Bull's Eye Lagoon

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Hello , I just wanna ask...when will the repairs end? I liked Bull's Eye Lagoon, it was great place to earn trophies and to have fun! I miss it...






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YES! I want trophies, but I'm sick of racing, and I don't want to wait forever in fireball frenzy. I practice so hard in Bulls eye Lagoon to finally compete then suddenly it shuts down. It has been like that for more then a year!

I also want more activities in the training grounds. Because it seems that speed stingers cant do any of them except for fireball frenzy.




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Valkyrian ate my subject

Huh? I am still wondering when will these repairs finish.. repairing. Oh well, I hope that long time of patience will be worth it. They might be fixing bugs or anything, maybe new places with new targets? We never know. I also liked it the most because you could get 15 trophies per round when playing 1v1. The background music was the best too, especially on the results panel. I always stopped at that part just to listen to it.




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at this point i assume

at this point i assume never

there was a huge account breaking glitch where peopel got permenently stuck there and they never helped them out so they just closed it down



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Its one year later. And its still, "Closed For Repairs". At this point I would say its never coming back. Its annoying though. At least if they are never adding it back, can't they get rid of that section or put something else in that place? It just makes me depressed whenever I walk past it.












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