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I noticed that everyone is starting to talk about the current state of the games and its bugs. I actually agree and I think SoD needs to fix this. However, I don't think the occassional thread here and there will fix this problem. Therefore I propose, again, a little "signature riot" as I'd like to call it. I have already put an image in my signature and you are all free to use it, but you may also make your own.


It seems the development team, or really anyone on the SoD team, read much of the forums (with the exception of Brynjolf the admin). I don't know if Brynjolf has any actual power in the company, but I hope he can notice what we're saying and attempt to bring it up to whoever has power if he doesn't have that himself.


Here is the direct link for my signature image so you can put it into your signature as well:



Well, thanks.. I don't know if anyone will go with this plan, but if I'm the only one doing it, I hope I post enough that someone notices.





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(You are free to use the image and I encourage you to put it into your signature.)

Please SoD developers, fix your bugs first. While the community may be overwhelming at times, in the end, most of the time they simply want what's best for the game. In terms of population and overall development process, SoD is by far your most successful and most developed creation. I feel that part of the problem is that you are running other games and overwhelming yourselves. These games are basically dead and few people play them anymore, with the exception of Neopets, where some players are still active for the nostalgia.

Also, I am aware of times where the community is desperate for certain updates or dragons. But I beg of you to strive for a clean, bug free game first before pursuing these updates. Doing this will make your company appear more reliable and trustworthy. I agree, new content is needed to help keep players. But so is fixing bugs. Many of your bugs can be game breaking as well, causing potential customers to leave.

This is why I believe your team should consider fixing bugs more than doing updates. I can wait for an update, but game breaking bugs I can't.


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oh yes

im so down for doing this, the whole reason i started using the forums was cause i was having problems with the ice bridge in icestorm islands "the golden room" quest, and i heard if you PM the admin youll be able to have it sorted out, which ended up not working as i was only told that the team know about it and are working on it, so im all for doing this as a way to get attention, even if it doesnt work, at least we tried





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dear dev team, you have a great game here considering the type of game it is, the size im assuming your team is, and what type of game your trying to make, but you cant keep pushing out new content when theres so many game breaking bugs that prevent players from doing things in the game, for example, how are we supposed to enjoy new content, and expansions, when theres multiple bugs across multiple expansions that cause you to not be able to progress? my prime example being the ice bridge in the quest "the golden room" from the icestorm island expansion


im the type of person who plays things in order of release, so until i can get past this quest and finish icestorm, i cant move on to the expansion that came out next, and in turn, any of the expansions after that, i cant enjoy all the content the game has to offer, and it feels like all you care about is pushing out new content instead to make money, your a company, you need to make money, i get that, but you also need to keep your playerbase happy, and right now, thats by fixing all these bugs that make us unable to progress in quests and expansions


despite what we might say out of anger or annoyance, at the end of the day all any of us complaining about this want is for the game to be the best it can be, we want whats best for it, but that isnt happening while you constantly ignore the bugs and work on making new stuff


i feel like one of the issues here is the amount of games your trying to run, most of if not all of your other games are dead, school of dragons is your best and most popular game, and your overwhelming and overworking yourselves trying to keep all these other dead games up and running, so i suggest you shut down the other games, minus maybe neopets, because ive heard people play that game for nostalgia, and focus on school of dragons


new content is important to keep players yes, but so is keeping your game bug free, and a lot of these bugs are game breaking, like i said, how can i keep playing if i cant progress because the archaeologist is too stupid to cross the ice bridge on the second to last quest of icestorm island? fix bugs like these and then you can create as much new content as you want


oh, and even if these are small bugs, maybe fix bugs that have been in the game for over a year now, like the no dragon firing animation while flying, i personally can live without it, but if this bugs been in the game for over a year im pretty sure it needs to be fixed, but not before the quest bugs

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Yeah, thanks for the support.  I do hope it kicks off :/ At the moment I'm stuck on Icestorm Island, with no way to progress. I have no quests there, but I know the expansion is not complete because I don't have the Groncicicle yet and you're supposed to get a teen one from the expansion for free.

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where are you stuck at? theres some quests that you just have to look around for, for example i didnt get the groncicle until i found a knocked down tree with a quest marker above it

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Hmm, well I think I left off at where I'm supposed to go into the ice caves or something, but there's nothing in there except for a slippery place where I can't walk into, since the place is locked for speed stingers. Also, I still have a baby groncicle sitting in a little snow nest.

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try going to the headmaster and see if he has anything

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Ok, nevermind. Apparently I was supposed to find speed stinger footprints. That was pretty subtle, but at least it's a problem solved.

*Edit: The problem was that I had not played in Icestorm for a while since I played it a bit while I had membership. Turns out some things must have been added or changed, so I was placed a bit back in Icestorm's storyline or something.

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Great idea!

I decided to join in on this. Hopefully others will also do this as well.


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Decided to put it in myself. I do wish it at least helps a little if not more.














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Well, I hope the broken website and all is just the team fixing bugs.

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No subject, sorry xD

I am definitely joining this.

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