Book 9 - The Mist in the Darkness - Chapter 5: Trust and Conflict

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Things are starting to take shape with the mystery and things are getting interesting.  What will happen next?  Something unknown is around the corner, something no one may see coming.


That sounded like a "Next on..." advertisement for a TV show XD


Hope you all enjoy the chapter!


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Edit:  Had the Headmaster have blonde hair instead of his gray hair.  I think I was mixing up Gobber with the Headmaster.


Here is the music mix for the chapter:

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The Mist in the Darkness

Chapter 5


Trust and Conflict


Jarl's Point of View


         Vixxen counters, “Now, while they could be connected, Skygge cannot be working alone.  While he could have flown back in time after what happened to the old man which we encountered, he could not have been at the Dragon Hunter base and be ahead of you to attack Annabeth before you got home.”

         “And if he isn’t working alone yet these events are still connected,” I put forth the question.  “Who is he working with?”

         Vixxen adds, “Another question, could it have been a coincidence there someone else doing something similar?”

         “That would be too similar for me,” I tell her.  “What I am wondering is if Skygge is doing this as the head viking or is he working for someone that put him up to it.”

         Vixxen takes a breath of air, “Well, there are a lot of questions and no answers so far.  But at least we have the Skygge lead to start looking into.”

         When I hear a door open behind me, I immediately turn around to go and greet Annabeth and Gothi.

         “So,” I ask with anticipation.  “What’s the diagnosis?”

         Annabeth answers, “Gothi’s writing is getting worse.”

         Gothi proceeds to lightly bonk Annabeth on the head with her staff.

         “Even after learning as much as I could from Gobber, I think it just takes experience in reading her writing,” Annabeth adds.

         I fold my arms and look at her, “You know what I am asking.”

         “I know,” she smiles.  “Gothi says everything is normal.  I’m perfectly fine.  The only thing wrong is we disagree with how many it is.”

         After hearing my Heart is fine, I breathed a sigh of relief.  But hearing what her next sentence is, I am taken completely by surprise.  Vixxen who was standing behind me to my left, held out her hand to subtly catch me from falling backwards.

         Annabeth continues, “Gothi thinks it is only one child.  I on the other hand think I am having twins.”

         Gothi rolls her eyes and walks back over to her hut.

         Annabeth whispers, “I think she discounts woman’s intuition from her professional medical opinion.  Though, even in her own right she uses her own intuition.”

         Vixxen interjects, “I think for Gothi that’s called being stubborn.”

         “You’re not wrong,” I agree, then address Annabeth.  “Maybe it is because she hopes it isn’t twins because the last time Berk had twins, we got Tuff and Ruff.  Add in Berserker blood to the pot which the last set of twins came out…  Maybe she is worried about what might come from it being Berk and Berserkian Twins.”

         Annabeth raises her hand up and smacks me on the back of the head, I quip, “Well, if they are crazy, at least they’ll fit in on Berserker Island.  I wonder if I’ll have a mystery to keep me busy once the kids come?”

         Now Vixxen smacks me on the back of the head.

         “Did I say that out loud?” Having to defend from two sides, I turn to face them both and retort, “What is it with women from any corner of the world and their violence?”

         Both Vixxen and Annabeth raise their hands to smack me.

         “Fredrick!” I call out, holding my arms in a defensive position.

         The girls pause.  Wondering why, I then find out.

         Something knocks my helmet off from behind.

         Looking back, Fredrick has just used his tail to smack me.  Fredrick chuckles in his rumbly way.

         Stepping forward to pick up my helmet, I remark, “Very Funny.”

         “You deserved it,” Vixxen nods.

         Annabeth agrees, “I second that.  Maybe you should learn when to keep your mouth shut.”

         “But I wouldn’t be able to use my quips, retorts, and witty puns,” I defend.  “Besides, I thought that is what you married me for.”

         “For as much sarcasm as we give each other,” Annabeth comes to me and kisses me on the lips.  “I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

         Vixxen tells the nutshell version of her report for Annabeth to hear.  Annabeth also approves we should follow up on the Skygge lead the first chance we get.

         I bid them both a “So long,” as we all have some things to do while we are here on Berk.  Annabeth sought out Hiccup for some chief business, Vixxen flew off to the market to collect some things for the return to Berserker Island, and I am off to the old house.

