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I am entertaining the idea of writing a book, not a fanction, an actual orginal book. I have a basic premis and a few ideas but that is about all. Where do I even start? Do I start outlining the plot? Do I create a character map? Do I start with the enviorment my characters interact with? Where is the best palce to start? 


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Aeryn also has a sense of show-off-ness, an over-the-top, dramatic character. She takes any given situation, brandishes it with a flare of sarcasm and performs, drawing attention to herself all the while managing to act edgy or sweet, or however she wanted to be perceived. This need of hers to put on a show made her invaluable to the man while she was on his side. Like the theatre kid she should be, Aeryn has expertly crafted this skill of taking on different personas, and she isn't afraid to add in some cliche drama to her dialogue and actions. Constantly referencing pop-culture, Aeryn is interesting, but the tiring person to be around. The problem with her extroverted, boldness is that few get to witness the actual Aeryn, not one of her many characters. In a sense, it is quite similar to the multifaceted personality disorder, only, Aeryn recognizes her many personas. She chooses not to show anyone her true colors due to some insecurities. These different personalities are the shields she has put up for emotional protection. With Aeryn, you never know if her reactions are genuine or just part of the show.























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le bloop

Best thing to do: just start writing. When authors go into a book that is their own IP, is the usually have an idea of the plot. Characters and enviornments can always be developed during the book, but the plot is always the first part. Draft out or story board your story. Doesn't always hurt to use that good ol plot mountain.


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*rubs hands together*

It's like what Red said! Write until you think you've got something. Use prompts, listen to music, etc. But, if your book's setting is not centered around this world or this time period, I suggest you do some world building first so that you're familiar with the surroundings. It helps! Good luck on your book, Wolf and Star! :)




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Ohh oh I know this!!!!!!!!!

Ohh oh I know this!!!!!!!!! my half bro told me this so all credit goes to LazerBolt!!!

1. If your gonna have a lesson you learn, think of it first.
2. Think of your "what if" like for example: what if there's a guy who gets turned into a spy.
3. Make a Character arc. So like for example, your character starts off as a unpopular person who nobody likes, then by the end he's a populate person who nobody likes. At this point also think of your character name and what type of personality they have. Also work on your sidekick and bad guy.
4. Make your story arc!!!!! This is the fun part where you say what's gonna happen in your story. Like what's your setting? What's t climax and a bunch of other questions.
5. Finally make your outline. This is when you put your Story arc and Character arc together to show what's gonna change and what's gonna happen.

Well! I copy and pasted that from something LazerBolt wrote to me. Have fun!!


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​I am two chapters away from finishing my book and I started like my sis said to, and so far it is working very well.

She said to write the backstory, background, plot, and what world your book is based around.

After each chapter that I have finished, I would read over it and see if there is anything that I would want changed.

My friend, she does something I would never do!! And that's write the endof the book first and works her way to the beginning. But that is the way that works for her. You need to find a way of writing that you are comfortable with.

Then, you just keep writing.....until you get writer's block, anyway....*shivers* I'll never forget Chapter 35: The World much writer's block in that chapter....

I hope this helped! I am very excited about you wanting to write!! :)

But, alas, at the end of the day it is up to you where you want to start. 


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No here, or ever, can answer that question but yourself. And you must discover the answer since this is your writing journey. Trying what other people suggest will help you discover what works best (what results in the best quality from you, makes you actually get crap done, etc). Otherwise, you'll chase your tail until your fatigued. Anything mentioned ever to you is not a you must do this or you aren't an author diiieeeee. They're suggestions. What works for one may not work for another. Everything I'm about to mention is suggestion:


If this is your first original, don't worry too much about symbolism and that kind of stuff (unless your brain decides it's so important that it gotta throw a tantrum when you decide to not think of symbolism...idk about anyone else, but my brain does that a lot when writing originals). In fact, just sit down and do whatever you feel like. However, if you don't mind, I'm still going to offer a bunch of suggestions. To better answer this question (where should I start??) you can determine which of the following best suits you. Are you a gardener, or an architect? Below are notes on what each is. This is taken from Brandon Sanders Fantasy Writing classes on Youtube:


Gardener (Discovery Writer): Writing to see where the book goes. E.g. Stephen King

