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This is mostly for signature purposes but because I'm slowly returning to the SoD Forum, might as well re-introduce myself in a proper way (tho tbh this is 95% for signature purposes so if you wish to reply with a question or something else, go ahead).


Hello, I'm LPS100 or LPS for shorts, 19 years old and female but I go with any prounouns, native language is [European] Portuguese so excuse my dust in terms of grammar. I'm mostly active on other locations such as Tumblr though I'm gradually being more active here in the Forum.


I've been playing SoD since 15th of August, 2014, I joined for curiosity and my immense love for dragons, stayed for the glory of dragons, glitches and few moments of pure anger. I played on Facebook, then on Chrome before finally moving to the Desktop download version; because during 2014, we had no Stable Missions or second dragon or better way of getting gems (it's still hard nowadays but now as brutal as before), my first dragon was a Monstrous Nightmare called Klenfar (now Titan) and after hatching my Whispering Death, Khallabaxi, I got stuck in The Wide, Open Sea and that's when my patience towards the raw buttcrap the game would throw at me was descending till boiling point.


But when the Gold Age risen (Stable Missions, Ad Mobile Gems, Battle Events, Trial Membership, updated Daily Rewards, ect), it all gradually eased up and the brutality was [mostly] gone. Even if there's some problem here and there, at the least it's not as brutal as it was in 2014. Despite my overall opinion on SoD being negative, I do have some positive points about it.


If you do wish to try and get the hands on those Friend Achievements, my Friend Code is A4DV2K. I exclusively only go MMO to be with a big friend of mine and to battle, other than that, I don't usually like to interact with anyone in-game (with exception of my big friendo) and just prefer to be the lone wolf. I currently have 74 Dragons (76 counting both Furies) and I'm planning on getting every Dragon species for Wikia purposes.


I'm one of the four major Admins from the Dreamworks School of Dragons Wikia, a Wikia built to inform players with tips and guides as well as help players get past hard sections. The reason why I joined is because I wanted to help players avoid the same mistakes I did back then on my rookie days and help players advance the game, this includes a page with a how to write a complaint, suggestion and a glitch report, and the listing of all the current ways of contacting the official SoD Admins and the Jumpstart's Customer Support email. Please remember, this isn't an official Wikia, this wikia was built by normal players such as you to help players with the game.


My edits are mostly Dragon related, this includes their Gallery, Stats, and page creation, though I end up editing almost everything within the Wikia, including Quests, Locations, Minigames, Guides, ect. However, we need help in completing some pages and information gathering, so if you wish you help contributing to the Wikia:

  • Check the How to Contribute to learn about the standards;
  • Wish to contact me personality? Head to my Help Server.
  • If you want to report a glitch, go to Contacting the Game Admins to find all the possible ways to contact them;
  • We are hiring users for administration! If you wish to be a part of the SoD administration team, head to Hiring for Administration page.
  • Here in the SoD Forums, I've written a post regarding needing Max. Level Dragon Stats, head there, read the post carefully and if you have Level 50 Dragon Stats, just either PM me or reply to it.



Forum account is only used for some occasions - I'm also sorry for my behavior of the past years.


About me:

For a more in-detail Introduction about me, click here.

I'm LPS100 and I'm a SoD veteran playing since August 15th, 2014 and I'm still playing because, why not? I consider myself the "Grinch of School of Dragons" due to SoD being the game that received the most negativity out of me (for multiple reasons).


In-Game Info and SoD Wiki:

Mostly open for Wikia purposes though I only come out in MMO during battles but don't bother talk with me as I never use the chat as a form of communication due to the uncontrollable censor overload. I have about 40+ Dragons which you can find them listed here.


(Banner made by YanagiNiTsubame)

I'm one of the four major admins from the Dreamworks School of Dragons Wikia so, if you need help, I'm Wiki-LPS100. If you want to join us editing and contributing to the wiki:

Please remember that this isn't an official wiki. It was built and edited by players of School of Dragons and it was created to help and inform players and newcomers.


You can also find me on:

  • Tumblr: LPS100 (game blog: Nerd-Breached-Containment)
  • DeviantArt: LPS100
  • Youtube: LPS100
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Hello there! And I have a question.

I’m so happy to meet a fellow SoD veteran, I’ve been playing it before school when I was in 3rd or 4th grade I think, but I’ve only been using the forum for around 3 months now.


I have a question: how did you put that photo up? I’ve been trying forever.




On-paper drawing: http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/sites/default/files/9C372EDC-3319-452F-B17E-3FD35D2D0F81.jpeg

Digital: https://i.imgur.com/0w2lG7g.jpg


Hi!                                                                 * I couldn’t play for 2 years.

You can call me Drake, and I’ve been on a trip* with my family for around two years, and I’m finally back! I missed my dragons SO much and I promise to try to not leave them behind again.


I love to hang out at the school, and here with the help from my dragon pals. (See ‘all (currently) owned dragons’ below.)





IN-GAME NAME: ErikaTheWild (Erika IS NOT my real name)

FRIEND CODE: Private (for now)

In-Game Age: 14 (real life age is private)

MAIN DRAGON: An Adult Deadly Nadder named Spike

FAVOURITE DRAGON CLASS: Stoker class/Tracker class


ALL (CURRENTLY) OWNED DRAGONS: Wisp, an Adult Flightmare, and Spike (see ‘main dragon’ above)





FAVOURITE ACTIVITIES: Swimming, flying, and drawing (see the links above)

(VIKING) FAMILY: Mother: Harriet, Father: Orion, Younger brother: Draco



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Try this Post by

Try this Post by HPowers, http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/hpowers-posting-pictures-forum-guide#comment-762965. It has the information you are seeking. GL

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A wild outcast has appeared!

I was going to answer but tbh Coal did it better. One thing the post isn't mentioning however: On mobile, you need to use raw coding and the coding to upload a picture is "<img src="url of the image" width="to change the width if needed" height="to change the height if needed" align="left/center/right">" and if you want to add a link to said image, do "<a href="the link you want to apply to the picture"><img src="" and the rest of the properties you wish to add here as well></a>".


I was around 14 years old when I started playing, man.. time really flies by. xD