Both of My Farms - Have PROBLEMS - HELP

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Both of My Farms - Have PROBLEMS - HELP 

User ID:  CoalBright

Viking Name: Lace Firewind

Lace Firewind has two farm: the original, named The Farmstead, and an expansion farm, named Seashore Farm.

Computer:  PC - Desktop

Operating System:  Windows 10 

Web Browser:  Google Chrome

What were you doing when the problem started: I harvested crops, wool, etc. and feed my animals on my first farm; went to my second farm, and added a new row of plots for more crops; I harvested wool, etc., feed my animals and then planted new crops. . . that is when I notice the gears were spinning and spinning, but only on the last couple of rows I had planted with seeds. Full Problem with images attached is listed below.

When did the error happen: Initially last night; but its taken me all day to get back to my farm -- repeated server time outs.

Screenshot(s): Attached below, taken whe I finally got back into my farm this afternoon.

Graphics Card: Windows 10 - I figured out how to run the DxDiag file; report is attached below with screenshots/


MY PROBLEM:  I can not pick any crops; I can not feed my animals; I have sparkling lights and/or rolling gears indicating actions I need to take or that I started, and which are still not complete. None of my initiated farm actions have been completed. Above the garden items without gears, I I tried to pick a crop item; I get a normal puff of dust/dirt, but the item is never picked; it is still in the ground with sparkling lights, indicating I need to gather my crops. My animals are in same shape, it looks like I collected eggs, wool, etc and I most likely fed them, but none of these actions appear to be completed. Everything is stuck in some sort of inbetween state.


Last night I noticed that the gear above my newest planted crops were still spinning and spinning. So, I left the farms, expecting every thing to be finished by the time I got back later in the evening. However that was not the case, For the most part the farm program would not load and I would be notified that the server had timed out. This only happened when I tried to enter my farm; I'm able to get to everthing else on the game.


I eventually got into both farms today; and I snipped pictures of both of them. The pictures are alot worse than I expected. when I left the farm I had only a couple of rows of crops with rolling gears sitting above them. I came back to see gears and sparkling lights everywhere; and although some gears gradually disappeared, I cannot do anything on the farm even when the gears disappear. I cannot even reset the fish trap. I put in worms, a gear starts rolling, stays there for awhile and then disappears, but the fish trap is not set; it is once again awaiting worms to get started. 


HELP and Thank you.

Farm1-View.PNG2.48 MB
Farm1-view2.PNG2.23 MB
Farm2-View1.JPG126.73 KB
Farm2-View2.JPG119.43 KB
DxDiag-5-21-18.txt66.75 KB

 Lace Firewind, Player Name; CoalBright, ID name


 View of New Berk 


 View of New Berk from above  


Hidden World



                                                                  Hidden World with Rainstorm

 Lace Firewind, Player Name; CoalBright, ID name

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I am also unable to feed and harvest animal products :/


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YEEESSSS!!! This is aggravating! I'm having the same issue with my chickens. I dunno about my crops... ain't planted in a while. Please fix soon. The only one of my avatars I am sure is affected is WolfMoonshade... She is under my username of meganobr. I have a windows 7 laptop I play on. I first noticed the issue at about 4 oclock this afternoon. 

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Partial & Completed UPDATE on status of Farms

Partial UPDATE on status of Farms . . . good news


Farm program easily load this morning for both of my Farms. No Rolling Gears in sight. Discovered 1. I could harvest my crops, although most were rotted; 2. my Fish Trap was working when I arrived.  Conculsion: everything I attempted to do yesterday, eventually worked.


Have not yet attempted to 1. plant new crops 2. harvest wool, eggs, etc. or 3. feed animals. 


Will be back to report, when I have attempted each of these actions. Going to take this slowly . . . 1 step at a time. 


Completed UPDATE . . . 

 1. I can plant and harvest new crops.

 2. I can harest wool, eggs, feathers, etc. 

 3. I can feed my animals.


Everythings seems to okay, now; I have no idea what happened and how or why the problem appears to be fixed. Thanks go everyone that helped in fixing things.


I hope the other players having these problems will soon find their problem also resolved.