Architect (Outliner): A planner. Getting everything down on the page before starting the book. E.g. Kevin J. Anders.
However, it is possible do both at the same time:
Note: Every author uses a bit of both – whether discovery writing characters, or outlining your plot.  
You may slide in between a Discovery and Writer – depends on how the book’s going.
Experiment with either – see if helps you create a great book, and pushes you forward – so you continue!
You can do either. You can discovery write your characters, or discovery write your plot. Or outline your characters. But I think it's best to figure out which works best where. If you discover that you can do either or one, you're a step closer. The rest is my personal process. This took me years to find. This isn't suppose to be a, "Well my process is better than all the others." Processes for writing are completely custimizable, and each writer takes a different sum of time discovering what works for them. We take bits and pieces from a bunch of writers processes to create ours. This is discovered by doing. Just sitting down and trying architect and gardening with different parts of the story. So, for this project, just experiment. Try out either. Find suggested techniques for winging it, or planning. Once you figure out that, you can pick one or more of the rest of the suggestions below.
Suggestion #1: I suggest taking a step back and asking yourself about your setting. Is it in a original country/world? Is it in a place you're not familiar with? Does the culture change your character's values? What's considered "normal"? What's considered "abnormal?" If you know nothing about the culture, I suggest doing some basic planning. Researching other cultures with different values than yours. If it's familiar culture (one you grew up with), then skip this. If you aren't ready to plan this, or wish to just wing it, skip it.
Suggestion #2: Get a basic understanding of your characters. Who are they? What are their names? What do their names say about them as a person? What do they like? What do they hate? Where do they live? What would make them punch someone? *evil laugh* How has their past affected their future? What are their flaws? What are they're awesome strengths? What can they do? What can't they do? What about character relationships? According to each personality, how do they realistically interact?
Suggestion #3: Get a basic understanding of your major plot points. What must happen to shuffle the story to the climax? What's the ending look like? If you decide you're going to plan the plot, it's suggested that you brainstorm the final scene last. Then, you'll know what you're working towards!
As mentioned, these are suggestions. There's no right or wrong. At best, all this information is very very basic. I hope this helps. Feel free to PM me with any additional questions.







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A wild post appeared!!!

I usually just sit down with a sketchy image of where I want the book to go in my mind and just write from there, great strategy for writing small stores but not for an entire book.  Ive never actually planned before so this is a first for me, I wanted to trY something NEW.


My story takes place on a different Earth, the residents are culturally diverse peoples, however, I have based the scenery off of Bergen, Norway. Because of this, I started looking up Norwegian culture and using that to influence this world. I used some modified Norwegian words to create names for characters and places. The entire idea was actually based off this one myth I wrote. I say down and started writing a legend for some universe and got so enticed I decided that I wanted to know more.

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le bloop

*cracks knuckles*

I'm gonna go really in depth here so lemme just work the joints. 

Like I stated above, stories start on plots. However, what I negated to mention was that stories don't only run on plots. BUT, stories need plots to run. If you don't have a clear plot, everything else fails. Your book fails because you had no idea how you want a story to start, and a story to end. 

DO NOT CREATE CHARACTERS BEFORE YOU CREATE A PLOT! DO NOT CREATE A WORLD BEFORE YOU HAVE A PLOT! If you don't have a plot you should not be creating any of these things. Characters and worlds should revolve around a plotline, not the otherway around. Character designs and worldbuilding should stem from what the story is about. Sci-fi plotline? Yeah I should expect to see aliens and alien words, but I could only get that from the plotline. Fantasy plotline, I expect to see castles and forests as the world. 

Plot mountains and story boards are great for this, and I will always recommend this to any new author. I would rather see you fail to create a plot then see you have a nicely designed world and characters, but the plot line is bad. Now, speaking of characters and plotlines. PRACTICE WRITING DIFFERENT KINDS OF CHARACTERS! 

I can not express how many flat, edgy, boring characters in literature there are. Avoid common tropes used in books. I've already read the SJW Star Wars, and it wasn't pretty. Avoid SJW pandering, avoid creating flat characters. Even side characters can become dynamic. But side characters should never overtake the main character, just leaving that out there. 

Writing a romance into your story? Make sure the romance isn't "Oh I hate you but I love you as well!", make sure it isn't love at first sight either. Make sure you don't pander to SJW stereotypes (Woman is the dominate in the situation and the male is clearly passive. Relationships are a mutal partnership). Relationships are best written as friendships first, ship second. 

I have multiple reference links I will be happy to leave if you want! 

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A wild post appeared!!!

Thanks to my role-playing hobby, I think that creating diverse characters will come eaiser. I do try to keep my cast of rp characters as different as possible and yet, still entertaining. I should outline the plot before delving deeper into the story. After the plot is completed, do I work on characters or enviorment? And what tool can I use to keep track of all of my characters?

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Wiggles the whispering death ate my subject

I disagree greatly and think that your assertion that stories can only start by starting with a plot first is ridiculous. A writer creating a story can in fact start with a cool idea for a world they imagined or a character they made that they really liked. Plot is important yes and it needs to be added in but in no way is it the most important aspect above all else. There are stories out there with good plots but awful characters and uninteresting worlds. There's more then one way to start writing a story. As long as one has all the pieces in place at the end and have gotten where others get it doesn't matter how it starts.





Seen here with a snow nadder and a statue Termite gave her because she couldn't sell it.

(Wiggles bit it's left arm off.)

Below is my profile pic made bigger to show the amazing detail

It's Hypergoof going berserk with a durian mace.

