Broken Lavender

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So today when I was at my farm, collecting crops (including lavenders) and animals produce, when I checked job board, quest which contains lavenders and strawberries was still not ready to complete. It wants 4 lavenders, I have 35 of them but it's still 0/4. The flowers icon also is not showing up, there's blank space instead. I tried to replace this quest for another one with lavender, but every other also contains this bug. Earlier this week everything was ok, I remember collecting and receiving gold through quests with lavender.

I'm playing on asus notebook with windows 7 home premium.

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Yes, you can occassionaly get

Yes, you can occassionaly get these problems on the farm's job board and for various types of crops, not just Lavendar.


Whenever I see these types of problems, I click on the trash can to immediately trash it, paying a gem to get rid of the bad job. If I don't trash it, but hit the sell button, both the job board and my farm freezes-up, meaning I either have to exit Lookout or exit the game, so the job board can reset.  For me it's worth the occasional gem payment to get rid of these problems, so I can continue to play. 


If the same problem job is still there when I return to my farm; I immediately trash it. 


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I'm not sure if you know this but you don't have to pay gems when you trash a farm job. You can trash it and then wait 10 minutes and a new job will come up.


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