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How do i clear my file browser? Every time i try to upload something new it says"upload failed".



                                                                  StormHeart says hi...




Mah dragon and I / professional TRR racers   (drawn by me)



                                                                 Elder of the           




banners and gifs made by me ( please give credit when you use)




          A little bit about my viking......

She spends most of her time in TRR. But when she has free time, she looks like this


          When she is not racing she likes to:

Watch the chat box  and listen to interesting conversations


Hang out on Immpossible Island 


                                       RACING OUTFIT



                                                            Alpha Toothless Armour: 



Extra: Wears two belts, one with a nightfury batarang attached to it. Wings light up when her surroundings turn dark.



                                                              By Katarile ( TY ^^)




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Sre you trying to upload a picture to a forum post or a profile? I recommend using Chrome for these as IE doesn't work as well.


New batch of requests soon! (Mid-April?)


Also I'm thinkin of adoptables..


Btws here's the link to my tiny DeviantArt! It's just random so don't kill me





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not sure...

I don't know if you can. I filled mine pretty quick, so now I use imgur to upload images. 


How to upload images from imgur (I was taught today how to do this lol)


1 create imgur account

2 upload images to imgur account

3 click down arrow on upper left side of image

4 click second option... something like "sharing links" 

5 Link share menu pops up. click second option down. (it says forum share or forum post)

6 on Sod forum, click image button

7 paste in url

8 choose width size. 500 is usually good

9 Image doesn't appear for me until I post, so even if you don't see it right away, post your topic and it should appear



Hope this helps you as much as it helped me!