had chosen this specific breed because it was symbolic to the start of my MC's journey, the journey itself and was a sign of how far she had come, and how much she had developed. Out of context, this decision wouldn't make any sense, and people would roll their eyes.


Third, the story requires major rework. Because it's dramatic, and very unrealistic. 


I'm debating a few options: (a) Rewrite the story as if it were the only story,  or (b) Include flashback as hints and explanations as to what the audience has missed.


Please let me know what you think!






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Alright, so I think it can

Alright, so I think it can include hints from the previous stories, however they need to be properly expositioned. Personally, I hate flashbacks in stories and they can make the story look awkward and clunky. If you're going to let the reader know about what happened in previous stories, it needs to be hinted at very briefly, just enough to let the reader know what happened and make them think, "Oh, so that's what happened" and then they can continue with what's happening in the present part of the story. If done right, it can inform the reader and they don't have to sit through a long (or uncomfortably short) flashback that can simply be said in one sentence by the MC or other character.


An example would be this:


"Hey, what if we try ___."

"No, we already tried that. Melissa got her hair caught on fire, remember?"

"Oh, yeah. I got grounded for a month for that."


That's proper exposition. It lets the reader know what happened in the past without a long and drawn out flashback. It also needs to be relevant to present situation. Don't bring up the past if it doesn't need to be brought up.


You could also write a prologue.


Rewriting the story is also an option, but I think it can be done the other way just fine.



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I appreciate that you took the time to write a response. I agree with your opinion on flashbacks. I don't like them either. I feel like they're escape goats.


I may  little bit more to the beginning to set the scene, and change the relationship status in the story. Then, I can add some realism that'll make it a little more believable.


Thank you!