(Drawn by my amazing sister)

(She even drew the fur on the shoes)

            (My in game character)- A friendly young Viking who interacts better with dragons than with people. This is partly because although she now lives on Berk her family was originally from the Berserker tribe. When Dagger came to power Hypergoof, her sister and her parents were forced to flee as they were terrified of their new chief after he threatened to kill Hypergoof's parents for speaking out. The family found a new home on Berk. After working hard to get the Hooligans (what Hiccup's tribe was called in the books) to trust her (mostly) Hypergoof got a job working at a dragon rehabilitation center which is part of the reason she knows so many dragons. Hypergoof has a few problems. One, she is terrified of hot things. (A problem I myself have) She will not touch any stoker class dragons as a result. (With the exception of two individuals) She will still try to help a injured stoker as long as she doesn't have to touch it. Her other problem is also based on one of mine. I am Hypersensitive to sound and certain noises hurt me. Hypergoof has this too but in her the pain can cause her to go Berserk. One of the worst noises is whistling. She will attack anyone who does it near her. (Note this does not mean that I will fire troll those who's character whistles in game. It is a character trait for role playing and storytelling only.) Hypergoof also can't stand large crowds for too long. She will often retreat if things get too noisy. Hypergoof is a good fisher and farmer but a horrible fighter. (Unless she goes Berserk in which case she may get hurt but will do significant damage to her opponent.) She is generally friendly unless she gets stressed out in which case she becomes snappy. Most of her friends are dragons. Because of this Hypergoof has picked up dragoneese and speaks it quite fluently.





Littlebird (Hypergoof's sister) and Hypergoof's parents don't have much back story at the moment. None are in game.



Termite- Is one of Hypergoof's few human friends. (She is in game now as HypersFriendTermite. The chances of seeing her are low though. If seen she will probably be with Wiggles.) She is a woodworker hence the name. She didn't trust Hypergoof when they first met but soon found that they had a lot in common. She is the true trainer of Wiggles but often leaves him with Hypergoof when she must work on something.  Hypergoof and Termite like to take dragon food out into the wilderness ware they wait to see what shows up. A pass time they lovingly call dragonwaching.






(wants to chew on Mildew's new chair just off camera)

(FUN FACT: Mildew is one of the only people Wiggles doesn't like)

            A young rambunctious whispering death with a sweet heart but a naughty mind. Hypergoof's friend Termite adopted him as a baby when his whole family was killed by dragon slayers. Unlike most of his species Wiggles could be described as... cuddly. He wants to be friends with everyone he meets and seems completely oblivious to his size and appearance. He simply does not understand that he is scary and is baffled that some people won't play with him or give him a hug. His best friend growing up was Termite's mutt of a dog Drool, and Wiggles learned the odd habit of waging his tail from his canine friend. Most dignified dragons (especially whispering deaths) are appalled by the behavior but no amount of laughing at Wiggles or begging him to stop for the sake of dignity will change anything. Wiggles simply doesn't care. All that matters to him is how much fun he's having. He will even allow himself to be dressed up for snoggletog and will parade around in the Jingle bells and antlers with pride. (As seen here.) Wiggles is an all around charming and sweet creacher but he is not without flaws. He can not be left alone for more than five minutes or else he will chew on something, especially furniture. Usually damaging it beyond repair. He can not be taken to a marketplace because the concept that Termite "hasn't bought that yet and so he shouldn't eat it" is something he can not seem to grasp. Nore is the one that "That doesn't belong to us!" Termite has taken to carrying a bag of dried mutton strips (Mutton is Wiggles's favorite) to redirect the serpent's attention if she catches him with the look in his eyes that she learned to recognize as his "I'm going to chew on that" face. Despite her best efforts Wiggles is a hand full and Termite often leaves him with Hypergoof if she has to go do some woodworking. Wiggles thinks of Termite as his mother but he thinks of Hypergoof as a friend and enjoys playing with her. Hypergoof shows no fear towards him at all and will even let Wiggles hug her if he asks permission first. (Hypergoof does not like being touched without warning but will happily accept a hug from a friend.) Interestingly Hypergoof found that Wiggles is a very good racer despite his poor eyesight.





(Relaxing at home)

          The first dragon Hypergoof ever rescued and one of her closest friends. He is a Pink and Blue deadly nadder. When he was a hatchling his curiosity got the better of him. He wandered away from his nest in the dead of winter and found himself lost in a blizzard which would have been the end of him if he hadn't stumbled onto the front lawn of Hypergoof's house. His crys alerted the family who quickly took him in out of the cold and thus saved his life. Cuteseepie and Hypergoof have been friends ever since. Cuteseepie has a mellow gentle nature broken up occasionally for excitement at an adventure. He will defend Hypergoof or if need be prevent her from attacking someone who whistled. His level headedness balances out against Hypergoof's goofyness rather nicely. 





(Showing off again)

          A skrill that Hypergoof found injured while dragon watching. Her success in helping him helped her get the job she currently has and also built up a friendship between Hypergoof and Ziggy. It probably helped that Ziggy is not a very old skrill, only having just left his parents, before somehow getting hurt. Much like a cat Ziggy tries to be more dignified than he really is. One moment showing off his impressive wingspan with a majestic yawn and the next he's off chaiseing a light or a leaf when he thinks no one is looking. He often roles his eyes when Hypergoof playfully teases him by saying his name in a funny pitch or calling him "The Zigster" but a poorly hidden grin betrays the fact that he doesn't mind as much as he lets on. Ziggy is decently friendly to most people who don't insult his dignity (only his close friends are allowed to do that) but he is still technically a wild skrill. He spends most of his time off chaising storms and doing whatever else wild skrills do only he stops by every once in a while to visit Hypergoof. Manny people wonder why he keeps coming back as he always seems more annoyed with Hypergoof than anything but it is just a mask. A false front. He secretly really enjoys her company. In fact perhaps Hypergoof's absurdity amuses him. FUN FACT: Before meeting Ziggy it was Hypergoof's life dream to see a live skrill. (Partly her Berserker heritage) For her meeting Ziggy was akin to meeting a celebrity. Of course things got more normal between them as they got to know each other but Hypergoof is still pretty darn proud that a skrill let her be his friend.








