Book 9 - The Mist in the Darkness - Chapter 17: Expectations

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I have been busy with school work, had a lot of stuff due this week, yet when I had the time, I used some of it to write.  Things are truly getting interesting.  To give you all a reference, we are little past halfway through the story.  I am aming for around 30-35 chapters.


Hope you all enjoy the new chapter!


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Here is the mix for this

Here is the mix for this chapter: SUCH A HEROINE | Epic Action Hybrid Battle Music by Atom Music Audio

(The three middle songs are the ones to listen to at the start of the chapter until 11:29)

There is another mix after the fight is over.


The Mist in the Darkness

Chapter 17




Jarl's Point of View

         We instantly hop on our dragons.  As I jumped on Fredrick, he fired a sonic blast into the Screaming Death to stagger it as it charged.  It stumbled and rolled into the water.  Having an idea, I take all of my Flightmare bombs and throw them at its head, hoping to slow it down some more.

         “Well,” Dawn remarks.  “He just cut off our escape route.”

         Annabeth counters, “Maybe not.  Because he is of the Whispering Death line, he no doubt has secondary tunnels he has dug to the surface.  If we fly into the core of the island, maybe we can find another way out.”

         Heather points out, “He’s waking up!”

         Annabeth takes the lead, “Come on, let’s go.”

         Flying into thick darkness is either fine or completely crazy, but I guess I am outnumbered in craziness here, four to two.  I mean, even Cazi can be crazy sometimes.  While we fly forward, I am fearful one of us will fly into something.  Yet, pulling a stunt like this really puts the trust I have in Fredrick to the test.  From behind us, the Screaming Death lets out another scream which greatly echoes through the cavern.  Suddenly, the cavern starts to become faint the orange light.

         I whisper to myself, “Come on…”

         “There!” Annabeth calls out.

         Outside light coming from a tunnel to the right.  Flying through it, we must go single file.  As we turn into the tunnel, a Screaming Death shot slams into back of the cavern.

         Seeing what is ahead, Annabeth declares, “Fredrick, sonic blast!”

         An opening is ahead, but not big enough for all of us.  Upon her command, Fredrick fires a pinpoint blast underneath Anora who then fires three times into the sonic waves creating multiple more blast of Anora’s fire obliterating the obstacle in front of us.  Flying through the debris, we all exit unscathed.  Yet, someone else is coming after us.

         “Evasive maneuvers!” I command as the Screaming Death charges through the side of the mountain after us.

         Scatting in all directions, the Screaming Death pauses to a hover…  Before firing in all directions.

         While trying not to get picked off by a ball of flaming fire, Dawn remarks, “I didn’t come all this way just to play a giant game of death tag with a Screaming Death!”

         Cazi announces, “Well, it is a good thing we have Sparklebolt, one that can rival the Screaming Death!”

         Sparklebolt work in tandem in trying to shoot the Screaming Death.  Yet the Screaming Death evades all of their attacks.  It is like it knows when, how, and where Sparklebolt will fire from.  If Cazi cannot land a hit nor can the rest of us, then we have to do something else.

         We cannot just outrun it and go home.  Our dragons will tire after a while and two, I do not think Berserker Island would be too pleased to have a Screaming Death around.  Dagur is bad enough.  Plus, flying away from a Screaming Death is only delaying the inevitable of a fight.  We are either going to have to make it go through a few sea stacks or keep this up until it gets tired.

         Before I could think of anything else something finally hits the Screaming Death, but it is not from any of our dragons, nor is it even fire… But water.  The attack took the Screaming Death’s attention off of us and then flat out ignored us to fly away, chasing a Scauldron…  With a rider on top!


(Next mix: 2-Hours Epic Music Mix | The Best Of Epic Music - Best Of Collection)


         Stunned at this turn of events, I am completely caught off guard by a guy’s voice from behind us, “If you know what is best for you, you’ll come with us before the Screaming Death returns.”

