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When that time comes to FIX 5 BUGS in SoD? They are: battle event(not winnig prizes and it's "life"), TRR time, some special outfit (alpha toothless mask,helmet and shoes is GIVING u SPEED), Dragon Tactics ( u press enter and u have to WAIT a while and u not arrive nowhere) and the glitch for armor doesn't work. And the game is KEEPS giving me time servers out. And plus before adding new items fix all of this and when a new update is coming the game need to have stupid bugs. And plus is annoying!
PS: Wanna put some photos to show u the bugs, but idk how (it is saying me to give an URL and this site for me isn't insecure). HELP!


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I've only been in one battle even recently (a few days ago) and I got my prize and was able to open it.


What do you mean TRR time?  Depening on your connection to the server, it could lag and therefore say you are either slower or faster than you actually were.


I thought those items were supposed to give speed?  Some items in-game make your in-game speed of your character walking around faster.  Some of the gear will also give you speed in TRR.  Hiccup's pants and boots are two pieces of gear that I use on my viking and it gives speed as well as turning radius.  It isn't supposed to give and speed/movement in Dragon Tactics.


Instead of using enter, try using mouse and clicking and clicking "end turn" if you are done.  If the keyboard shortcuts are bugged for you, then you can always use the direct commands on the screen or use your mouse.


What armor glitch?


The game will give me server time outs too, but you have to be determined to keep at it to load in.  Sometimes I get timed out and have to log back into the game, as in log in again with my username and password.  If the server times out at the main screen to load into the game, let it keep loading the files in the background even if the window pops up saying the server timed out.  The files will still load in the background.  Once they are done, you will have to click ok and restart, but your progress should be saved from your last load.  The reason a server times out is because you are inactive (not pushing any buttons on your keyboard).  If you are still pushing buttons, do something major like chat, open your clan or profile or something, or fly around.  If you haven't been in TRR in a while, then there may be so files to load.  Same deal here letting it load in the background if it times out.  If you are being active and it still times out, it's just SoD being SoD.  It is one of the best buggiest games out there.  Just exit and load back in until you get in.


This game is very buggy, but from my stand point of being a player of six years, this game has come a long way.  A lot of stuff has been fixed.  I was stuck on a level for nearly 4 years (an Icestorm quest back when it first came out) and that got fixed.  Just recently I was able to progress in the Return to Dragon Island expansion as I was stuck on the quest to give Hiccup the prism.  He just would not keep it i.e. every time I loaded in for the first time the game kept telling me to give the prism to Hiccup.  Just last week was the quest fixed and I was able to finally finish the quest and then the expansion.


The reason why I say all this, is that things do get fixed in this game... If only eventually.  But are you patient enough to wait for them to get fixed.  I waited years for those two quests to get fixed, but they did get fixed.  Should it take years?  No.  But they are a small team a part of a small game dev team using Unity when they should be using Unreal Engine 4.  Unity is too problematic for coding, in my opinion, especially since SoD original ran on the web player plugin of Unity which was not that great to begin with those six years ago.  UE4 is so much easier.  There is a learning curve to it, I'm still learning it, but it is so much easier to get started and fix bugs.  Even if some bugs can't be fixed, most of the time, they aren't game breakers that disrupt gameplay.


But also keep in mind, this is the sole MMO game of its kind for How to Train Your Dragon.  No game comes this close to having the content SoD currently has and the ability to meet other players.  Wild Skies off of Cartoon Network is raltively close, but it is single player only and gets a bit redundent after a while with what you have to do to progress.  The official games of the movies are basically Mortal Kombat styled games for the movies.  Except for it being single player only, the only game that could come close to the story content which SoD has is Dragons: Dawn of the New Riders.  It does have one up on SoD as Dragons: Dawn of the New Riders is cannon whereas SoD isn't officially cannon, at least to my knowledge.


Summing this all up, be appreciative you have a game such as SoD at all.  So things take forever to get fixed or there are bugs even since I first started playing six years ago, but overall, things are so much better than what they were.


Waiting 3 and 1/2 hours just to load the game files, hackers galore at one point, no new content for a year and a half (two and half years after launch total), only train one dragon, only three areas (School, wilderness, Berk), no expansions, at one point no clans, before the farm, the exclusive dragons were the Whispering Death and Thunderdrum, and the list could go on.


Yes, the game is buggy now, but things will get fixed...  Eventually.  Just be patient, still let it known the bugs you want fixed, but be patient.



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1 of the bugs is fixed(DT)

When i had sayed about TRR time i was meaning this (627238875:86 sec) when im finishing a race i dont got 1st place i keep get DNF and not showing me on TRR list ( idk how to explain this site dont let me to put a pic) and plus idk how to fix em