(Knows the owner of this house hates it when he sits there)

           A young flightmare who was one of Ziggy's friends then also became Hypergoof's friend when Ziggy brought him to Berk. Unlike Ziggy though, Causemoe decided that he liked Berk and the school so much that he would stay. He is a complete showoff and loves to be the center of attention. He can get huffy if he finds someone who does one of his favorite things better than him. He especially hates it that Wanda can glow brighter than him. She often tones down her glow when she's near him to spare his feelings.







(Knows the best places for the best view)

         As mentioned before, Hypergoof is scared of stoker class dragons. When approached by a fireworm her normal reaction is to flip out as if the little dragon was a bee. Wanda however is an exception to this rule and not only is she a fireworm but she is a fireworm queen. Hypergoof once got herself lost in a snowstorm and was found by one of Wanda's workers unconscious and soon to freeze if something wasn't done. Wanda is a very empathetic dragon. Even though she didn't trust humans she didn't want to see a helpless creacher in such a way. She took Hypergoof into her nest to warm up. Hypergoof was stuck there for several days not knowing which way was home until Cuteseepie tracked her down by scent and took her back to the village. During Hypergoof's time in the nest Wanda decided she liked this little human. Hypergoof was terrified of most of Wanda's children and since Wanda didn't understand Norse yet Hypergoof communicated her unease by sticking as close to the fireworm queen as she would allow. Purposely mimicking the bodylanguig of a scared puppy to get her point across. Wanda was sympathetic of Hypergoof's fear and allowed the little human to stay near. Keeping the meaner members of her family at bay until Cuteseepie could find the lost viking. Wanda was a bit suprized to find that a dragon was the one looking for the girl. She has a healthy dose of curiosity in her and often visits Berk for "research purposes" as she calls it. Wanda is curious about humans and wants to learn about them. Hypergoof is grateful to Wanda for her kindness and will come when she calls. Something Wanda finds amusing but also gives her an easy target to study. Personalitywise Wanda is the type of person one might have a fancy tea party with. She is every bit a queen but is also an intellectual with a kind heart. She hangs around Berk to study the uneeq human and dragon interactions there. Seeking how to possibly spread that type of friendship for the good of dragon kind.







(Wonders if she'd get in trouble for blasting me into the water behind the camera)

          A pink thunderdrum who someone in the dragon rehab center found as a baby then dumped on Hypergoof since no one wanted to deal with the hatchling. Their relationship started out terribly due to Hypergoof's sound sensitivity. In the beginning Hypergoof could barely stand Burpetta but eventually the dragon realized that her loudness has hurting the human and learned to be more gentle with Hypergoof's delicate ears. Sometimes Burpetta can be careless but she never means any harm and will correct her behavior when she eventually realizes she did wrong. She is kind by nature but loves a bit of mischief now and then. She also has a bit of the stubbornness common in her breed. Once she sets her mind to something it is difficult to convince her otherwise.






(Sleeping like the baby he is)

            A screaming death. He is the baby of the group despite being the biggest member of it. When Alven found out that one of the eggs he'd planted under Berk had hatched a screaming death he decided he wanted such a beast for himself. He knew he couldn't capture the adult so he decided to get his hands on a hatchling. He captured a bunch of the successful breeding pair's family members in the hopes that more of them would carry the incredibly rare screaming death gene. The captive dragons were force bread and after many many attempts Alven got what he wanted. He didn't get to keep it though as a couple Hooligans who had snuck into Alven's hideout looking for helpful info about future plans found the baby screaming death instead. They took it back to Berk to figure out what to do with it. Several people wanted to kill the little guy before he could grow into an island eater but Hypergoof over heard and was horrified. She knew what it felt like to be disliked for what she was rather than who she was. Some people didn't trust her because she was a Berserker. She knew it wasn't fair to judge someone that way. She stole Chomp and (With Wiggles and Termite's permission) hid him down Wiggles's tunnels. Wiggles didn't mind and enjoyed having a roommate to play with. Chomp stayed there unknown until his loudness and the sheer amount of food being brought down there gave him away. By then though he was old enough that he had enough personality to proved him a gentle giant rather than a monster and he was allowed to stay. He is not at all a full grown screaming death and has the personality of a giant toddler. He is surprisingly gentle especially considering his breed. He is so mild tempered that he will stare blankly at fire trolls wondering what they are doing. He will only engage if he thinks it's a game. Despite his gentleness his size and strength can be a problem. He will occasionally knock someone over with his tail by accident then stare at them in confusion not smart enough to understand why the person fell but knowing it was still somehow his fault. When other screaming deaths were allowed into the school Chomp was thrilled to have playmates his size. Chomp is very much still a baby mindwise. He is very food oreeinted and can be prompted to do nearly anything for a snack. It's a very good thing he doesn't consider humans food. It's hard to imagine that he could ever be related to the screaming death who once tried to eat Berk but he is. The danjoris one happens to be his somewhat distant uncle. Fun fact: Hypergoof often refers to Chomp's uncle as Mr. Island munch and insists that she will continue to do so until his actual name is found out or created.







