Brynjolf, please read. IMPORTANT

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​A hacker has confessed.

I have photo evidence.

Please look at the saddles and warpaints on the dragons that they showcased.

Keep in mind I was pretending to be an innocent bystander.

Look at the Chat Box in this next one.

I know this player would lie, but with the other gold Race Paint skins on other dragons I don't think he was.





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I know StrongPleaseNameYourVikingXd.
I met him shorty after the Fikakng Racers won the Clash of clans. He had just left TRR Anand was using Toothless with the gold racing skin.
I was pretty sure that he was NOT in the Fikang Racers, so snapped a few screenshots of his profile and went to check. Sure enough, he's not in the Fikang Racers. When I came back he was gone.


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*@@@@@@@ aplllless appplessss*

Hate to break it to you, but ive been seeing more players like him after the clan tournement ended...they do not have a lot of trophies and they have golden tournement prizes all over them. Proabely hacked-but we never know until(or more precisly "if" the admins look into thier accounts.



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Uh huh

Oh wait a minute-just looked at the members in that clan and the leader "Katnis" is actually a friend of mine( guess she changed the name of her clan) She hasnt been on in a while, but i could ask her about StrongPleaseNameYourVikingxD if u want.

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Did you fool the hacker?

Hi Archery and Dragons!

Actually that didn't sound good. However it's important to end the hacking. I would suggest talk to him/her? Why not? The hacker can change and get another chance, right.
It is my belief that everyone deserve a second chance (actually I usually say, as many chances that are needed). I will try to find the person and convince him/her to stop hacking as soon as possible.
Good luck, and keep searching.



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