Can’t play on laptop

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I need a bit help with SoD on laptop.i have had a long history with this so,sorry for the long message

 All the problems started when the membership trial one week disappeared from mobile.some riders said that it’s still available on laptope & i installed the game on my laptop.everything went fine until i went to the shop to buy the kept loading & loading & loading...and would it ever stop?? i came out of the game.when i tried going in again,it got stop on the loading screen(the grimmel and deathgripper screen)i tried HUNDRED times getting in & out,deleting and reinstalling,use steam...nothing worked.

until oneday,i was able to load the game again!but...again...i got stuck on the shop.and i repeated the roles...and ta dah.i can’t go in again.what should i do?i really really REALLY want toothless and lightfury.please admins what should i do?if isn’t anyway,could you atleast bring the trial membership back to mobile devices too?

btw,i love the game and this is the only game i have been playing for four straight years.i would love to have my toothless(back) and a lightfury too!