Calling all Digital Artists!

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Hey guys! I need help...

I have been wanting to get into digital art for the LONGEST time and I finally found an opportunity! But before I begin, I want to know what apps are the best and how to use them, and where better to get that information than other artists? :)

Here are my resources:

An iPad (fairly large)

A stylus (actually, it's a pen that doubles as a stylus, but it's the best I have)

Some experience in the artistic realm (these are two of my better hand-drawn pictures from about three months ago)


Did that show up okay?


So. Here's what I would like to know:


What app do you use? (Paint, FreshPaint, etc)

What resources do you use? (stylus, touchscreen, etc)

Basics of the app? (paint colors, settings, canvasas, etc)

How you go about starting/doing a digital picture?

And (this is optional, just to help me narrow my options and figure out whic apps best fit my style) pictures that you've done?


Thank you so much!

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Oops, sorry, let me try again.

Hi!!! (Oh, much better)

I'm the Dragoness!

First thing you should know about me: I am forever and always a



(also known as Mormons, but we prefer the title above. Long, isn't it? ;)


Second thing you should know about me:


Also, thanks to Dragonriders Fury for indulging my Night Fury obsession with an incredible banner! It's awesome!

Hmmm what else...I love music, drawing, and writing...yup, that’s about it.

Now, on to business!!


Table of Contents

For your convenience

i. everything you need to know about me

1. My Vikings

2. Fandoms

3. Art done FOR me

4. Art done BY me




My Vikings

This is first because it is boring and I want to get it over with.

Primary Viking: Heather Autumnsword


Personality: Feisty, determined, loyal, and sweet. Her favorite pastime is playing Dragon Tactics.


Clan: the Wildborn

Clan Position: Leader

Trophies: 1300+

Stars: 1 gold star

Primary dragon: Midnight (Sand Wraith, but I pretend she's a Night Fury)

She has a good five or six stables full of dragons, but I'm not gonna list them all here. Maybe I'll get some pictures later? *shrugs*



Secondary Viking: Sapphire Wraith

(Picture pending)


Personality: Shy, stubborn, insecure, Sometimes rude, but doesn't really mean it.


Clan: the Wildborn

Clan Position: Elder

Trophy count: 230+

Stars: 1 silver star

Primary Dragon:

Blizzard (Sand Wraith)

(She had a little too much algae to eat)








Ordered by preference, of course

(used to be top ten, but I have too many things that I love!)


HTTYD books/movies

(obviously, but I HAD to put that in there, it really is my favorite)



         The books were SO GOOD. No swearing, no (extreme) violence (does getting eaten by a lava dragon that dives into a volcano count? Or Grimbeard the Ghastly killing his own son?) Okay, scratch the violence, but it really is pretty awesome. The characters are SO well put together, each with his or her own little quirks that make them unique, and they’re all (mostly) lovable in their own way (Alvin and Exellinor are irredeemable). The little lessons Cressida Cowell teach by inserting them into the plot are truly inspired. Can’t wait for her to write more!!! (Also, I love the quirky way she capitalizes random words to make them a little bit more important. It’s just funny to me.)

I'll leave off mentioning all the characters of the movies, because you guys know them all aready! But you may not know the Heroes who came first...

First (of course), Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III.

Rather a longish name for a smallish Viking. Hiccup is a member of the Hairy Hooligan tribe. He has bright red hair and about a million freckles. the series starts when he's ten-and-a-half, and progresses until he is fifteen and King of the Wilderwest. His best (and, for a few books, ONLY friend) is Fishlegs.

Fishlegs is scrawny, allergic to reptiles, pretty much scared of everything, and the only sane one of the group (well, the only sane one when Hiccup is making a Plan). But he's fiercely loyal to Hiccup, and a good deal stronger and braver than he thinks. 

Next is Camicazi, who's a little too brave and fierce.

She's a Bog-Burglar, a member of an all-girls tribe of people who, well, burgle things. She is a very accomplished thief and a master escape artist.




Second in the fandom world is--you guessed it--Narnia. I have loved this world since before even HTTYD, I think. Though I'm not quite ready to meet Alsan, I would love to slip through the wardrobe for a few days--or years.


