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It's Boom again. 

I'm bored and need something kind of stress-free to do, so I'm opening up an Edit thread.

DNR just yet, there's more stuff coming below. 


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Hi. You might've known me before as Boomy, Boom, Boombox, etc.

I used to be super-active on the SoD forums for a long time. But, something happened and I began to see that the forums weren't really what I thought they were. When I first joined, the community was so full and thriving that there were Roleplays and art requests around every corner. And, there were a lot of really cool people. And who knows, maybe there still are. I don't know really. All I know is, I began to see less and less of it. And I began to see the uglier, meaner side of the forums. It's really just a place full of complaints, questions, concerns and no answers.

So I left.

You can still find me on Discord (Boombox#9078), Instagram (boombooxle) and Deviantart (BumuBokkusu)

But I won't be here. At least, not for a while. Maybe someday I'll make a big comeback and find out things are completely different. But, until then...

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My wonderful Friends

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1. Be kind and respectful

2. Be patient

3. Don't request more than one picture

4. I will do either vikings or dragons or just humans

5. I have the right to refuse ANYONE -.-

6. I will not be doing spots, and I will probably be going in random order unless that drives me crazy.

7. Put "Insert Cheesy Grin here" as your subject, so I know you read all the rules

8. Fill out the form completely

9. Please try to refrain from arguing.

10. These don't have to be just HTTYD, I can try and edit other things. NOTE: TRY



Reference picture of your dragon/viking/human (2 or more): 
Picture you want edited:




Here's examples of my work:

random NF, lol

My NF OC, Dark


Although, I will be taking a lot more time into the requests

Alright, Request away!

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"This is a Fantasy... Based on Reality"


just pls don't directly reply to the posts above


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Insert Cheesy Grin here

I would really, really love a picture done. :) I have wanted to for a while!


Reference picture of your dragon/viking/human (2 or more):
Gavril, arial view.
Gavril, frontial view.
Picture you want edited: 
This picture with perhaps...
This background?
Personality: Gavril is the picture of a protector. He's a quiet sort of dragon, not that curious, but picture your classic family German Shepherd and that's Gavril. He'll defend his rider, Rena, to the death. Gavril is always at Rena's side, and if that's not possible, he's always, always nearby. Though not prone to fighting he will fly into a fury if he thinks Rena is in danger. Just a sweet family dragon is the best way to describe him.
Other?: I don't know if you can combine the scenic Russian field along with the picture I wanted edited together? I don't know if that's possible or not, I know nothing about editing, but I thought I'd ask and see! Thank you! :) I'm excited!


Меня зовут стойкий жук!

*cough cough*

Or not.

What's scarier than a Cossack on horseback?

A Cossack on a dragon.

(drawn for me by my amazing sister Lissafish!)

To see my characters and dragons, drawn by the amazing artists on this forum, check out my Imgur:

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