(LOVES sand)

(I really shouldn't be suprized)

            A female sand wraith. Punaluu comes from a subspeasys of sand wraith on a volcanic island with black sand. (Like the beach Punaluu is named after.) As such they adapted to the environment by becoming black. A side affect of this is that now the subspeacys looks even more like a nightfurry than the normal ones. Some money hungry showmen found out about them and decided to make a quick buck. They stoll an egg from this island and paraded the black hatchling around claiming it to be a nightfurry. This charade ended when they made the mistake of bringing their show to Berk. Seeing that the dragon was being treated badly the Hooligans took the baby from the showmen and took it to the dragon rehabilitation center for treatment for whip wounds and malnutrition. Punaluu is much healthier now and is a happy energetic young sand wraith. One problem she has is that her dark coloring is only designed for a certain type of area and she can not camouflage most of the time because of it. Not being able to hide occasionally gives her episodes of anxiety but a quick trip to a beach ushuly fixes it. She is very shy around strangers but around those she knows she is a complete goof. She can also be a bit naughty. Sometimes she feels out of place like she doesn't belong and so interacts well with Hypergoof who doesn't fit in all that well ether.







Bumbles the candy loving Lazersight Vesperwing who likes to stalk me for my food.

(And probably the only adoptable I'll ever adopt)

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A wild post appeared!!!

Have you ever ordered a massive sandwhich or hamburger that you cannot fit your mouth around and end up kind of just staring at it awkwardly wondering how in the world are you going to eat it? That is generally the same feeling I have right now. I have all of these ideas but I don't know where to start. I worried starting with a plot, then, I realized that my lack of characters did not enable me to finish the plot. So, I took a different angle and tried to start with characters, until I realized that I really couldnt, especially since the environment remained vacant. Characters are affected by their surroundings and since those haven't even be decided yet, I tried starting with setting. I had an idea of creating  a completely immersive fantasy-style world with its own detailed food-chain, economics, life and scenery. Something realistic. I knew I wanted dragons but I did not know what kind. More animalistic, stylized dragons as shown in the show or smart, talking ones as shown in the Dragonhewrt movies. I have been debating on whether I wanted to add in other fantasy-style dieties. The truth it, I don't know. The world quite !literally started off as a daydream, where I imagined a world in which the Hero has to make a huge choice, stay with her family or move towards her dreams. (Not giving any detail right now) and that's all I had. Until I ended up writing a legend, a myth that the people of this world passed around from generations and file-sharing is my Delimina.

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Wiggles the whispering death ate my subject

I give an example of a story starter exercise in a lower comment. Perhaps it would help.



Edit; Oh. I just thought of something. Look up old myths. I wouldn't copy them or anything unless you want to do a retelling but reading through old myths from as many different cultures as you can get your hands on is a great way to inspire ideas for what you might want in your world.

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Wiggles the whispering death ate my subject

By the way. Just to be clear. I don't want to imply that I think starting with the plot is ridiculous. I just think asserting that it's the only way to start is ridiculous. It can be a great starting point. It's just not for everybody. Me personally I need a world and characters before I start setting them on a journey. My stories often come from a concept I liked and then I build a character around that concept and then I build a story around that character. Some people build the world first and then they build characters as they mentally explore that world. Some people start with the plot and go off that. It depends on the person in question.

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tracking because i'm taking a

tracking because i'm taking a creative writing course and i'm lost as to where to start my short story lol


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Q1: I would suggest starting

Q1: I would suggest starting with the basics of your hero. Ex: age, gender, what you'll see your hero doing, what you already know about your hero, ect.

Q2-Q4: if you think it would help.

Q5: I like to start with my hero, move onto theme, something toto dread, and my favourite: THE MAIN CAST!!! Yeah, I just start making the skeleton of the whole book.


I'm kinda (really) new to this. Writing my own series currently.


Helpful link:



 By scarfy


Find me at here as well:

 night shade. Made by witcherforever.



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 wave song, my ocianic seasong, by adopto66



pond and lake, my glitched mudraker of hideous mud cutter.



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 zeke, my male albaraptor

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Wiggles the whispering death ate my subject

I disagree greatly with the "Do not create a world before you create a plot." statement. Different people write in different ways and for some having an idea of the world your characters are living in first is very important for knowing where the story will go. 

If creating a character sparks your imagination start there.

If creating worlds starts your imagination start there.

If creating a basic plotline sparks your imagination start there.

