Can I change the order of my dragons?

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It seems a little stupid, but I'm going to ask anyways. Can I change the order of my dragons (how they appear when I select them) in the dragon queue? My favorite dragon is first, but my second favorite is all the way down the line. Is there any way to raise him higher in the list?



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-Access to Titan Island (Not an expansion but eh)

Owned Dragons:

-One Stormcutter

-Two Whispering Deaths (Have another unhatched egg)

-Two Gronckles

-One Gronicle

-One Fireworm Queen

-One Woolly Howl (Have another unhatched egg)

-One Deadly Nadder

-One Monstrous Nightmare

-One Night Terror

-One Sweet Death

-One Hotburple

-One BoneKnapper

-One Raincutter

-One Razorwhip

-One Boneknapper



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You can.

You can change the order in which they appear. Just go to your stables and move your second favourite dragon to the stable at the top of the stable list. I once had the same issue but I figured it out and now I'm glad to help someone else who's struggling with it. ;)

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You can.

You can change the order in which your dragons appear. Just go to your stables and move your second favourite dragon to the stable at the top of your stable list. Worked for me! :)


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The order changes accordingly???

That doesn't work for me. No matter how I put my Dragons in the Stables, the order doesn't change. Not that I am bothered but I'm wondering why it doesn't work for me. 


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Blizzard (Male Groncicle Adult) Rank 14

Stormsplitter (Male Whispering Death Titan) Rank 20

Dawnbreaker (Male Whispering Death Adult) Rank 14

Groundsplitter (Male Whispering Death Adult) Rank 14

Boulder (Male Gronckle Titan) Rank 21

Stormfly (Female Deadly Nadder Adult) Rank 27

Nadder (Female Deadly Nadder Titan) Rank 30

Hookfang (Male Monstrous Nightmare Adult) Rank 20

Nightmare (Male Monstrous Nightmare Titan) Rank 20

Mudraker (Male Mudraker Adult) Rank 16

Windshear (Male Razorwhip Adult) Rank 20

Stormslash (Male Razorwhip Titan) Rank 30

Perisher (Male Deathsong Adult) Rank 20

Chameleon (Male Singetail Adult) Rank 11

Volcanion (Male Eruptodon Adult) Rank 17

Armourwing (Male Armorwing Adult) Rank 12

Typhoon (Male Typhoomerang Adult) Rank 15

Burst (Male Flame Whipper Adult) Rank 16

Howler (Male Woolly Howl Titan) Rank 20

Changewing (Male Changewing Adult) Rank 10

Windwalker (Male Windwalker Adult) Rank 20

Phantom (Male Silver Phantom Adult) Rank 20

Emerald (Female Scuttleclaw Titan) Rank 20

Thunderstorm (Male Skrill Titan) Rank 22

Fireworm (Female Fireworm Queen Adult) Rank 12

Icestorm (Male Snow Wraith Titan) Rank 21

Snafflefang (Male Snafflefang Adult) Rank 11

Flightmare (Male Flightmare Titan) Rank 20

Stormcutter (Male Stormcutter Titan) Rank 20

Prickleboggle (Male Prickleboggle Adult) Rank 21

Grappler (Male Grapple Grounder Adult) Rank 20

Slitherer (Male Slithersong Adult) Rank 18

Waverider (Male Tide Glider Adult) Rank 11

Trapper (Male Snaptrapper Adult) Rank 10

Scorpio (Male Triple Stryke Adult) Rank 18

Eclipser (Male Triple Stryke Adult) Rank 10

Venom (Male Triple Stryke Adult) Rank 10

Skeleton (Male Boneknapper Titan) Rank 20

Boomburst (Male Thunderdrum Titan) Rank 20

Scauldron (Male Scauldron Teen) Rank 5