Can barely make out any detail of the Berserker Ships in Icestorm Island | Bug report and suggestion

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If you play Icestorm Island now from beginning to end, you'll notice the ships can barely be seen. In fact, they aren't ships at all; they are images of the ships. However, we can barely see them because of the lighting issues.

My suggestion is that SoD adds 3D boats to Icestorm Island. And don't tell me it's hard because they have done it before. And they have done some lag-causing stuff in the game, like Impossible Island.


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A Few Corrections...

First of all, when you fly a bit closer, you can see clear detail. But, I do believe that they should at least make it a noticible Berserker symbol (Skrill) so players actually know what's going on.

Secondly, the only reason Impossible Island is so laggy is because with it being a new island, more players visit it, and the more players at one place at the same time causes lag. If you switch out of MMO, then you'll see it become lag-free.




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A correction to your correction.

Depending on how you look at it, Icestorm Island is not that different from Impossible Island. Impossible Island actually has things inside it rather than it being a shell like Icestorm Island. Sure, Icestorm Island has a cave underneath, but that's in another instance that is behind a loading screen.W


When I said Impossible Island has lag-causing stuff, look at what is in it. Take away the temples, and you still have a place that can cause some lag. And what is interesting is they're still able to have 3D ships in Impossible Island, and two games within it.