If you want to start by just getting some paper and mind vomiting on the page to see if there are any good bits to pick out of it start there. (A teacher of mine suggested this exercise. If you have no idea where to start just write a bunch of whatever comes to mind and see if you can find a starting point for something good)

It'll all have to be edited 100 times no matter what road you choose anyway as you refine it. Any way that can get you a story in the end is a perfictly valid way to start writting. There is no one right way to write a story even if there is advice that can be given on good ways to start and do the editing.

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Wiggles the whispering death ate my subject

More info on the mind vomit writing starter.

1. You are not allowed to erase anything during the exercise. Editing may only occur afterwards.

2. You must write down every little tidbit that comes into your mind including stuff that makes you uncomfortable and stuff that doesn't make a lick of sense. It's good to do this in a private journal for this reason. People don't have to see your mind vomit if you don't want them too.

3. You can't stop writing for several minutes. It is mind vomit so just nonstop get stuff on the page. Don't pause to think of where to start. Write down that you don't know where to start. Literally write down EVERYTHING that goes through your mind. Even stuff unrelated to what you're looking for. You may try to think of what you're looking for but write down every thought while you are doing so.


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Hello there!

I mean, I'd find it easier to first just wirte out what was in my mind to start with. Like maybe the basics of the plot, basics of the world and basics of the characters. Then see what exactly is it that gets the characters do what the plot requiers them to. They'd need to have a reason for doing it. Little details don't usually matter in the start ^^ If ya feel like something doesn't add up, then change it. If you think your character has actually no good reason for doing what they do, then try to change them/or the plot so that they do. 


So once you know the basic things, like why the charaters are going to do what they're going to do, it already should tell something about their character, right? And then you can wonder how the world had build them up to be like that.


So yeah, I'd personally first just make sure my characters have some kinda motive for doing what they're doing. Once you know what your characters are like you know how they'd handle things. Then you can go in with more details about how the plot goes with some more details...


BUT YEAH that's how I'd start making it. It might not be the best or most effective way for doing things. I feel like it's just good to know your characters before the acton to make them have a bit more... character ya know? :DD And it's good to know the whole plot before starting it, so you don't write yourself in a corner (idk if that's even a thing you can say in english, but you know. if you know the ending then you can build up to it more and have it make more sense. It's a bad habit to make things up as you go, it's like running around randomly without a goal)







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It depends on if you want to

It depends on if you want to know whereto start creating or where to start writing.

If you wanna start creating, than you don't actually have to write anything. Just run throung you story, focus of important moments, create proper detalization - of the environment, of the characters, of the idea of the world... Drawing a map really helps, though it can be a little difficult. It helps to understand the space where you're going to work and live.

I don't think you should develop the environment first, than the characters, etc, because it's a short way to get a huge amount of contradictions. Developing a world and a story is much like painting. When you draw a scenery, you don't make a super-detalized forest first, than the absolutely cool clouds, than the grass... You work in layers. The basic layer ferst - and you've already got it. It's the idea of your narrative line. Than you start developing it, perfecting and detalizing all together, again and again, until it's perfect.

By fact, I believe that a book is ready to be written when you can answer absolutely any question about your world and your characters.

If you wanna to start writing... Well, it depends on the style you like. When I try to write something, I kinda see a movie in my head and try describing it. I also like a  style, when the whole story is a narration from 1, or 5, or 20 years later.

However, I can't read your mind. Your story depends on you and only you. If you like it - it's OK. If you don't - than undestand what preciesly don't you like and correct it!


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*screams into the void*

Heya, pal!

I see there's been quite a bit of conversing going down in this shebang. So, being a writer of quite a few years myself, thought I'd jump in and offer my own bit of advice. Of course, I dunno how accurate this'll be- everybody writes differently- but it might help you, who am I to say?

Writing is very much dependent upon your own style. In MOST circumstances (not all) the plot will usually come before most things. I usually get a very, very basic, skin-and-bones idea for a plot, and start drafting out characters and world ideas to go with the very rough plot I've drafted out. That plot is usually just the bare BONES of what it should be at that point: a general story, some antagonists, a very foggy goal for a protagonist (or group of protagonists). You DON'T have to have a super fleshed-out plot before you start creating the characters and start worldbuilding. You should probably just have a general idea of where you want the story to go. This runs off the idea that all things in writing are connected: story, characters, world. All of those are connected and build off of one another. You can't have a huge amount of just one and then throw in some characters (well, you could, I don't judge. Might work for you).

You can create a basic plot, then start getting basic ideas for characters, then get basic ideas for what the world looks like. People DON'T always do these in that specific order. What I do is: Rough plot, rough world, rough characters. And, depending on the story, I will swap the last two's order (characters and world) to my own liking; they're far more flexible. But the first thing I do is the plot, almost always, unless there is a different circumstance. Then, I'll start pulling together ideas for the world- what do I want it to look like? What genre do I want? Once I get a very rough idea for that, I start doing characters. The reason I often do characters last is because, by the time I start them, I already have rough ideas for the plot and world, so I can adapt the characters to fit the world and plot without having to change a lot with them as I develop down the line. By the time I have rough ideas of each of these, I begin the fleshing-out, in whatever order I feel like! That part doesn't matter so much to me. Then, once I have enough meat on my bones, I begin the actual writing of the story.