         Turning around, we are greeted by three dragon riders, each on their own dragon: A Nadder, a Scuttleclaw, and a Shockjaw.  The man is riding the Nadder, a woman on the Scuttleclaw, and a young man about my age on the Shockjaw.

         The young man says in a snarky way, “If you know what is good for you, you’ll leave this deserted island before the Screaming Death comes back.”

         He flies away and the man on the Nadder adds, “Don’t mind him.  He’s not very sociable.”

         The woman says, “But he is right, Alrik.  Gyda will bring the Screaming Death back soon and we need to be long gone if we too want to be in the same situation.”

         Alrik nods, “Follow us.”

         They both fly off and my crew looks at me.  I give my answer by following the newcomers.  Catching back up to them, Alrik introduces his group.

         “My name is Alrik Ekillson.  This is my wife, Sibbea.  Gyda is our daughter who led the Screaming Death away and our son, Vandrad.  We’re from an island to the south.  We came up here to check on things and did not expect to find other dragon riders.”

         Alrik and his family are dressed as any typical viking family would be.  Their clothes have the colors of brown and forest green and a clan symbol I have not seen before.  Alrik is light brown hair, brown eyed.  Wavy hair and growing a beard.  Similar build to my father.  Sibbea is same build, brunette, braided down her back, blue eyed.  Vandrad looks like a bean pole, skinny, freckles, red haired and messy, green eyed.

         I comment, “We’re just as surprised to find you, but we’re glad you came.  I wasn’t sure what we could have done next.  It seems like the Screaming Death knew every move we would make.”

         Alrik answers, “That Screaming Death is nearly three-quarters of a century old.”

         Vandrad snips back, “Just like you.”

         Sibbea’s Scuttleclaw tips the Shockjaw’s wing with its own, “She read my mind.  Now behave, Vandrad.”

         Disgusted with the situation, he now looks like he wants to just jump off his dragon and plummet to the water to get out of here.  If a Screaming Death is not enough to peak his concern, I would hate to see what will.

         Alrik then asks me and my crew about us and where we come from, why we are here, and why in the world would we spend the night on a Screaming Death’s nesting home.  We had not gotten to the part of the island being Annabeth’s former home, only that we are trying to solve a mystery and the clues led us there.

         From something said, a phrase then strikes Annabeth as odd and asks the question.  I believe the same thing just struck me.

         “Woah, wait, wait, wait.  Are you saying that that Screaming Death has been there from seventy-five years?” Annabeth can hardly believe it.  “So, does that mean you knew of the island when vikings still lived there?”

         Alrik explains, though a bit perplexed why would be interested, “Why, yes.  There were a great people there one time, before an attack wiped out the entire island.” Annabeth sits back in her saddle, only being reminded again.  “Only a few escaped.”  Upon that note, everyone in the crew perked up; Annabeth had been looking down but immediately looked up.  “Those few who did flee came down to our island.  Come to find out that the same group who attacked our island, nearly wiping us out, attacked them a few days later; they were hit much harder than we were.  Working together, we rebuilt our island and made our own tribe.”

         I ask the next question, “Why didn’t those from that island go back?”

         Sibbea replies, “They told us that everything was taken from them the day of the attack.  Nothing was left for them there.  Beyond burying the dead, all that remained was the Screaming Death on the island.  They further said it solved a problem they were trying to figure out what to do with.  Guess the Screaming Death had become more of a problem when they found out that it had hatched there.  If it was not for the pods of Scauldrons, the Screaming Death would have come back more often.  The island is pretty secluded compared to a lot of islands in the archipelago.  Any dragon would have to venture out to find food and come back.  One reason why our two islands had a steady stream of trade with each other.  We would supply the food while they supplied the materials to craft pretty much anything we needed as a tool or weapon.”

         Once Annabeth knew about there being survivors, she remains quiet.  I want to say who she would be interested in, but I wait for her to tell them when she is ready.  I can tell Alrik and Sibbea already know we know something additional about the island’s history.  They too wait.

