Bugs and glitches that didn't fix on my Game

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Here are some pics of my Glitches that didn't got fixed after many Updates 

First of my farm 

I can't move it i can't place it and i can't take it to my bag but yeah the funny thing is i have two of them but this one is the bugged one


Dragon Skin bug

The first one was the mobile glitch if some of you know that one which happend to my Skrill the image changes if i use him it's only if i go to my profile or if i choose another dragon. The outher one happend after i grow him up from teen to adult


Wrong Dragon image

Yeah my Zippleback is a titan now but the image says it isn't here are the proof

The same thing happend to my sec Thunderdrum only with the age 

she is a teen but the picture says that she is a baby here is the proof

I hope this will be fixed in the new Update because it's really bad and some people will think that i am a Hacker or so because of that


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