Call of the Death Song Expansion Quest problem

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So I just bought the Call of the Death Song expansion. I started solving the quests and now I have the quest to melt the amber of the houses in Berk...But there is no amber on them! How am I supposed to click on the amber when there is none?! I also didn't get the Death Song and Razorwhip eggs, do I get them later or is this another problem too? I would appreciate some help :) 



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I know you get the razorwhip

I know you get the razorwhip egg later, and the deathsong comes as a baby at the end of the expansion. I don't have any experiance with the glitch however. Sorry.


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Thank you for the info :) 

Thank you for the info :) 

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Oh!I have done that quest.I am a member,I have done that on my first member account and I am on the call of the death song on my second at the moment.I have just started playing on the new update.I will let you know if the same thing has happened to me.I am just getting to that part of the expansion.






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Alright, thank you :) 

Alright, thank you :) 

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I just started the Call of

I just started the Call of the Death Song quest as well, and yeah there is no amber on the houses. This could be because of the new update and there are a lot of bugs and glitches to work out. Hopefully it will get fixed because I am also stuck on the very last part of the Icestorm island pack to talk to Stoick and he is not even in the game anymore.


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Yeah, I hope it will be fixed

Yeah, I hope it will be fixed :D 

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This happened to me as well,

This happened to me as well, the amber wasn't appearing in my downloaded game or in browser. I had to install the mobile app and they appeared there. :/ A bit of a hassle, but good luck!

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Ahh same here! I sure hope they fix it soon.

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Can't access any of the Death Song Quests

I purchased the expansion packs out of order. I completed all of the Return to dragon island quests and got the two new dragons (singetail, eruptodon). I completed as much as possible of the Battle for the Edge expansion and got one of the new dragons (armorwing). I just purchased the Death Song expansion but have no new quests, no npc will talk to me, and the only active quests are two bugged quests (amber in berk - not sure what expansion this is from, & missing 3rd map piece in ice area - part of ice storm island expansion). For some reason I can't access this new content I just bought. Is it because I purchased them out of order? I do not have a Groncicle, Mudraker, Deathsong, or Razorwhip. I have no quests available to me. Oh, and I purchased the housing expansion, and have no house!


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