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This is the place where you can go hog wild on theories for the new HTTYD trailer (since, you know, the Supercarlinbrothers refuse to acknowledge its existence. C U R S E   Y O U   J   A N D   B E N—ahem. I’m not bitter.)


So, imagine away!


Here’s my breakdown:


I think that somehow, when Astrid and Hiccup are exploring, Toothless runs off and they follow him to the Light Fury. (When they meet her, she flies off into the stars, so they find her before they find the Cavern). But, I think something happens to Toothless (disappears or runs off or the tail doesn’t work) because when they enter the Cavern, Hiccup is riding with Astrid, which is strange. Why would he do that?...unless something had happened.

Anyway, they find the hidden world (I call it the Cavern. Very original) but Grimmel finds out about them—and captures Hiccup (briefly) and the Light Fury (uh-oh). There is an epic showdown (where maybe we’ll see the citizens of Berk ride and fight on their dragons? PLEASE?) and we get to see that brand new flight suit (EEEEE I LOVE SEEING HUMANS WITH WINGS) and Toothless...flies on his own?

In that scene with Hiccup and his beard (AAAHHHHHGGGGGG) and Toothless, TOOTHLESS ISN’T WEARING HIS SADDLE. He also has no saddle in many scenes throughout the trailer. I think that Hiccup originally takes it off so he doesn’t scare the Light Fury with human stuff (understandable) but if he isn’t wearing it when Hiccup is much older, and he flies with no contraptions...GUYS, TOOTHLESS’S TAIL IS BAAAACCCKKKK!!! Unless, of course, it’s another Night Fury, but I refuse to acknowledge this theory. There is only Toothless!!!

Anyway, that’s my analysis. Hopefully I am at least halfway right (and I hope we see baby night furies in this movie. AAHHHHHHH THAT WOULD MAKE ME SOOOO HAPPY!!!)


And petition the Supercarlinbrothers to make a trailer analysis for HTTYD 3 because they generally get most of it right, and I MUST KNOW IT AAALLLLLL—especially if someone dies. *sobs* WHYYY STOICK WHHHYYYYYYYY*


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          The movies I mainly love because all the characters are so lovable, and because ever since I have wanted a Night Fury of my Very Own. And honestly, Race To The Edge was a pretty decent, except—*gag*—for all the mushy romance—*retch*—I’m sorry, I can’t stand that stuff. *retch*


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NatetheViking posted a link on one of his threads, the link led to an article writen by someone who had been at one of the conventions, and so got to see four whole scenes from the movie! While there was not any video content, they did sumerise what they saw. 

So my theories are based around what they said, and stuff I worked out by myself, so,,,, 


Ahem, the first thing that is confirmed is that Hiccup and Astrid are not yet married. The movie does start out with Hiccuo and the gang rescuing dragons (alongside Valka, yeep!) and then they return to Berk. Gobber and Hiccuo talk about how crowded Berk is getting, and Gobber tells Hiccup to stop bringing more dragons to Berk, and to just settle down and get married.

That covers two of the scenes that will happen, now for some stuff that I theorized. Hiccup, Astrid and Toothless run into the lightfury at some point. Because Hiccup has already found out about Grimmel, he is trying to get all of Berk to a place where they can still live with dragons. He and Toothless try to figure out how to find the Lightfuries hom. Now for stuff that is confirmed; Toothless does find the Lightfury again and tried to get her attention and does all those dumb mating dances. Just when she gets comfortable, Hiccstrid interupts them and so she runs off. Hiccup then determines that he needs to make Toothless a new tail so he can fly after the Lightfury alone, because she is scared of Humans. Astrid comments that he already tried making a tail lke that and Toothless didn't want it, but Hiccup tells her that things are different now.

That covers the other two exposed scenes, now more theories.

Toothless flies after the Lightfury, and Hiccup and Astrid follow on Stormfly, who not only is one of the fastest dragons, but is also a tracker class dragon. They follow Toothless and Lightfury to the hidden world, and decidee that it will be the perfect place to hide the dragons.


Stuff I don't know the time of, but think and/or know will happen. At some point Grimmel visits Hiccup's house and tells him he wants Toothless (confirmed) Hiccup refuses, and gets defensive.


After Hiccup and Astrid decide to move Beerk to the hidden world, Grimmel attacks them on their way there, trying to get at Toothless. Hiccup manages to free the Lightfury, who is in a cage, and like her counterpart, she recognises after he helps her that he is a safe person. Toothless goes full "offspring of lightning and death" mode, and probably totals Grimmel's whole fleet while Hiccup fights Grimmel. However, either his new power has side affects that cause him to lose energy quickly, and then pass out, or (something I want to happen more) Grimmel attacks Toothless directly with his tusk-dragon-thing, causing Toothless to weaken enough he can't fly. Hiccup and the light fury have to save Toothless, and somehow also beat Grimmel into dust.



Side thoughts:

I think Snotlout may hidein this installment. Not only did he hidein the books, but I think it would be realistic if things didn't all come out peachy. Sure Berk is going to be destroyed again, but they are moving away anyway. My theory is that Ruffnut and Snotlout finally fall for each other, and he heroically sacrifices himself for Hiccup's sake, thus ending up dead. I think it would be a great arch for his character, who is otherwise rather bland and very troublesome and egotistical in the movies. (In the TV series he is very different, but they never include stuff from the show in the movies.


Either the end or beginning of the movie will be the point were Hiccup is older and has a beard. My theory is that it will be the end. Hiccup is older, and passing on the secret of the dragons to someone from outside of the hidden world (where now all the dragons and all of Berk live) he want's that young person to help reintroduce dragons, perhaps because he himself cannot, wether because he has to much on his plate, or he's old, or maybe some other reason. (Maybe that kid could be Dagur and Mala's kid, so that they could incorperate the series in). Hiccup tells them about the dragons, where to find them, and basically the last three movies and the TV show, when Hiccup is narrating, that is actually him telling this kid about his adventure, not just introducing the story to us, the audience.

This theory would mean a hint at later movies, and Directer Dean Deblios did say that while he won't make a fourth movie, he might consider spin offs. But this is our last story about Hiccup and Toothless. 

Likeways, this idea could mean the upcoming Dragons TV show: Rescue Riders is actually about the next generation of riders trying to save dragon kind, and reintroduce it to the world.



Anyway, that is everything I have, long as it is, hehehe XD

And to be honest I hope all of the above comes true!

What ideas do the rest of you have?




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Yeah that is what I was talking about.


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I read somewhere that Hiccup will make another saddle that will help Toothless fly on his own as he did in the Gift of the Night Fury. I don't know if it is a reliable source though.

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My scource said something like that, and I did mention above that Hiccup DOES make a new tail for Toothless. Hence why he doesn't wear a saddle in the trailer.