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I. Beg. You. Work on the bugs and glitches in the game (I KNOW you've heard about them) before anything new. ANYTHING. With each new update you give us more bugs than the game already has. Would it seriously kill you to fix these before adding more? I love the new releases but it's not worth having to deal with so many bugs that it brings. Those ads not working? That set us back a lot. The game is starting to crash on me now, ever since the Hobgobbler Titan release (surprise surprise). 

Idea: do not do ANYTHING new until aaaallllll these bugs are worked out, then do like some Valentine's Day or St. Patrick's Day or whatever event/release.


Honestly I have never come across a game with more bugs and glitches than this one. Granted Missingno was probably the worst glitch ever but it was only one. I'm using MISSINGNO to compare this game. (For those who don't know, Missingno is a legendary glitch in an old Pokemon game in which finding an incomplete pokemon called Missingno [short for missing number] and catching it will forever ruin the game, and there is no fixing it once it's there.)


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You aren't the first to ask

You aren't the first to ask them of this, and you won't be the last. And believe me, they are working on bug fixes, but they aren't entirely vocal about them. For example, some quests like Loom and Doom has moved their collectibles from Berk to other places.


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They aren't even trying to fix the minigame and achievement bugs. Those could've been gone away with long ago but lo and behold they're still here. If they weren't grinding would be easier. And I got super ticked when I made a new viking and grinded for EVERYTHING only to be stopped by the bugs. And then instead of fixing things they've heard about a million times, they just release some new thing and in doing so create MORE bugs. If they're trying to do anything at all it would be wise to be vocal about it. At least let the players know you're doing anything at all. It seems like the most common and longest-lasting bugs are the ones they intentionally overlook. But sure, it's such a smart move to bring more bugs into the game. When this many people beg for the same bugs to be fixed MAYBE it's a good idea to PAY ATTENTION. Like really we would rather wait for them to be fixed than getting the next big thing. XS Just please, we would all love for these things to be fixed!