         I say “old”, yet it has only been a few months since Annabeth and I officially moved into our home on Berserker Island.  We still use this house as a place to stay anytime we come back to Berk.  Afterall, it is our first house.  We let any of the trappers coming out this way to use the house as a place to stay warm for the night.

         Few minutes of flying and Fredrick and I arrive.  There is hardly any noise only a few birds chirping and the distant sounds of the sea.  I send the Thunderdrum into the stables to grab a bite to eat while I go into the house.

         There is still some of the original furniture in here as we both wanted some Berserkian flair to our new home.  We took this layout of the house and pretty much kept it for the new house.  The new one is slightly bigger with guest room upstairs over the kitchen while our room is on top of the dining area, overlooking the living area.

         I go over to a desk on the wall to my left to start the search for my objective:  A few maps I had copied from Berk’s library of the western area from Berk to Berserker Island.  From traders and Berk scouts, we have noticed some strange ships sailing north and south.  Hiccup and I are in agreement that these are Dragon Hunter ships for they are avoiding the main lanes used.  Yet on the open sea it is difficult to hide a ship.

         Taking the maps, I then go over to the living room table to spread them out.  Sitting down on the couch facing the front door, I start to my study of the maps.

         Several moments pass before suddenly I hear something upstairs fall to the floor.  It sounded like a small object.

         Thinking to myself, the thoughts of what could have caused the noise, go through my mind.  My gut is telling me it cannot be good.

         I stand up, grabbing a map with me to look at, I then speak out loud, “Pretty bold of you to set foot on Berkian soil, let alone my house.”

         Acting as if I am talking to myself, I pace a bit still looking at the map, “But I don’t think he could have been stupid enough to come himself.  We both must admit he is smart and would not risk capture, at least just yet.  So, you must be someone else.  Either someone important to his plan, expendable, or both for that matter.  You can tell Skygge I got his message.”

         A creak in the floor above me tells me the viking is creeping closer to the balcony.  Intentionally, I position myself under and just ahead of the edge.  I set the map down as I came over.

         Turning my back to the balcony again, I continue talking.  As I do, I subtly reach into my inside pocket of my vest and put a very special glove on my right hand also loading a specific cartridge in a slot next to my hidden blade.

         “Yes, that’s right.  I know who you are working for,” I stall.  “You are either looking for something, though I have no clue what it could be.  If you haven’t figured it out already, I moved from this house and don’t call this house home anymore.  Although, we do still use this house, just not as much.  But if you are not looking for something, then you must be here for me.  Are you going to do the same thing to me as you did to Annabeth?  If you are, please do.  I haven’t gotten to my morning workout yet.  Before you start, though, I am curious.  Why are you trying to intimidate Annabeth and me?  I won’t say, ‘What have we done to you?’ bit because I know that you are holding something against us.  While I don’t know what we have done specifically to you, I know what has gone on between me and Skygge.  Are you trying to scare us off from something you two are planning or is this just a good ‘ol revenge vendetta?”

         Another creak is heard above me, so I turn around at the last second before striking a button on my right bracer and holding my hand out flat.  A viking figure lands on it and has a shocking surprise.  Literally and physically.

         I just sent small electrical charge into my glove which I can use to stun through a Skrill Blast cartridge.  It takes built up static electricity from a Skrill which can be used to stun anyone through nearly any armor.  The viking figure goes limp and I send him over my head, crashing into the table breaking it.

         “Good thing Annabeth doesn’t need that table anymore,” I chuckle.

         Putting my glove back in my pocket, I ease up to the figure, “How’d you like that?  You can thank Garth for that.  Though we are a few thousand miles apart, he has still been sending me gadgets and gizmos -or at least plans to a few to build- ever since we parted ways.  Wish you could learn what it is like to have friends…”

         I bend down to turn the body over…  But the figure sticks his leg out to trip me, sending me to the floor.

         The figure speaks, “Oh I know what it is like to have friends.  I’ll make sure you know what it is like to have friends who betray you.”

         The voice…  I know the voice…  It is not Skygge’s…  It is…

         Throst Thorkinson!

         I scramble to my feet before he could make another move on me and face down an old foe.

         I comment, “Been a long time.  Not nice to finally see you again.”

         “Thanks, I didn’t miss you too,” Throst quips.

         What I see in Throst is only a shell of the boy I once knew.  He was once clean cut, for a drifter viking that is.  But now he is growing a beard and wearing clothes as if he is a trapper.  Still shorter than me by a couple inches, blonde hair, blue eyes…  Kind of reminds me of Harald Forkbeard.  So much so…

         “You trying to look like Harald Forkbeard?” I question.  “Not the best guy to emulate.”