But again, this is heavily dependent upon the writer, and what YOU want to do. Some people do: Rough characters, rough plot, rough world. In fact, I've done something similar as well. And the thing is? It still works! If you're a writer, you can make it work. You can switch it around however you like; do what works for you. But my method is just a suggestion for you. Basically, think about how you want to create a plot, then add in details about your world and your characters to your own liking. 

Anyway, hope this helps!


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A wild post appeared!!!

Thank you all for your advice, it really helped me take my first bite out of the story. I have a rough plot complete and I am beginning to sketch out the world right now, I still have a few things I need help with. I do want my world to have dragons but, I want to be able to organize these dragons without sounding like HTTYD. I wanted to organize them originally on their biome however, a few problems cropped up, so I went with sorting them into different 'Wings'. I was so proud of myself and THEEEEEN I realize that this his the same terminology used in ' Wings of Fire' and had to scrap the idea. 'Blazer Faction' just doesn't sound as cool as 'Blazer Class.' Problems. I am also playing with the idea that the world was formed around a dragon. When this massive beast feels it is with egg, it flies through space to a suitable planet, burrows a hole straight through the surface and inhabits the core of the planet. It replaces the core with itself then dies in the planet. It's unborn egg hatches and says the mom, and becomes the core of the planet and it's presence is what allows dragonlife to form in the planet. When the Dragon feels that it is ending its very long life, it leaves the planet (killing all of the dragons on it) finds another and the cycle starts anew. Idk. Just a random thought I had inspired by Fig Wasps. If I do include something like that... Corescreamer is a good name for the dragon.


Alright, if anyone wangs, I can share with you all the little thing I wrote that got me involved with the universe in the first place.

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Foegive my curiosity, but

Foegive my curiosity, but what's the problem with the biome classification? It seems pretty reasonable.

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A wild post appeared!!!

Well, different dragons had different abilties and seemed to live in the same biome. Not all Ice Dragons lived up north and I found it weird that one icy dragon was classified with the Sea Dragon groups.

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Hi Wolf and Star!


That sounds great! I love it when people get excited about writing (but maybe that's because I'm president of my school's writing club, lol).  It's one of my favourite hobbies! :)


While everyone has a different writing style (quite obvious from the many different advice posts above!), it is really up to you how you'd like to start!  Personally, I like to plan my a little bit stories before I start them and get a general idea of how I'd like the story to go, with a tentative beginning, middle, and end. I also like to get to know my characters a bit too.  I'm not sure if you've ever heard of character interviews?  Basically, you have a sheet of questions, and answer them as if you were your character!  It's a great way to get to know your characters better and have fun doing it! Here's a link to a character interview sheet:  However, it's also important not to overthink planning either.  I usually find that if I spend too much time in the planning stage I lose enthusiasm for the story, as I feel overwhelmed by all the things I can't figure out for the story! That's also my wake-up call to just start writing - planning only takes you so far, you have to write to fully get into your plots, characters, and world.


Though this kind of contradicts everything I just said, I also find it fun to just jump in and start writing sometimes too! It's much more freeing to do this then getting a piece of paper and trying to plan it all out.  It's really up to you, though, whichever route you want to take!  As long as you have fun doing it, it doesn't matter what you route  you take!


If you ever need more writing advice or good websites for writing advice (I've got tons of those!), feel free to PM me. :)




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I would suggest taking lots of notes. Come up with a bunch of different ideas for your story/character(s)/world; whenever you think, "Hey! This could totally add something good to the book!" write it down in a notebook or journal. Keeping a notebook with you, even just a small one to fit in your pocket, and something to write with at all times is a great idea because when you're out in public you might see a person, place, thing, or idea that inspires you.

 Also, write how you feel comfortable and follow your heart. Everybody writes differently and starts in different places. Try starting in different places and decide what's best for you.


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This comes form years of expierence...

Everyone else has told you things, so I'll tell you something else.

You're going to get writer's block.

You can't avoid it.

. . .

What I suggest is you make a timeline. This helps me to keep the chapter in order and not messy. Also, keep a few character references around so you can always keep things in check.

As for the timeline:

1. Hiccup wakes up, startled to see Toothless gone

2. Hiccup has breakfast and goes out searching for Toothless

3. Finds Toothless trapped in net

4. Fights Beserkers and untraps Toothless

5. Gets home w/ Toothless and his dad is mad

6. ...Banned from flying for 2 days

7. Hiccup sneaks out w/ Toothless


and so on...



I agree with the post below, however, I think there should be some sort of outline. Although I recommend this, I almost never do it personally. It makes my story a mess. Usually I only do huge significant events, but the above example it one showing a timeline of a short story. Choose your pick -shrug-



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There are people who are out there on a streets, lonely, afriad, cold, overheating, or starving.  Do not give them money. Give them a job. There's a quote that goes, "give a man a fish; feed him for a day. But teach a man to fish, and feed him for a lifetime." You don't have to run a buisness. Just show them places they can go to. Get them help. Don't tell them it will be alright. Talk to them like normal people so they know they're human too.

