Build A Bear Plans To Exclude Meatlug In Their Plush Line

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Build A Bear Workshop has announced they are not planning to add Meatlug to their How To Train Your Dragon line of plush toys



If Meatlug fans let Build A Bear know that we're dissapointed by this news and we want a Meatlug plush, there may be a chance we could change their mind!

They can't make a line of dragons and exclude one of the characters!


They can be contacted by emailing:


Let them know that Meatlug is wanted!







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And sorry, I had no idea what

And sorry, I had no idea what topic to put this under since it's unrelated to school of dragons but still releated to httyd

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No! Bad Tigerus and Euphrates!!! Do not eat my subject!!

This is an outrage! Meatlug would be the best build-a-bear dragon there is!(I say dragon because I have the sugar puppy (that don't sell it anymore) named Bella and I'm partial to her;-) She is so freaking adorable!!! I don't have any of the dragons and want them but I refuse to buy them if they sing add Meatlug. Period.










Look who's actually doing something with this again!




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While I wouldn't really call

While I wouldn't really call myself a "fan" of the main 5 dragons, it's sad to see her get excluded. Gronckles are cute too, and they're like big bulldogs :3

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No! Bad Tigerus and Euphrates!!! Do not eat my subject!!


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Is there any reason as to why they aren't adding Meatlug? I'm guessing it'd be because of its somewhat ugly design, but it's odd that they'd exclude one of the main dragons for such a reason, if it's correct.



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Meatlug and Fishlegs both

Meatlug and Fishlegs both seem to be excluded from the majority of the dragons merchandise and I'm thinking it's because they're seen as the "chubby unlikeable" characters which is totally not accurate or fair

So they think that Meatlug stuff wont sell so they dont make it...

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Meatlug had also been exluded

Meatlug had also been exluded from the dragons line of funko pop figures, although she did appear in the funko pop mystery minis series

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NOOO! My innocent marshmallows! I think they seriously need more love. Am I the only one who finds Fishlegs completely lovable? x3 


I agree, though I probably won't buy anything like that, the world needs a Meatlug plushie.








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Odin is a salty little pringle~★

What? Noooooo D:

Why exclude Meatlug? A Gronckle would make the best plush! Chubby and huggable! This is OUTRAGE!

Especially since baby gronckles are one, if not THE cutest baby version of dragon species.

We must demand gronckle equality >:(


Plus, why break up the gang? Ya can't have a line of character themed plushes without having them ALL there. It doesn't make sense!

I hope we can make a difference, I'd hate for them to leave out Meatlug :(


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I'm hoping we can change

I'm hoping we can change their mind too

It's such a shame since I know that a lot of people had been looking forward to getting this plush!

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Oh, come on, seriously? Don't exclude her, just because you don't think she's 'cool' enough! Clearly, Build-A-Bear doesn't respect the amazingness that is Meatlug. This is injustice, people!

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(heres a screenshot of my

(heres a screenshot of my email i sent)


i hope u guys are actually all sending emails instead of just sayin stuff ont he thread because otherwise its not really gonna help. i for one would choose meatlug outta the other plushies if i could only have one. if people actually send in emails they will consider adding the gronckle


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Watashi No Tomodachi

This is made me cry and atm I'm crying for real. Just because Meatlug and its dragon species is underrated, that doesn't mean they should wipe the whole thing out completely. I mean, yeah, there are still some fans and they have chances to buy the plushie. This is worse than racist for me.

The HTTYD fan population is a bunch of millions. If, for example, there are 60 million fans, the 20 millions of them are actually fans of Gronkles and/or Meatlug herself. They're forgetting something major! Everyone in the world have got different tastes, for example, I love talking about fish, therefore others love talking about frogs. That doesn't mean I should just live alone under a rock.


I think both sides are having an advantage if our words are heard. We'll be far more satisfied, and in return, their income will be increased now and then. Am I not right? Dare to say so.




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I sent an email too. I

I sent an email too. I personally prefer Meatlug over Hookfang and Hookfang is seen as one of the "cool" dragons. It's ashame she gets this treatment from "business people." 


(screenshot of my email)



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But it's Meatlug! You can't have a collection without Meatlug D:





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