         “I see you got married,” Throst comments noticing my ring.  “Glad I wasn’t invited.”

         “You?” I chuckle.  “Why in the world would I invite you?”

         “So, you didn’t invite all your foes you’ve faced?  Oh well, guess I can’t blame you,” Throst goes on.  “Since I wasn’t able to give you a wedding gift, how about we make use of this instead.”

         Throst throws his hands forward sending something flying towards me.  Throwing my weight to my left, something slices through my leather armor on my side, revealing my Skrill blast proof inner shirt.  Vixxen was working on this protection suit to enter the Heart of Izar.  Of course, Garth made some improvements upon what Vixxen started.  Beyond protection from nearly anything electric, the material used is pretty durable yet lightweight.  Had I not thrown my weight to the side the weapon may have tested just how durable it is.

         Seeing that as a “first punch,” I tackle Throst.  We roll over a few times before he shoves me over to the wall near the desk.  Standing up, I raise my elbows to block any would be punches to my face.  He tries again for a right cross in which I invite in by pulling his arm towards me and run my knee into his chest before throwing my own right cross.  This sends him stumbling back several steps.  He check’s his lip with the top of his hand.  I drew blood.

         “At least you can still fight,” Throst commends.

         He comes at me again with a right cross.  I lean left.  Left cross.  I lean right while bending down, sweeping his legs out from under him.  He slowly stands up.  Thinking he had enough, he launches into me thrusting me backwards and out through the open window facing the front yard.

         Sprawling out on the ground, Throst then leaps on me with a knife in his hand trying to come down on me.  He is putting all of his weight trying to come down on my head.  Leaving his stomach open, I drive my knee into him again, but this time send him over my head.  He loses the grip on his knife.  Seemingly throwing all caution to the wind, charges me again.  With his arms extended to try and tackle me, I collect both his hands, shove my right shoulder into him, and flip him.  He lands rough on his back which makes him dazed.

         I am standing there, but before I could do anything, from behind me, someone seizes my arms pulling me back.  Caught off guard, I am subdued but also see another viking come in a subdue Throst who trying his best to come after me again.

         The viking who restrained Throst, pleaded, “Now, hold on there, boy.  What do you mean to try and harm Jarl for?”

         “Jarl?” I echo surprised he would know my name.  Then it hit me.  “Oh…” my eyes widened.  “Hi…  Headmaster.”

         The tall, broad shouldered, gray haired Headmaster of the School of Dragons, greets me, “Hello Jarl.  What in the world would cause you two to start a fight with each other?”

         Seeing I would not continue to fight, Headmaster waves the viking holding me to let me go though still has Throst by the arm.

         “All I was doing was catching the mouse that had been roaming around the house and all of a sudden Jarl tackles me,” Throst explains.

         I want to say something in return, but his statement does not make any sense, “What…  What are you talking about?”

         Headmaster informs, “I see Jarl, you have been away for a few days.  Throst here is helping the trappers catch some rodents which have been trying to get into their catches.”

         “Throst…  Helping?” I cannot believe it.  “Where’d you find him?”

         “Yes, while on a trading trip to the Northern Markets, I found young Thorkinson catching rodents with the upmost skill of using a throwing knife to catch his prey,” the Headmaster relays.  “Why on earth would you try and fight him?”

         “Why would I want to fight-,” I give a dry chuckle as I point at myself, still not believing what I am hearing.  “Long story.  But why the reason for the fight right now…  How do you explain this?” I point to the six-inch tear in my vest, shirt, and leather armor.

         “I didn’t have the time to warn you, Jarl,” Throst’s voice changes to an innocent tone.  “I had to act quick or the mouse would have scampered off again.  I had been waiting for it to come out for a few hours.”

         “Looked to me like you were trying to hurt me,” I tell him.  “Had I not dodged it would have gone through me!”

         “I knew you would dodge it because I wasn’t aiming at you,” Throst shows a tell in his expression he did mean to harm me.

         Not buying the explanation, I quickly go to the window and look back into the house to see…

         A mouse impaled with a knife on the center post holding up the balcony.

         Even though I am seeing it, I still do not believe it.  Someone could have gotten in while we were fighting outside and planted the knife.  From what made the cut in my armor is no normal knife.  Thinking Throst would not mind, I swipe the knife, clearn it off, and pocket it for later.