NEVER take anyone saying they're sucicidal as a joke. This is 100% wrong. Once I did this to my ex-bestfriend and she nearly died. I stayed up for hours trying to get her to stay alive. She's now alive and well. My other friend, who I won't name, told another of our friends she was going to kill herself. We told her how much she meant to us and spent the whole day with her. I haven't seen her smile wider in years. Make people happy because you don't know how they feel. Tell your S.O. you love them. Tell your friend they're the best thing that ever happened to you. Tell your family you couldn't be where you are today without them. Tell your co-workers/classmates/other that they make your day amazing. Be nice; smile. It isn't hard to do. :)




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Old McDonald was dyslexic O IE IE.

Last year in my Fall Semester, I had a Worldbuilding class.  We had to create a world from the ground up and be original from any ideas we had in the past.  Now, we could use aspects of any of our ideas we have had in the past but have never thought through all the way.  But the twist was we had to portray our world through drawings and communicate that effectively.


Sometimes when I get an idea about something, I think about it and draw a mental picture in my mind.  And then if I get to the point I want to write about the story, I write as if I am watching a movie or TV show and describe what I am "watching" in a descriptive way that my reader can paint the same/similar picture in their minds.


I always try to think ahead when I am writing, but I just start writing and let the story develop on its own.  Instead of doing an outline of any of the five novels that I have written, currently writing a sixth, I find a title and let the title drive my story.  And when I think of a title I try to think of either a unique, funny, interesting, and/or mysterious title (granted all my stories are mysteries, so your story may be in a different genre so the last type may not be correct for your book) and use that as my reminder of what and where I wanted to go with the story.  Then I let the story develop on its own, this way nothing feels rushed, but I move the story along if it seems to be slowing down.


If I am having trouble with the writing of the story at any point, then I listen to music that would match my genre.  Since I write mystery stories, I listen to a lot of instrumental epic and action music.  Some of the main music I have listened to is #1: Httyd Soundtrack (mainly the first movie), #2 Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey Jr.) Soundtracks (Both movies), #3 XCOM 2 Soundtrack (video game music that has a mystery feel with an epic tone), and #4 XCOM 2: War of the Chosen (which doubles the mystery and epicness of the first soundtrack of XCOM 2).  Even if you don't want to use these soundtracks for writing to, except for the obvious being the Httyd OST, all the other OST's I would recommend listening to.


If I am still stuck, then I watch my favorite shows and movies and pay attention to their plots, stories, and character arcs.  Sometimes I even watch older movies that are set in the same genre to see if there are any intricate stories, arcs, or plots that I could put my own spin on.


If I am still yet stuck, then I ask my friends input on it.  Ask if they want to add a character to my book and include personality, physical abilities (are they athletic? etc.), appearance, etc. and then try to portray them to the best of my ability.  Ask them about my current characters or even the plot and ask what their suggestions would be.


The more people you ask about your own story, the more feedback you will get, the more ideas will come to you to write about.


Hope this helps.


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Alrighty! So, here is the badly written thing I did at like 3 in the morning, a small legend that got me interested in the world in the first place. It's pretty generic but eh. Here goes nothing.


       For reasons lost to time, two warring factions had clashed together in a mighty race to take up arms. The war lasted generations, pushing both factions to technological extremes. They fought
until the very earth ran dry from the carnage and still, there was no foreseeable ending. This
would remain so until, after one particularly bloody massacre one man stood up and spoke one
word, “No.” It was with this word that the times began to change. This man would no longer
stand for the expenses of war, he no longer wished this butchery upon the realm and its people.
The man, Kloko The Wise as he is known today, embarked on a perilous Journey through the
heart of the Etasjian Forests. Here is faced many trials and tribulations and encountered many
of the citizens of Etasjian, traversed the battle scarred earth of his home land. It was during
these tough times that Kloko found himself submersed with the families and culture of Etasjian,
he was inspired by the resilience these people showed, the hope they had, they welcomed him
with open arms and treated him as a hero. With newfound vigor, Kloko tarvered the final leg of
his epic Journey, conquering the mountain Ulriken. At the peak of the massive pile of rock and
dirt was a might cave which housed the Eldest Dragon, Eldre. At the time, dragons thrived
among the land and Eldre was the oldest, wisest and most powerful of his kind. He was the king
of all dragons, he was a robust Villdyr! Eldre, sympathizing with Kloko’s situation and impressed
by his wisdom and genuine kindness bestowed upon Kloko the greatest honour, a portion of his
own power. With dragonblood fused within him, Kloko the Wise became the first ever Dragefødt.
He was the start of a potent race consisting of warriors that were half-man, half-dragon. With his
new power, he started a civilization and taught the two factions the ways of peace and
eventually, the battle-scarred Earth began to bloom again. His people prospered, but eventually
they to, were lost to the great jaws of time.
It posted weirdly...
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Wow! This isn't bad at all! There's a few minor grammar mistakes, but other than that, this was great!

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A wild post appeared!!!

It's a extremely rough draft.

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You really think so?

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Every villian is a hero in their mind ~Tom Hiddleston

Yes I do, Wolf. I like everything you do!

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Hahaha! Im far from perfect. O.o but thank you.