The Ever Afters (EAS)

I LOVE this series! ESPECIALLY Aurora--excuse me, Rory Landon. She is so determined and brave and gutsy and flawed and I love her.



Story Thieves

My favorites are actually Kiel and Owen. No girls this time around, which is really unusual for me. But these two are special. Hope they have all the adventures they can imagine...and maybe a few safer ones.


Half Upon a Time

Keeper of the Lost Cities

"Team Foster-Keefe will always be cooler."--Keefe


Brave (Merida)

Just gotta say, I LOVE this girl. Best Disney princess ever.


Pete's Dragon

Best song ever:


Wizards of Once


The Map to Everywhere

Harry Potter



I am a proud Gryffindor/Thunderbir--okay, yes, I am Gryffindor, but I'm really a Pukwudgie. A PUKWUDGIE. NO. WAY. This is a FICTIONAL UNIVERSE and I will NOT BE CONTAI-- sorry, I have really strong feelings about this. Let's just say that I prefer to be a six-winged magical bird that controls the weather instead of a hairy arrow-shooting house elf.

Harry Potter is a pretty cool universe to imagine yourself into, but I honestly don't love the books as much as I used to. I found a lot more fandoms that are just

That being said, I loved Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Crimes of Grindlewald was okay, but the first is still my favorite.

Spirit Animals

Brotherband Chronicles

Ranger's Apprentice

The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart





Look! See how pretty!

Okay, just a heads up, I am still collecting art from previous requests, so if you did something for me and it isn't up yet, I promise I haven't forgotten; I love all the art that is done for me!


This was done by the incredibly talented Katarile




This adorable picture was made for me by Hestia82


THIS is my perfect Night Fury, Shadow, drawn by LissaFish.


Shadow (again) by MajaPercuilum.


Shadow and The Dragoness together (by The Blobfish Queen).




This is my beautiful Bookwyrm, Aldwyn (drawn by Flitt-thank you!)

And THIS is ocean-happy Ashera, also drawn by Flitt.


Russet my mischievous Kyte. Thanks, LissaFish!





Eehhhhh...I'm getting better


I'm just going to keep a continuous stream of the best three projects I've worked on. So it may change from time to time, buuut...probably not.

 I didn’t really draw this, but I wrote it. From the perspective of the Light Fury.

Flicker the Flickerwing (No, NOT a skeleton dragon, check out my fanfiction to see what they are)


Nananananananananananananananana BAT STOICK!!!!!




Okeydokey, I'm ALLLLLLL DONE!




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Oh, it's too big...


Just click on the griffin and you can see the full thing.

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not experienced with tablets but...

I am here to say that as a fellow artist, I love those wings! Beautiful, on both of them, but especially the angel. And the folds in her clothing particularily her gown are lovely because you can still see where her knee is it's just- I love it :D Great work on both of them!


PS. I started with traditional artwork and only within the last year or so began work with digital. I didn't know anything about it when I started, and I learned after trial and error that the best thing in the world is LAYERS. I can't tell you how awesome these are! So when you get a program/app, try and find one that features layer options. I don't know how easy they are to find in app form, I just have a laptop, but they are worth it.


Example of how to use layers


sketch in one layer (I use a red colored pencil so I can tell the difference between strokes in each layer)

refine sketch in another layer (I use a black pen for this. when this part is finished, you can delete the first layer)

color in the next layer(s)


Hope this helps!




I'm Lissa, a follower of Jesus ^^ I've been part of SoD for around 3 years; the forum for 2.

My middle name is Joy and I couldn't be happier about that; I love to laugh and to make others laugh!

My hobbies include: 

Watching Movies (Just saw Endgame. It was awesome!)

Arting, and Admiring other people's art :D

Using emoticons in every sentence xD

Writing historical fiction, Children's, and Fantasy



My logo



The Art Nook


Special thanks to all the talented artists out there. You worked so hard, created such amazing creatures and I am amazed by and so very grateful to you all!



Aspen, my charming little Forest Hunted.


Cosmo, the Luminous Trap

Art and Species both created by Belubel, thank you!


Pounce the Utahraptor, Fynn and Kelpie the Pelsiosaurs

Art by Cryptidgirl. Thanks!