         Within about a half an hour, we come to a much larger island, though pretty much flat with some hills.  Still, comparing the island to Berk, the island is still rather small.  A lot of green along with a lot of brown, few trees though it seems like they are growing them as there are places where some young trees can be seen.  I can see why this island would be better for farming.

         There are a few small groups of houses scattered about the farmland with one main village on the northern side of the island, along with a port.  The landscape is more developed than I would have thought, so they must have quite a bit of traffic go through here.

         We land in the village square where some of the village is built around it.  There are vikings to hold our dragons while we dismount.  To meet vikings who loot at dragons in the same light we do without directly knowing what Berk is, is amazing to me.  Sure, the legendary account of how Hiccup and Toothless took down the Red Death spread like a wildfire through a dry forest, but many tribes and clans stayed the same; not everyone changed their ways just because a viking could train a dragon.

         Vandrad immediately wanted to run off, but his mother made him come with us as Alrik leads us to what I assume is the equivalent to our Great Halls on Berk and Berserker Island.  While we go, Sibbea points out some vikings in an outdoor workshop.  They bring us over there instead, saying their chief and chieftess are here instead of the Great Hall.  Alrik comments that they are usually out doing something or working outside and rarely in their Great Hall.

         There are only two vikings in the workshop, a man and a woman.  Both who look the part of a chief and chieftess, yet both look like they have been working.  They stand talking about something with regards to a map on the table.

         The man is a medium build, tall, broad shouldered, blonde haired, light blue eyed, with a good-sized beard of the same color.  At the ends of the beard, it is collected into round, braided strands.  He is wearing a Valkyrie-like helmet which looks to have a face mask attached to it that can rotate down.  His shoulder pads reflect the Valkyrie look.  If I did not know better, I would think he would be ready for battle as is wearing some chain mail, yet everything else seems like every day work attire.  An intricately decorated shirt with long sleeves along with some green pants.  The designs are unlike anything I have seen.  He also wears some simple bracers, yet they too look like battle bracers.  The woman has similar clothing, yet all but a helmet sitting on the table, she is not wearing any armor.  The same types of designs are found on her clothing.  Smaller and thinner build than the man, although comparing her to my mother, the woman is slightly taller and wider shouldered yet otherwise the same.  Black hair with a sheen to it, mainly straight, medium length down her right shoulder collected into a braid.

         Annabeth barely walks into the workshop while the rest of us enter.  Seeing her reaction and blank stare in the chief and chieftess direction, I know exactly who they are.

         The two had turned to then greet Alrik and his family.  They said they met us on the island they call simply the “Northern Island.”  Like they know the name, just do not want to say it.

         Annabeth finally steps forward.  Hearing her do so, the woman looks over.  The man tries to ask her a question about doing something with the island, he notices her expression. Looking to his left and seeing Annabeth, the same look of shock comes across his face, realizing who else is here.  He has the same expression the woman did.  Annabeth stands still, timid, and holding her hands, as she looks at the two figures.

         The man mouths some words which are barely audible, finally asking, “Annabeth?”

         Annabeth nods and runs into his arms as he cannot believe what is going on.  My friends and I are the only others that do.  The man cradles Annabeth’s head in his hands as he kneels and looks at Annabeth’s face.  The woman joins the two of them.  The consensus of not knowing what is going on is pretty much shared in the room for one reason or another.

         As I hear Annabeth’s voice stutter, no doubt tears are running down her face, “I…  I thought…  I thought I lost both of you.”

         The man and woman both embrace Annabeth in a heartfelt hug.

         After a couple of minutes of looking at each other, the woman notices Annabeth’s ring, “What is this?  A ring?”

         That instantly put the man on alert to inspect it.  He then stands up, determined, “Alright, where is he?”

         Kind of afraid to acknowledge who I am, Annabeth -after wiping away her tears- collects her emotions to introduce me, “This is Jarl Mollerson, my husband.”