         “As soon as I throw my knife, Jarl then tackles me,” Throst continues explaining to the Headmaster when I go back outside.  “Jarl looked like he was going to hurt me, so I drew my knife.  Jarl took care of that and then flipped me on my back.  I’m glad you came when you did.  I don’t know what Jarl would have done after that.”

         The Headmaster corrected, “Now, Jarl wouldn’t have gone any further without good reason.  What do you two have against each other?”

         I stare down Throst without looking at the Headmaster when Throst answers the question, “Like Jarl said, it’s a long story.”

         “Ah, I see,” he nods his head before going on saying how Throst is a reformed viking, now hunting, tracking, and trading anywhere he can to make a living.

         Throst picks up his knife he used outside -which is a normal knife- and then starts walking away.

         “Woah, woah, woah!  Where do you think you’re going?” I state running over to him, grabbing his arm.  Throst jerks his arm away.

         “If you don’t mind, I was going to go back to Berk,” Throst answers.

         “Oh, we’re going back to Berk,” I tell him.  “To see Hiccup that is and get this sorted out.”

         Actually, being smart, Throst does not try to oppose but states, “Fine.”

         I then say rhetorically nice, “Would you like a ride back to Berk?”

         “No thank you,” he then lets out a Chang-

         The dragon which flies in is Koll’s Changewing!

         Throst winks at me, “I’ve got my own ride.”

         I run to go get my dragon before Throst can get away.  While I mount Fredrick, I tell the Headmaster, “Goodbye.”

         Thinking Throst would try to fly away, he instead is flying straight towards The Great Hall.  We land at the foot of the stairs to find Annabeth and Hiccup walking down the last few steps.

         Before I could even get a word out, Hiccup calls out, “Hey Throst.”

         Annabeth has the exact same reaction I had, although showing more restraint than I did.  However, Throst did not pull his knife this time.  Annabeth and I exchange shocked looks.  Hiccup takes note.

         “Jarl,” Hiccup comes over to me, taking my arm, pulling me to the side.  “Come here.”

         I try to find the words, yet Hiccup puts his hands out to stop me, “Before you say anything, I can explain.”

         “This ought to be good,” I fold my arms.

         “Did the Headmaster tell you about Throst?” he asks.

         “A few punches from a scuffle plus a knife cut too late he did,” I comment becoming very irritated showing the cut in my clothes.

         “What happen?”

         Briefly answering his question, I tell Hiccup what happened between me and Throst.

         Hiccup replies, “Knife to see you’re okay.”

         Without flinching, I stare at Hiccup.

         “Oh, come on,” Hiccup tries to lighten up the mood.  “I’ve been working on a good comeback pun for a while now.  And you shoot me down like that?”

         Closing my eyes and sighing, I try to relax, letting my arms down to the side, “Sorry, it was good.  I just-.”

         “Wasn’t expecting Throst to be on the good side now, I know,” Hiccup interrupts.  “But if there is anything, I know about you is that you think vikings should have second chances.”

         Back to being irritated, I counter using my hands, “But earning the right for me to give out a second chance does not include jumping me in my own house, pulling a knife on me, and trying to seriously hurt me.”

         “First, you’re letting our trappers use it, so it’s not totally your house anymore,” Hiccup answers.  “Second, vikings here on Berk jump each other every time someone skimps on the meat in their sandwich, let alone the order they placed for their offspring.”

         I could not help but smile at his reference, which leads to me taking a deep breath in and calming down.

         “I knew I could get at you.  If a pun doesn’t do it, a good reference will,” Hiccup grins for a moment before becoming serious.  “Look…  I know all about what Throst was a part of, his involvement with Harald Forkbeard, as well as Koll and all the stuff he did to you.  I know this has to be hard for you, but I know of a girl and boy viking who did far worse things to you than what Throst did.  Yet these two vikings were a bridesmaid and a groomsman at your wedding.  You more importantly call them friends.”

         “Throst did not help me trusting him by jumping me, acting as if he wanted to pick a fight, and pulling a knife on me,” I tell Hiccup.  “But I’ll think positive.  Throst didn’t make my trust for him any worse.  You can’t get any worse than nothing.”

