Bunny Glitch

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I was in my farm. I bought four bunny food, four turkey food, then went and bought a bunny and turkey with gems. I then logged out and logged back in an another browser. The first was google chrome, the second Internet explorer 7. I went to the farm and bought the turkey roost and the bunny pen. I completed some offers, then went outside the farm. The game froze, so I closed it. I logged back in a half hour later with chrome, and I had the turkey, the bunny pen, the turkey roost, and the turkey food, but no bunny or bunny food. Now I know that the gems for both of the missing items came off, but I didnt recieve either. So I bouth another bunny, and four more food, and exited and re-entered the farm. Niether of the bunnies or any of the food showed up, but I still lost gems. This was about 10:00 A.M. EDT. I'm running an e-machine computer, windows vista format. I've included a DxDiag. Graphics card is Nvidea G-Force.

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