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Wouldn't be great if you could see the lineage of your dragon, know what level its parents were, be friends with its parents' rider? See what condition the egg was hatched in? Give your friends the one dragon you have that they really want? All of these could happen if the players get an extension pack that would allow them to breed their own dragons!


What you need to breed:

A special breeding stable that is around a thousand gems. It will change depending on the breed of dragon in it. You can only buy this stable twice, but the second time it's more than the first. Only two stalls, one for a male and one for a female. The female must enter first, otherwise, no male dragon can be selected until a female is in the stable. Each female dragon can only breed twice a month, but males have no limit on breeding, the dragons must have high happiness and energy in order to have healthy eggs and not lose the clutch of eggs. If the dragon mother loses her eggs she will be unable to breed for one month and be very unhappy for three weeks. If the dragons have low happiness and/or energy the eggs will either be lost or worth very little.


How to Breed:

When putting the breeding pair in, there will be two options: Breeding Board or My Dragons. My Dragons option lets you pick from your available dragons that have high happiness and energy. Breeding Board option lets you select what dragon you want to borrow from another rider for a fee of gems(200+ gems depending on level) if the rider allows it, otherwise you have to pick another dragon. Males stay for 24:00 and females stay for 48:00, you cannot enter the stable until the male returns to his normal nest. After the female is ready to return to her normal nest, you must collect the eggs before she can leave. If you borrow a breeding dragon, one egg will go to that rider(more information under egg section), otherwise, you can keep or sell your eggs. Your breeding dragons will get xp. 


Breeding Board:


On the Breeding Board(in the store, hatchery, breeding stable), you can sell eggs for a game-set price (though you can pick if you want a higher price or a lower price), depending on the parent's stats. You can buy eggs priced based on parents stats when bred. If both parents are Titan Wings you get 25 Titan Runes with the egg. If only one parent is a Titan Wing only 15 Titan Runes come with the egg(Members get no discounts. If the egg does not sell to a player within a month, you either have to hatch it yourself or sell it to Trader Johann or keep in your backpack for 24:00 and try to resell it. When posting dragons for breeding you simply have to click on the breeding board and then select post dragon and select the dragon you want to rent out you will have to pay a fee of 2,000+ coins(varies depending on dragon breed and is cheaper the higher level breeder you are) when someone wants to breed with your dragon. You can accept or deny requests for your dragon to be borrowed. If you see a dragon while active playing, you can send a breeding request to that person, the gem cost will be a quarter less than the breeding board price for that level and breed of dragon, the player you ask has no fee. When you sell eggs on the Breeding Board you get half of the listed price of the egg. When you sell to Johann you get a fourth of the price if it doesn't. If you sell it immediately to Johann then you get half of the store price. When you sell any quality eggs they turn brown.



Eggs don't go bad, but they can be laid bad. It is rare for a dragon to lay no eggs, but the chance is greatly increased if either of the breeding dragons has low mood or energy. If the eggs aren't laid bad(when eggs are laid bad you cannot keep or sell them)then they will not be worth much and they will take a very long time to hatch. When the breeding dragons have high energy and happiness that will affect the number of eggs you get and how long it takes to hatch. Depending on parent level and egg quality will determine how fast your dragon levels up. Dragons can have 2-8 eggs. You can also gift eggs to your friends.


Family Tree:

Dragons mood will go to max if in the same place as their family. If they were hatched from bad eggs, their mood may drop when in the same place as certain family members. You can see the entire family tree(unless not bought from the breeding board or bred you can't see lineage) You can see who owns the dragons that are related to your dragons, as well as dragons that have bred with dragons related to your dragons.



You can buy eggs form the breeding board without buying the expasion and can see family trees of bought eggs from breeding board. You can also gift eggs to friends.



Titles tell you what that specific breeding dragon excels at, it also gives a small boost to those skills. There are ten levels of each title, level ten give the title Master ---------, level five gives the title itself. When maxed out on all titles it becomes Master. Eggs that have Master parents are the most expensive eggs. Eggs that have Master------ parents excel in those titles. You must gain titles in order to increase your dragon's quality. Titles are when you are just halfway to Master Titles which is when you have mastered a title.


Egg Quality

Egg Quality affects the dragon majorly. There should be a little egg icon next to the name and level that is one of five colors, Red, Brown, Green, Silver, Gold. Red is a bad quality egg/dragon. Bad quality eggs happen with low level, unhappy tired dragons. These eggs are hard to level up, they are almost always unhappy, and incredibly hard to increase their quality.(These dragons have 0 Titles). Brown is the standard dragon. It's the quality that you get from Johann and the hatchery, these are the starter dragons, they are the ones that you rescue from dragon hunters. All eggs you sell to Johann are brown, no matter the quality. (These dragons have 1 Title). Green quality can level up a little bit faster than brown, they are the lowest good breeding dragons(These dragons can have 4 titles and 1 master title). Silver levels up even faster, they are the high standard breeding dragons. (These dragons can have 3 Master Titles).Gold levels up insanely fast, they are the best breeding dragons they are super expensive to buy as eggs. (These Dragon can have 1 Master).





You have to be a Silverstar to unlock the extension pack


Special Quest

There is a special quest(other than the starter quest) that is repeatable with all dragons that were bought from the store or before the expansion is released, given by Hiccup that will show you your dragon's family tree.






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This is a FANTASTIC idea.






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I don't know...

I really doubt that they would be adding this only because they're trying to be family-friendly, and the process of breeding is a bit iffy. Sure, it is a natural thing, but SoD may lose some of it's customers because they deemed it too innapropriate. Not to mention all the "Who wants to breed" in chat, and it may cause plenty of drama...


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While that is true, breeding shouldn't really be allowed to say in the chats because of the younger people that play the game, but if you see a dragon you would want to breed your dragon with then you would have to click on the player and send a breeding request.(Like a friend request but to breed your dragons) And my friend and I tried to design it so that it would be kid-friendly. But I can see where you're coming from and I completely understand. It is also an expansion pack that you have to buy with gems after you're a silver star.

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Why silverstar

Cool concept, but I believe everyone should do it, not just for those that have a silverstar. Maybe if you have dragons that are level 30, you can breed your dragons. 


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I disagree

I think that silverstar should be the level that you get the breeding oppurtunity, because it means you earned it.


And if everyone was breeding then we might have a mess on our hands- people might only play the game to breed, and who knows if it gets out of hand then parents may not let their kids play and it would be a mess.


So some restriction- i'm all for it! 



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Good Point

Yes, the main reason why my friend and I made it so that only silverstars and up could have this expansion pack is so that there would be a goal, and so that people wouldn't just play the game for breeding, even if they start by wanting to breed dragons, they have to first play the game in order to get the breeding expansion pack, so they first have the chance to get addicted to the game.

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Stryka Blasted my Subject

I hope this is added...


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Awesome plan! It'd be

Awesome plan! It'd be interesting if you could breed with different kinds on dragons (really wanna see a terrible terror and timberjack). I hope they add this!








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Stryka Blasted my Subject Sorry

No you wouldn't be able to breed different breeds of dragons...
But this should be added!

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I know I wouldn't able to... I was just saying XD it totally should be.

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Say what now?

     Do you hear that? It's the sound of screaming kids, angry parents, and lawsuits.


  .....But enough about the prank I did at school, let's talk about this idea. I truely think this would make the game a little too complicated. I can see why people may want this, but I don't see the need for it. I agree with GAMERKIDYT, this could lead to trouble. Plus, I feel like there is so many other things that S.O.D. could work on besides this.


  All in all, I don't think S.O.D. will do this.


  -Lack Lunason.


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The Dog ate my subject