Ebony, My oc NF

Drawn by Zikta. Thank you so much!


Wolf and Bird, Characters in my Children's stories

Art by talented Snowflake12298. I love them <3


Thomais, historical fiction Oc

Art by Fireflash. Thank you you did a fantastic job!


Amber the titan Deathsong

Art by Blobfish Queen. She looks awesome thank you!


Snuffleupagus the Titan Woolly

Thank you Zesty I love him!


Byakko, my Blazing Firemaw

Art and species by Zikta. I still love these dragons! Thank you for making them ^^


Bushy, baby wolly howl

By MegaboltPheonix. Thank you so much for this!


Knight, the rare white Jewel Spinner

Amazing Art and Species created by Dyliehidol1214.


Art by Andrea Easton:


Smokey the Deadly Claw


Coal the Christmas Wreath... He was naughty I guess. XD


Mocha and Mirage the Light Furies


The Ornery Oreo, sand wraith


And Ebony my oc NF


Thank you so much for sharing these with us and for all your hard work. I love every one of these guys!




Fan Species by Chameishida


Taiga, a terrifying Woodreaper

Tau, an intimidating Howlian

Trail Blazer the Coalskin

S'more the Cryoatic

Autumn the Nightsealer bent on revenge

Victoria, a Lightsprinter born to run


Coming soon!

Reign The Wardenrain

:D :D :D

Jibber the Jabber Jaw


And my clan,



Art by Lilystark. Thank you Lily!

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le trac~

i wanna c wot i can learn ;D




Welcome to my











~If you care, here is my UPDATED complete siggy. 


~Check out my DeviantArt. Click the icon below:


Image result for deviantart logo

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digital artist for 8 years

Hello i've been doing digital art for 8 years now and i got some tips when it comes to digital art!

lets start by answering those questions of yours

What app do you use? Sadly i don't have an ipad so i can't help you with that

What resources do you use? stylus for sure, it feels a lot like a regular pen/pencil so it helps a lot

How you go about starting/doing a digital picture? I make sure i have all the color palettes, reference pictures and brush settings i need for what im drawing. the next few steps follow LissaFish's example, rough sketch layer > lineart/refined sketch > colors > shading if you really want to.



I use a computer with a wacom LCD monitor medium sized (basically a drawing tablet)


The program i use is paint tool sai 2 with the canvas size of 5000 x 4000


my best drawings tend to end off like this 



If you need more tips just tell me!


Friend Code: FDKQAY


Nubs the Lightfury


IGN | JayVerum |
Clan | Darkest wing of freedom |



Nubs - Lightfury

Fen - Deathsong (Dragonsona)

Komu - Scauldron

Pavel - Grapple Grounder

Morro - Stormcutter

Stingray - Triple Stryke

Butch - Sentinel

Tyrant - Eruptodon

Omega - Deadly Nadder

Helheim - Razorwhip

Tenno - Razorwhip

Baro - Flame Whipper

Greentooth - Thunderdrum

Copperhead - Armorwing

Nubteeth - Singetail

Tamir - Hobblegrunt

Manus - Fireworm King

Riftwood - Sharptooth

GrimSpike - ScreamingDeath

Honeydew - Typhoomerang

StormHead - Skrill

FireWorm - Monstrous Nightmare

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Paid to go to art school I guess

Ipad apps you can use: Artrage is a good one, but alas there is a price tag. :( I only put this out here because I see many people using it, though I don't own an Ipad myself oops.
Resources:  Wacom Intuos 4, but it doesn't have to be a Wacom. Any other brand/type of tablet should do. Pick one that will fit comfortably on your desk...and your wallet, this stuff can get expensive! There are also a host of free drawing programs online, I can recommend GIMP b/c it's free, paint tool SAI is another good one. Online paintchats/oekakis are also a good way to practice, but since it's online...the age rating will vary. :P

As for myself, I use Photoshop CS6. But again, it's costly.

The Process: Nothing different from traditional art really. You gather references if you need, start with a rough sketch, then add layers as the others have suggested. The truly brave/inspired/bored will do everything on one layer. Also the undo button (ctrl Z) is your friend. There's some other stuff about layer masks and layer settings/styles, but this will require texts and examples, so if you want to know   more you can PM me.

