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Joined: 10/08/2017

I have created a clan back in 2017ish and decided on growing this family a little bigger. There are currently 100 slots open although I will need you to pm me your buddy code so that way I can invite each of you.  


Clan mascot: Timberjack 



•Let elders handle disputes

•Respect one another, no swearing of any sorts, and you may only trap or boost if someone does this to you first. 

•Drama is unacceptable in this clan, in TBC we want to keep harmony to forum and SoD as much as possible. You will be given three strikes, after your third either one of the elders or myself will kick you. 


Requirement to join:

You must have at least 1,500 trophies to join. Try to earn as many as you can in a month. I want this clan to grow as much as possible. My goal is to get TBC up in the 20s. 


Good luck dragon riders. 

In regards,