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Alrighty so I've mustered up enough



to make a new thread about my main OC- Zon

More information will be posted below so please refrain from commenting/tracking until further notice. 





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Zon info sheet- DNR


Full Name: Zoni Jentis Lizeria (Later shortened to Zoni Liz)

Nickname: Zon, Liz, Lizzie, Zony

Role: Advanced trainer, battlemaiden

Official Title: None

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Birthdate: October 2nd



Body build: Zon has a thick build, with muscles that are beneath a generous layer of fat, in all honesty. Zon participates in very few physical activities aside from riding and training dragons, which, combined with her love of food, does not help her physical build.

Hair: Zon has messy, scruffy dark red hair pulled back in a short ponytail that is just long enough that it tickles her neck when she walks.

Eyes: When her eyes are in their normal state, Zon's eyes are a blo.od red with lighter red details. There are some moments when her pupils form small slits (usually when she is in a state of rage or other strong emotions).

Skin: Zon is reasonably tan for a Viking, but not dark.

Hands: She has worn hands from many years with her axe and dragons. Her fingers are of relative length, but not stickly.

Feet: Zon actually has reasonably small feet.

Face: Zon has a circular-shaped face. She has black warpaint under her left eye, and on her left lower cheek she bears a cross-shaped scar.

Strength: 8/10, Zon has a good amount of muscle mass on her

Intelligence: 4/10, while sometimes can think of a good pun, or even a good plan in battle, Zon is rather uneducated and slow-thinking. 

Speed: 5/10, although her muscles can aid with her speed, she has a rather clumsy and slow physique.

Agility: 6/10 Zon can be agile, but not often



Likes: being a part of something, supporting others, taking loooong naps, eating good food, hanging with her dragons, cold days.

Dislikes: Moving when she's comfortable, making a conversation awkward, people who get in her way, being woken up, hot days.

Idiosyncrasies: Whenever Zon is handed a piece of paper or a surface she can write on, she immediately sets to work sketching on it. Zon collects little odd objects like door knobs, hinges, big nails, or even weirdly-shaped scraps of metal (No one really knows why).

Positive traits: Supportive, strong, funny, protective, the kind that'll give you tough-love. 98% chill

Negative traits: Self-doubting/hating, lazy, sometimes mean/insulting, indecisive, clingy can get depressed. 

Greatest Fear: K.illing or hurting anyone.


Background and Other:

Family: Zon's family moved away when she was rather young. They wanted to get a job that would get them more money to live off of. Whether Zon's parents di.ed or simply forgot about her, she never knew. Zon has no siblings, although she considers her close friends -Terra Rose and Golden Fire- her sisters. 

Significant Other: none

Place of Living: Zon lives in the foresty regions on the edges of Berk - she does not own a house/cabin.

Main Dragon: Driller, Whispering Death, Elder dragon. Driller was Zon's first dragon and will forever be her closest companion. 

Other Dragons: Zon rides 43 dragons in total, and she loves them all with a passion.

 Background: After her parents abandoned her, Zon turned to pickpocketing to make a living. She was clever and quick with her hands, but one day a young girl caught her by the wrist. (she later knew this viking girl to be Golden Fire) Golden Fire showed Zon a new life, one that included taming and riding these fantastic beasts known as dragons. Zon took to this new life rather well, and she grew connected to the powerful creatures. She also took a liking to the unwieldy nature of the double-sided axe- what a powerful weapon in her hands. She eagerly learned the tactics of battle, and earned her role as a shield-maiden and protecter of what she calls her "pack" (really just all of her dragons and herself). While Zon typically lacks finesse and motivation, she is fierce when riding/taming dragons and even more fierce in battle.


-Golden Fire- Zon appreciates Golden's strict behavior and gruff attitude, as she feels it balances her wild and lazy ways. Golden Fire has always been a good friend to Zon, and they work extremely well in battle together.

-TerraRose- When Zon first met Rose, she was skeptical of this somehow silent viking. After a while of Zon's boistrous laughter, however, Rose opened up and Zon realized that she really loved the quiet sassiness and fun of this viking. Rose became one of Zon's best friends, and they refer to each other as "sisters".

-Cody The Importune- Zon met Cody at one of the Village/clan-wide competitions. Yet, Cody was not a contender. When Zon was in the middle of a race on Driller, she accidentally steered the Whispering Death in the wrong direction and misjudged her timing. This threw her off of his back, and she landed straight on one of the bystanders- Cody. In all honesty, Zon wasn't expecting to actually like this character. But somehow, they became fast friends. Something about Cody's small frame and serious nature made him a good friend to Zon. 

Romance: None so far


DNR directly to this post, this'll probably be edited in the future.

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She's a chill thicc babe and

She's a chill thicc babe and I love her


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"We like out-of-print games, retro skates, got a Pac-man tattoo"

Ahh lol thank you!