         The man steps over to me, folding his arms, looking down on me.  His few inches he has on me feels like three feet right now – I have not been this nervous in a long time.  I shift my weight to stand up straighter, hands behind my back, looking him square in the eyes.

         Taking notice of my stance of me not backing down, he relaxes, “So, what is your profession?”

         “Pun Master.”

         That remark was like a Catastrophic Quaken obliterating the tension and emotions in the workshop.  Annabeth slowly face palms, chuckling.  It catches the man and woman off guard as well as Alrik and Sibbea.  Vandrad is intrigued.  Dawn just walks out, though stops outside to both listen and take in the village.  The rest of my crew come to expect it and are not phased by it, but I can feel the groans vibrating through the ground.

         To actually answer the question, “By trade I am a Mystery Conqueror.”

         The woman echoes, “Mystery?”

         I explain, “I go around and solve mysteries my crew and I find, or people enlist my help in to solve.  Kind of fell into solving mysteries.  It started out as a way to help someone in my village.  But I guess it became more than just a way to help out.”

         Annabeth walks over to me, wrapping her arms around my left, “If it was not for Jarl, I may not be standing here.  Jarl’s example is one that is contagious to find the truth in any matter.  We have a whole crew who will follow anything he says and will return the favor to help him.”

         Dawn jokes, “And if he tries to do anything stupid, we will be sure to let him know what exactly he is doing because I would love to watch him try it.”

         “Speaking of returning the favor,” I take Annabeth’s hands in mine, kissing hers.  “If it wasn’t for Annabeth, then I might not be standing here.”

         She blushes slightly, leaning her head for a moment on mine, yet does not try to downplay her importance, nor do I mine.  Because we both know, if we were not in each other’s lives, neither of us would be here.

         The man states, “Sounds like you two have had many adventures, all just waiting to be told.  Why don’t you two- You all stay and join Annabeth’s father and mother for supper as we celebrate her return.”

         The woman adds, “I’m only sorry we weren’t there for your wedding.  I’m sorry we weren’t there at all.”

         Annabeth consoles, “While I wish you two would have been with me, I had another family along side me the whole way.  Also,” Annabeth pauses.  “My blood family, the ruling family of Berserker Island.”

         Dagur had been in the back, in the shadows.  When he came forward, the man was surprised to see him, “Dagur.”  Add that to the list of things he and the woman had not been expecting today.

         Dagur walks to him and shakes his hand, the man adds, “You’ve grown quite a bit.  Why didn’t you come in right away?”

         “Well, Grimwald, I wanted Annabeth to have her moment,” Dagur greets him.  “It isn’t often one is able to meet the parents that raised them,” Dagur shoots a glance at Heather.  “Adopted or not, those who raise you are can help build you into the viking you are supposed to become.”

         My brain is already starting to be flood with additional reasons why Osvald ever gave Annabeth to this family.  First thing that popped in my head after hearing his name:  Grimwald.  Osvald.  Similar name, yet different.  I wonder just how close they were with Osvald and his family.

         Grimwald comments, “I guess we don’t need to talk with your family about your actual history and who is your blood.”

         Dagur answered for his sisters, “But I am sure both Heather and Annabeth, would love to hear all that you have to say about our past and our two families.  I know a little, but it was so long ago.”

         “Tell you what.  You meet us for supper and we’ll both swap stories over a big meal,” Grimwald offers.

         After accepting, Grimwald remembers, “In the meantime, my wife and I have some business to attend to.  A chief’s job is never done.  Before we go, I guess we never introduced ourselves.  Annabeth probably doesn’t remember our real names; we were always Mommy and Daddy.  Ooo, I that,” his eyes started to water yet charged through.  “Anyway, to officially introduce ourselves this is my wife Skyjult and my full name is Grimwald Fiende.”

         While everyone else merely starts exiting, Annabeth and I both look at each other.  The name strikes the joy we were feeling and brought us back to the reason we came out this way.  I can see in her eyes the fear I am feeling inside of myself.

         Why do Annabeth’s adopted parents have the same last name as Skygge?