bug report!!!

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Joined: 11/24/2016

in the sod game,whenever i wanna visit one friend who is online,  this to things happen....

somtime i get ''you can't visit friend now'''but this is not a problem at all

what i wanna say is that after i click the button ,and i get the error,so after this my game loads hard and low,i can't exit it my computer blockes and i gotta  turn it on again,the problem is not from the pc,cause i verifity it,but in the game,it works good with no problems...it works good....this happenes only when i try to visit a friend,and sometimes,it happenes with no reson but very rarely..


hi.dragons mean all for me,and i practice this awesome game for them.i hope we're friends.i'll always answer if you have something to tell me,hope you do so.thx