A 'completed' drawing that takes maybe....5 hours? Maybe more because I get distracted/have a full time job would look something like this:


Friend Code: FWG3ZA

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The world keeps spinning, but yet I'm trapped in the same place.

I would like to start by saying that your art is amazing! I especially like that Griffin! :D


For iPad specifically, I use an app called Autodesk Sketchbook, which is completely free if you make an account. It's the best drawing app I've personally found for mobile, although I'm sure there are other good ones out there. If you want Sketchbook, look for the one with the red icon and a pencil; there's an older version that has an "s" and a blue background, but you don't want that one (and idk if it's even technically available in the app store anymore tbh).
With Sketchbook, I just use my finger because that's all I really have lol. I have an old iPad; I think it's the iPad 2? I'm not sure tbh, but the app still works, so I'm good with it. Sketchbook has a lot of different brushes and even has Copic marker brushes, which I really like! There are unlimited (I think?) layers and you can choose whatever colors you want. There's a lot of different options with this app, and I think there's even a time lapse thingy where you can make a speed-draw video of what you're working on, though I haven't personally used that feature. It's fairly easy to use, though if you don't have any experience with drawing apps/programs, there may be a bit of a learning curve. I don't have any examples of art I've made on that app because they're all WIP's that I haven't finished and probably never will, but I can assure you it's a good app with great results.
Like I said before, it's completely free as long as you make an account with them (which is also free), so if you can't do that then you may run into some trouble, but otherwise, that's it.
For my laptop, I have a free program called Krita and an old Wacom tablet. I can give you more info on those if you'd like, but since you specifically said you had an iPad, I'll assume you don't need info on computer programs atm.
I hope this helps, and I'm sorry if some things didn't make sense! It's kinda late, and my thoughts are all jumbled up right now so I kinda just typed this out and called it good lol
tl;dr: Autodesk Sketchbook is a good free drawing app for the iPad, and I'd highly recommend it. It sounds like it'll work for what you need as it has a lot of great features but is still easy to use. Krita is a good free program for the computer, and I can give you more info on that if you want. If you have any questions feel free to ask me!


He/Him ~ 20 y/o

SoD player and forum member since 2014 (this is a new forum account lol)


catch me dodging those HTTYD3 spoilers like

(if anyone knows of a gif of hiccup and toothless flying through those rock stacks during their first flight from the first movie, let me know so i can use that instead of this lol)

But seriously, tag your spoilers. Don't be that guy and make sure that you put "spoiler alert" or something in the thread's title or mention it in your post or whatever, especially if the spoiler is unrelated to the original topic.

Thank you!!! <3


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Thank you!

Thank you SO MUCH for all the feedback.

i ended up using Autodesk Sketchbook and this is how it turned out:


Can you see it? Not bad for my first time!

Either way, thanks!


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Can't see it :-(

I can't see your drawing! do you have a host site for your art? This forum is very limited on the data you can download but if you use another site to upload your drawings it works fine. 

Right now I'm using imgur- just create an imgur account, upload your images and in the top right corner are link options. 


Cant wait to see what you did! ^^

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Ha! Got it!

Here it is! Phew! (it was too big to post, so I downsized it.)

Like I said, not bad.

It'll be a learning curve of course, but I think this is a good start. Looking forward to more digital art to come!

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Yeah, definitely not bad for a first attempt! Beautiful work on the girl and even the clouds behind her! just awesome! :D


So what do you think about layers?

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Aw, thanks!

Layers are SO NICE!! And the back button is a life-saver. I haev a hard ie just drawing with a pencil and paper now; i'm spoiled rotten!

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lol me too 

I'm spoiled rotten now XD

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iPad Pro

I use my IPad Pro to do digital drawing, and I  use ‘Adobe Draw’ to draw. Also, I use Apple Pencil ;)


Here are some drawings of mine-






(Profile Pic Credit to Embalathedragonhacher! Thanks!

(If you reach the bottom of my siggy, there’s a surprise for you XD)



Something about me


Viking name: IIPowerBTSII 

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Position in clan: Member

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If you like Avengers, and want someone to scream and discuss it with, PM me XD

(I have seen Endgame XD)


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