         “You need to calm down,” Hiccup started to become firm but stopped because he knows me.  “As a friend, I believe you when you say he did all those things, but as the Chief…  It’s your word against his.  Everything I have seen out of Throst has been within the laws of Berk.  Better yet, except for what he tried on you, he has been going above and beyond to be good.  Unless he does something with witnesses against him, just because you have a poor history with him, and he has a grudge against you is not enough for an accusation to stick.  I’m sorry.”

         I suggest thinking out loud, “Maybe he is trying to deflect suspicion while he is planning something.”

         Hiccup put his hand on my shoulder, “Or maybe he is trying everything he can to prove to you he has changed.”

         “Now I’m the one being negative while someone else is being positive,” I admit.  “I just can’t shake the feeling of being in the same situation Annabeth was in last night,” I bring up what is really bothering me.

         “Annabeth was telling me about that.  Scary stuff.”

         “Then me being in a similar spot, in a similar building, and hearing a sound from upstairs is just too similar not to have been on purpose.”

         “Look,” Hiccup brings this to a close.  “I can just tell Throst to not try to provoke you over hard feelings, but that’s all I can do.  But if you try and go after Throst, if you don’t have solid evidence he is up to no good, you might be the one in trouble this time.”

         Hiccup and I walk back over the Annabeth and Throst.  I take note of Annabeth.  She is a bit fidgety, for obvious reasons.

         When Hiccup says, “Are you catching up with Throst?”

         Her voice was not as smooth as it normally is and had slight stutter to it.  I know why, “Oh…  Just wondering if he has ever been to Berserker Island.”

         “Sorry, Throst, if neither of us, do not trust you,” I speak for my wife.  “Annabeth was recently in a traumatic experience and we’re still trying to figure out what happened.  You show up and bring back a lot of memories that were not the best.”

         Throst looks at me and then Annabeth.

         Thinking he would say something to ease the tension and try to make good on what Hiccup has been saying, he instead only asks, “Are we done here?”

         Hiccup sighing, knowing how that would cause Annabeth and me to think of Throst, Hiccup answers, “Yeah, go on.  Get out of here.”

         Throst gets on Koll’s Changewing and flies away.

         I still cannot believe what is going on and how we are just letting him fly away.

         “I politely offer my hand for a shake, figuratively, and what do I get?”

         “I know he is not making things easy, but,” Hiccup comes halfway.  “Try not to make a mountain out of a mole hill by trying to figure out what angle Throst is playing.  Taking all of what is happening and knowing what he had done, I did put a tail on Throst.”

         Annabeth asks, “Who’s the tail?”


         “Our tail is flying away.”

         “He’s not the tail, we’re the tail.”


         Annabeth arcs he heads back, saying, “Oh don’t tell me.”


         Tuffnut and Ruffnut jump out from behind a wooden cut out of a bush before mounting Barf and Belch as their Zippleback swoops in.

         Tuffnut remembers, “Oh yes, we are the tailors.”

         Ruffnut states, “We will tailor our tailing to the finest of all tails in all of tailing kind.”

         “Oh, a tailing we will go…  A tailing we will go…,” Tuffnut starts singing.  “Hi…  censored…  Hi…  censored…  A tailing we will go.”


         Annabeth and I both look at Hiccup with the same look and raised eyebrows.

         Hiccup tries to hold his look before finally breaking down, “Okay…  Okay…  Fine.  I wanted to keep them occupied and out of my hair.  They have been bugging me all day about their idea of passing a law that anyone not properly Loki’ing has to pay them a fee.  That has only been today.  Yesterday it was something totally different and who knows what it is going to be tomorrow?”

         Hiccup puts out his hand, I shake it, “It’s good to see you two again.”

         As Annabeth hugs Hiccup, she and I say the same to him.

         Hiccup leaves and walks down the path, chuckling, “Stay out of trouble, though I’m one for saying that.  I guess I should say, stay safe.”

         The happiness of seeing our long-time friend quickly fades as we are left alone to deal with the what has transpired.  Hiccup knows exactly who we are and what we will do when something happens to a friend of ours.  Hiccup has done similar things too.  I wonder how he is dealing with the fact he has done similar things, yet he is the chief now and must enforce the rules.

         I tell her in a soft voice while I stare out over Berk, “Something still is not right.”

         “I agree,” she says.  “This isn’t over.”

         I look at her, “And we are going to figure this out.”

         Annabeth looks at me with a slight smile, “You thinking what I’m thinking?”

         “I think I am.”

         We mount our dragons and start tailing the tail.